There is no one path to enlightenment

There is no one path to enlightenment. All paths lead back to Oneness. There is no one truth. Truth is relevant to the believer. Your truth may not be another's and vice versa. Each one of must find their own personal truth inside themselves and then they must walk their own path of truth.

Each entity has chosen their path to re-awakening before incarnation. The path they chose depended on what they as individuals wished to accomplish as well as what their Soul Family needed and wished to accomplish.

Within the physical body you are but a spark of the Divine Being you are. A minute glimpse of the Light you truly are. For you are ONE with ALL THAT IS! I know you have heard that statement before, but did you ever really stop and think what that means?

Your individual soul is enormous ... multi-dimensional and living many lives in many different places. Your individual soul has an oversoul which contains the many lives "you" have lived. These are called 'aspects' of YOU. You are now in the process as you ascend calling unto yourself all those many aspects and once you become ONE all learned, creative, psychic powers
gained will be available for your use. Use them wisely. Remember ..."Do no Harm!" What you give out comes back full-circle.

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