Peru and the Temple of the Heart

Maggie Erotokritou ("The Global Spiritual Network" Newsletter,, and more) just finished her trip to Peru. Please read her amazing impressions below ...

"Words cannot express what an amazing and incredible trip this was. Those of you who have already been to Peru will know what I am talking about and those of you who haven't may decide to go sometime if it feels right for you or when you hear the call. And it seems to be just like that, suddenly certain places seem to call us, and when the call gets loud enough we know we have to go, and then once a conscious decision is made then the way opens and it becomes possible. Peru has been calling me for about 3 years and this year I knew it was definately time to go and I also that I wanted to go with spiritual teachers Willuru and Aluna Joy, both of whom I have mentioned previously, and organize spiritual pilgrimages to Peru.

Going to Peru as a tourist is one thing, going as a conscious spiritual seeker with a spiritual group is a totally different experience. Meditating and attuning at the sacred power places with a powerful group of spiritually likeminded people is an exhilerating and uplifting experience, and gives insights,which could not be experienced on the normal tourist route. A spiritual group experience can open interdimensional doorways and help you move through any barriers that you might encounter.

As we move towards the Golden Age, and the Divine Feminine energies become more evident and many more people are waking up, so the spiritual energies of the planet have also shifted from the masculine area of the Himalayas and Tibet to South America, which is considered to be the feminine spiritual counterpart, and where the Divine Feminine energies are pouring in. More and more spiritual seekers are now being drawn towards South America and specifically to Peru, whereas in the past most spiritual seekers were drawn to India, the Himalayas and Tibet. There is a turning of the tide. Long ago the masters wrote that the untapped focus of illumination would be in the Andes mountains and that South America would become the land of spiritual promise. This is also reflected in the gradual letting go of the guru system and instead moving into a deeper sense of self and knowing, which invites self remembering and self realization.

Every place we visited was a magnificent experience, for some the illumination, breakthrough or blessings were received at Macchu Picchu, or other sacred sites. The crown for me was Lake Titicaca, the highest, and mysterious lake in the world, and Tequile Island, which is located about two hours boatride across the lake. Lake Titicaca is now considered to be the heart centre of the world, and on the top of Tequile Island in the lake is the Temple of the Heart. Although the people on the island are very poor and don't have running water or electicity, their hearts are filled with love and joy, and staying on the island one can feel the flowing heart energy, which extends across the lake.

Sitting at the top of the world at the highest point of the island, about 14,500 feet, at the Temple of the Heart, was one of the most soulfelt experiences I have ever had. It is a time fot the full opening and blossoming of the heart, the world so desperately needs it, we have been through a huge purification and this is continuing so as to make room for the new to come in.

I extend and share those beautiful rays of light with you and send them across the world and invite you to join me in doing so."

Source/Submitted by: Maggie Erotokritou / Global Spritual Network

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