Head Colds and Body Stiffness

If you've been feeling like you have a head cold, or even a full body sinus ache, with stiffness and pressure, you are most likely participating in yet another purging or transmutation process.

December brought in some “old” energy, and as lightworkers usually do, many are transmuting this denser energy through themselves in order for it to be released.

Our spiritual evolutionary process involves integrating and embodying much more of the feminine energies. With the holidays at hand, much of the feminine is at the forefront…with nurturing, support (giving), and unity energy. In this regard, the old masculine energy is becoming blatantly evident, creating a very low tolerance for it. I am not referring to men and women here, but simply the old masculine energy verses the new feminine energy.

Because we are now vibrating much higher than we have in past holiday seasons, this clash of old masculine energies with new feminine energies is magnified more than usual. When we have resistance, it creates allergy symptoms. When we are vibrating higher than our surrounding energies, this can create a natural and even subconscious resistance. Thus, sinus pressure, chest congestion, body aches, and stiffness. These symptoms also occur when we are releasing or transmuting denser energies through ourselves.

With the added stresses that the holidays can bring, there is a lot of extra energy flying around out there. If you are one who is unusually sensitive, and most of us are, it can be easy to feel these flying energies. And even if you are not experiencing any extra stress or pressure in your life, being sensitive will allow you to feel stressed or pressured just from outside energies that are not even your own!

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