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The contentsof the 413 pages of this website are largely based on Channelings of GOD, The WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT and other Heavenly Friends. The website is planned and conceived in such a way, that with this HELP you will be able to achieve an optimal Spiritual advancement, if your heart and mind are ready. You set your goal yourself - we have no limits.
I am inspired and led by HIM, HIS HAND is in Everything - and HE is working through me. So the HELP you find here, is HIS, too. And when your heart wants to give thanks, thank HIM - my SERVICE is PURE JOY!

I have completed the German pages of my website and, as my time allows, I am translating the English pages. Considering the number of pages, the extent of each page and the fact that I am working alone, lead groups twice a week, give numerous seminars and counselling, personally and in increasing number per email, it is an enormeous task (It took 3 years to finish the German Pages!) and will probably take until 2005. But, day after day, you may find more pages which you are able to read. So please be patient and keep on looking in from time to time.
In the process of copying and translating the pages, I also take over the links between the pages. I will mark the links to pages that are not yet translates only for my own convenience. In the process of translation though, more and more links will be working.

Why do I offer such a great variety of subjects and pages? Because I myself, if I were you, would love to read them. It is not that you should read ALL of my pages, and not all at once. Idid not write them all at once, either. Let your heart guide you - maybe after a prayer - and you will find exactly what you need. Innumerous instructions are waiting for you to bring you my WISDOM, my knowledge and skills, which I am sharing with you with LOVING HEART.  Give yourself enough time and enjoy, without rushing.

My writings are more detailed than others, because I am writing about something NEW - something ancient and NEW, something that you have completely forgotten and have to learn completely new. The subjects about which I am writing, which I am LIVING myself, and with which I operate, are

LOVE = Unconditional LOVE = the HEART of my website.
the "alter ego" of LOVE.

But these two words alone would not help you, because human thinking has taken the detour of the small human mind. So you may learn to take up, between the lines, KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM by way of intuition and intellect. I am writing just as I speak, it is nothing special, but I think it is BEAUTIFUL. So imagine that I am SPEAKING to you.

The subjects of my pages merge with each other, being connected with each other in many ways - thus symbolizing LIFE itself. All subjects are aspects of the ONE TRUTH and its many faces. The pages may be changed or added to - just as I am changing myself. This way the website stays flexible and full of POWER - it lives and advances as a living organism.

The informations you find in this website are meant for ALL people, which means for people of all possible stages of spiritual advancement  starting from totally fresh and curious beginners up to those who feel high advanced. And undoubtedly each one can profit from them. Only, what may be important to the advanced, may seem unbelievable and far-out for the beginner. I advise to look into those pages again some years later.

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