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Solstice and Christmas 2006

The Emergence of the God and Goddess of Light and the Power of the Sacred Heart.Dearest Lightworkers, at this Sacred and Beautiful moment - the full potential of the seed that was planted two thousand years ago is emerging. The Sacred Heart within each human is being activated into becoming a vessel for Divine Source Love and Light. The powerful Earth God and Goddess of Light and Fire emerge now as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine cosmic energies return to balance within the Collective Consciousness and also within individual human beings of light.

Truly, dearest ones, this is a Miraculous and Light-filled time! If you see with the "eyes" of Love and perceive with the deep feelings of your heart, you will enter into this Miracle of Love that is now taking place.

The great emissions of Solar Light that were sent forth from your Sun in early December originated from the Galactic Center and were sent to your planet via the magnification of the Sirian suns. Their Spiri…

The First Muslims and the Christians

In the beginning of Islam, the Quraysh tribe of Mecca persecuted the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers. The Prophet therefore allowed eighty of his followers, together with their small children, to emigrate to Abyssinia in 615 CE. The emigrants were well received in Abyssinia, and were allowed complete freedom of worship. The leaders of Quraysh, however, sent two emissaries to the Nagus, with rich presents for the Negus of Abyssinia and bribes for his generals. The two emissaries told the generals:

"Some foolish young men and women of our people have taken refuge in this kingdom. They have left their own religion, not for yours, but for one they have invented, one that is unknown to us and to yourselves. The nobles of their people have sent us to your king on their account, that he may send them home. So when we speak to him about them, counsel him to deliver them into our hands and have no words with them."

The generals all agreed, and the two men of Quraysh took thei…

Merry Christmas

We wish you all

A Very, Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year!

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Uniting with your Twin Flame

At this time of increased Cosmic and Solar Radiance, many are finding their way to the Light and Love within their hearts and souls. They are coming "home". It is here that they will find that deep well of Unconditional Love that is called the "Twin Flame".

Many people write and ask me when they will meet their Twin Flame, or whether their Twin Flame is in incarnation. In this channel that was given by Archangel Michael to a private client, he explains that the Twin Flame is an energy that is found primarily within you, and then can be experienced in the outer or manifest world. It is not a person as such, but an energy that can be shared and experienced by two energetically compatible souls.

The channel began with a discussion of the role of soul group bonding and soul family unions, and then moved to the topic of Twin Flames.

"You ask us first about your soul family and your relationship with them. Well, indeed, we can say that the experience of opening the sel…


Beloved masters, we ask you to pause for a moment and turn inward as you quickly move into your Sacred Heart Center. Take a deep breath and tap into your Sacred Mind Center as well, which is an integral part of the right hemisphere of the brain. Now ponder these questions: What is it that you yearn for above all things? What is missing from your life that affects everything you think, feel and do? The answer is Sacred Love, dear hearts.
We do not mean love as you now experience it in the physical realm, but the Sacred Love of your Twin Flame, your soul family in the higher realms, your wondrous angelic friends, the great Beings of Light, our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. That is what is missing, and what you have yearned for ever since you left your lofty home among the stars, and divided yourself into two Sparks of individualized awareness, one masculine Spark and one feminine Spark of Divine consciousness, so that you could reflect and experience the glory and diversity …

Your Energetic Relationship with Food

Many of us are aware that eating organic or natural, whole foods is a great way to support our physical, emotional and mental health. It is fairly mainstream now to read articles and see in the media many references to wholesome eating. WHAT to eat need no longer be a mystery. However, are you aware of the energetic relationship you are creating and cultivating with your food?

Food is so basic to our lives; it is a potent symbol and manifestation of our connection to the earth, our groundedness, our fuel and nurturance. Second only to our breath, our daily intake of food is a natural rhythm from which we set our inner clock and from which we thrive and grow. In our consumerist culture, we seem to have lost sight of the sacredness that food represents. How did we ever forget the primal importance of our right relationship with the most basic of life-giving elements?

I have studied over the last several years my own inner, energetic relationship with food. As a very young child, I deligh…

Notes on Archangel Michael's Energy Message for December 2006 by Celia Fenn.

Dear Readers,

Well first up is the news about the incredible energy on the Sun. Archangel Michael's energy report contained this information:

"Dearest Lightworkers, in the month of December there will be a significant increase in the intensity of Light and Love flowing from the Galactic Center, and activating change and evolution throughout the Cosmos. New Light Codes will be transmitted into the Paradise Grids to activate the next cycle of evolution on Planet Earth. The energy of the Divine Feminine, in its Solar form, will energize and activate these changes on your planet.

Dearest Lightworkers, you can expect increased luminescence and radiance to pour forth from your Sun, as the Earth spirals into a new cycle. This in turn will accelerate consciousness on the planet to a Higher Octave. We can say, dearest ones, that we expect a significant shift in the Collective Consciousness in this period, beginning with the 12:12 Stargate on the 12th of December, and moving through to th…

2007 — The Year Ahead

In presenting these forecasts it is always important to remember that we are in charge of our reality. The group says they cannot tell the future, as we have yet to write it. Still, they can see down the road in the direction we are heading at this time and that is what we offer here.

In the year 2000 the group predicted that an energy stream, which they referred to as the Crystal energy, would soon begin to enter our Earth The Crystal energy began entering our planet in 2001 and has since caused great changes and upheavals on Earth as we assimilated this new energy. Originally designed by us to emanate from the Central sun, this Crystal energy would then travel through our solar sun and enter our planet over a period of time. The Crystal energy was designed to put the final touches on planet Earth and help to facilitate the end times. Since we have altered our outcome and extended the game of free choice, the Crystal energy has been reassigned. Now the group says it will enter …

The Star Children

The newspapers and magazines have nicknamed them "Generation X." The television commentators have called them "hard to read, even harder to understand." These are the offspring of that incredible explosion of angst and wonder, the Baby Boomers. Along with their younger siblings, Generations "Y and Z," these young folks will form the ground crew who will pilot Spaceship Earth through the end of time as we know it, and into the Fourth Dimensional Corridor.

It has been predicted by many that, on or near December 22, 2012, our focus upon and preoccupation with time will stop. The Mayan Calendar will be complete, and something brand new will begin. Some folks are convinced that it will be eternity. In these next 11 years (linear time), our people and our planet are making preparations for a Graduation Day, of sorts. Of course, everyone has been invited. By then, everyone will surely be here.

There are no new souls being born into this universe. However, old soul…

Christmas - Where did it come from? Where is it going?

In many countries of the world, the celebration of Christmas on December 25th is a high point of the year. But why? Can it have any real meaning for us today? Is there a 'real' Christmas message?

From November onwards, it is impossible to forget that Christmas is coming. Coloured lights decorate many town centres and shops, along with shiny decorations, and artificial snow painted on shop windows.

In streets and shops, 'Christmas trees' (real or plastic evergreen 'conifer' trees) will also be decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments.

Shopping centres become busier as December approaches and often stay open till late. Shopping centre speaker systems will play Christmas 'carols' - the traditional Christian Christmas songs, and groups of people will often sing carols on the streets to raise money for charity. Most places of work will hold a short Christmas party about a week before Christmas. Although traditional Christmas foods may be eaten, drink (and …

A Time of Unfoldment

This is an interesting time of unfoldment, the completion of many cycles and the opening to the new. As we know when one door closes, another one opens. Certainly since my trip to Peru this has been my experience. I think this is both personal, karmic and planetary.

As we look back, we can see that since the beginning of this millenium, 2000, energetically there has been a speeding up of everything. It is like time is no longer the same, and thats why so many people feel they don't have enough time, or they can't quite get a grip on things or deep within they feel out of zinc, often something just does not feel quite right. Unless you align with yourself on a daily basis and to the greater cosmic alignment, which is always shifting, it may feel that it is hard to keep up.

That is part of why on an outer level, it appears like so many things are going crazy. Even though so many more people are waking up and becoming more conscious, on another level those who are not aware appea…

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A Bright Future Lies Ahead

Share Berlin - "On the following websites we have collected and assorted a series of information that offer a hopeful outlook on the future."" We have compiled interviews and reports, literature, pictures and links to websites about this theme. We are focussing mainly on three persons who have stepped out in public with a positive vision of the future and its practical consequences.

All three are telling – each from there own special point of view – that we will create a civilisation based on right human relationships and cooperation and no longer on competition and greed. Of course it is difficult to imagine how this should function - a world that will have justice, peace and freedom in all aspects of life?

The idea is not so strange though. Behind the curtains, offside the mainstream public media coverage an event takes place that helps humanity.

The author and editor Benjamin Creme, the US-diplomat Wayne Peterson and the journalist and actor Buddy Piper have independent…

Head Colds and Body Stiffness

If you've been feeling like you have a head cold, or even a full body sinus ache, with stiffness and pressure, you are most likely participating in yet another purging or transmutation process.

December brought in some “old” energy, and as lightworkers usually do, many are transmuting this denser energy through themselves in order for it to be released.

Our spiritual evolutionary process involves integrating and embodying much more of the feminine energies. With the holidays at hand, much of the feminine is at the forefront…with nurturing, support (giving), and unity energy. In this regard, the old masculine energy is becoming blatantly evident, creating a very low tolerance for it. I am not referring to men and women here, but simply the old masculine energy verses the new feminine energy.

Because we are now vibrating much higher than we have in past holiday seasons, this clash of old masculine energies with new feminine energies is magnified more than usual. When we have resistance…

The Light Party

Health, Peace & Freedom For All.Now Is The Time To Lighten Up, Enjoy The Music, Simplify Our Lives, Accentuate The Positive, Choose Peace, Choose Freedom, and Choose To Go To Health ...

THE LIGHT PARTY, a wholistic proactive, new political paradigm party, is a synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties... We have formulated a inspired, practical, synergistic, 7-point WIN-WIN program which serves to successfully resolve our current national and global socio- economic and ecological challenges ...

We urge you now to Support the Party and consider our progressive and enlightened programs. Together, through the Power of Synergy, we have an unprecedented opportunity now to co-create a new reality where Health, Peace, and Freedom for All prevails...

In Service To Humanity ...

Continue here ...

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Working with LIGHT and LOVE

The contentsof the 413 pages of this website are largely based on Channelings of GOD, The WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT and other Heavenly Friends. The website is planned and conceived in such a way, that with this HELP you will be able to achieve an optimal Spiritual advancement, if your heart and mind are ready. You set your goal yourself - we have no limits.
I am inspired and led by HIM, HIS HAND is in Everything - and HE is working through me. So the HELP you find here, is HIS, too. And when your heart wants to give thanks, thank HIM - my SERVICE is PURE JOY!

I have completed the German pages of my website and, as my time allows, I am translating the English pages. Considering the number of pages, the extent of each page and the fact that I am working alone, lead groups twice a week, give numerous seminars and counselling, personally and in increasing number per email, it is an enormeous task (It took 3 years to finish the German Pages!) and will probably take until 2005. But, day afte…