The Star Children

The newspapers and magazines have nicknamed them "Generation X." The television commentators have called them "hard to read, even harder to understand." These are the offspring of that incredible explosion of angst and wonder, the Baby Boomers. Along with their younger siblings, Generations "Y and Z," these young folks will form the ground crew who will pilot Spaceship Earth through the end of time as we know it, and into the Fourth Dimensional Corridor.

It has been predicted by many that, on or near December 22, 2012, our focus upon and preoccupation with time will stop. The Mayan Calendar will be complete, and something brand new will begin. Some folks are convinced that it will be eternity. In these next 11 years (linear time), our people and our planet are making preparations for a Graduation Day, of sorts. Of course, everyone has been invited. By then, everyone will surely be here.

There are no new souls being born into this universe. However, old souls are returning in thundering hordes. Everyone upon the Earth at this time is involved in a historic unfoldment. Since 1973, there are really no children anymore. There are only "little people." They are old, old souls, masquerading as young innocent babes.

In one moment, a child may seem utterly helpless and dependent, and in the next moment, he will inform his startled parents exactly what he did or where they all lived in a former life. Often, he'll do it off-handedly, without blinking, and then scurry off to watch television.

Ask a "Star Girl" what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer? "I dunno." A close second to that might be "Whatever." There usually is no "attitude" shown in this type of answer. That's probably what might bother her parents the most. A Star Child lives too much in the moment to think about tomorrow. In the 60s, kids lived that way to rebel. In the 90s, they live that way because it is all they know how to do.


Star Children grow up doing their math homework and watching TV, while listening to a Walkman at the same time. The phone rings and a free hand is instantly peeling off one side of the headphones to add yet another bit of input to a busy brain. Can a person survive for long, operating this way? Not only do they survive, they *thrive* on it!

The brain of a Star Child is a multi-track device. Each component spins at its own velocity and has it's own pinpoint of attention that works like a needle on a phonograph. Their conversations, especially in casual groups, often go in all directions at once. Their greatest joy is random personal expansion, and their worst horror is boredom.

The two hemispheres of our adult brain are divided to explore various polarity configurations. Among them, is a duality called "order and chaos." In the brain of a Star Child, the wiring for both of these states is found on the same side of the brain. Opposing it, there is a kind of mental "tourniquet" that facilitates compliance to current societal order, thereby keeping the youngster asleep to who and what he or she really is.

When the tourniquets get released, and they let go of that compliance, the "other side of the brain" will become a unified One Mind. Polarity will be optional, and these youngsters will begin to mentally skip from universe to universe, down the Fourth Dimensional Corridor, perusing the Multiverse like many of us now flip through the Yellow Pages.

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Source/Submitted by: Daniel Jacob / Planetary Awakening Network

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