Feed333 Campaign

Inspired by the movie The Secret, Spryte Loriano launched a wonderful campaign to feed 3 million children, the Feed 333 campaign. Please watch her free video about her vision and then pass this email onto everyone you know, let's help her fulfill her vision. She is asking only for a donation of 1$ but of course you can send more if you like.

"We see a world where all children receive the nourishment for their bodies, to FUEL the expansion of their minds, to ignite the fires in their hearts, to live as the greatest possibility of their spirits!"

It's Feeding Time!
3 Million Children in 33 Days

How is this going to happen? How can you get involved?

The thing we need to do to make this happen is to first BELIEVE!

On November 29th the Feed333 campaign started. Within those 33 days you will receive an email each day with simple things you can do that day to collectively bring us closer to the goal of feeding 3 million children. As a member of this campaign, the member area of the site will provide you with stats on how your efforts are translating into results - into children actually getting fed.

Before that November date we invite you to help us build the outreach and start the "spark" that will accomplish this goal. The website we created with Spryte and her team gives you simple tools to help us make that happen and in return you will get tools of personal growth provided by great teachers who are involved in this project.

What can you do today?
There are four things I'm asking you to consider:

1- Spryte has created a flash  movie with our flash designer, Trevor Thomas, that explains the story of Feed333 and how to get involved. Visit and watch this flash movie - go to http://www.Feed333.com

2- Visit the website and become a Feed333 Activist or Ambassador. To become an activist sign up for free and to become an Ambassador donate at least $1 to feed one child today. AND, you can redeem a free Feed333 poster and feed 2 children from that! - http://www.postersfortheworld.com/feed333

3- Use the Pass Along Concept to spread the word of this campaign. As an activist or Ambassador, you'll get access to a member's area to track your efforts and get tools to promote the campaign. Any time someone comes in as a result of your efforts and does something that feeds children, your personal tracking results will reflect this and you'll know that your simple actions are TRULY MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

One great way of using the Pass Along Concept is to order Feed333 Pass Along Cards, which immediately feed children and are a very effective way of creating a domino flow of people being introduced to the campaign. Go to - http://www.feed333.org/cards.cfm

4- Right after you signup as an activist or an ambassador, please use the personal links and tools provided to you to tell ALL your friends and family members about Feed333 and then watch as your simple act of passing this campaign along reflects results in your personal tracking area of the site.

Between now and November 29th we will gather as many people who are willing to achieve this goal. On that day the emails will start and with hopefully hundreds of thousands of people taking small actions everyday, this goal will quickly become a reality.

Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Because 3 million children is just the beginning!

Join us - www.Feed333.com

Source/Submitted by: Global Spiritual Network for http://www.Feed333.com/

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