A Bright Future Lies Ahead

Share Berlin Share Berlin - "On the following websites we have collected and assorted a series of information that offer a hopeful outlook on the future."

" We have compiled interviews and reports, literature, pictures and links to websites about this theme. We are focussing mainly on three persons who have stepped out in public with a positive vision of the future and its practical consequences.

All three are telling – each from there own special point of view – that we will create a civilisation based on right human relationships and cooperation and no longer on competition and greed. Of course it is difficult to imagine how this should function - a world that will have justice, peace and freedom in all aspects of life?

The idea is not so strange though. Behind the curtains, offside the mainstream public media coverage an event takes place that helps humanity.

The author and editor Benjamin Creme, the US-diplomat Wayne Peterson and the journalist and actor Buddy Piper have independently made experiences with a group of extraordinary people they call the Masters of Wisdom and Maitreya, the World Teacher.

For your consideration and investigation we have assembled on the following websites what they have experienced and what according to them happens behind the curtains.

We recommend to start with Benjamin Creme who is the main source for this information.

Since 1974 he is talking world-wide on television and radio programs and regularly lectures on tours throughout West and East Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

He is author of ten books - translated in 11 languages - and editor of Share International magazine, which circulates in over 70 countries. He receives no money for any of this work."

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Source/Submitted by: http://www.share-berlin.info/

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