How to Deal with Feelings of Loneliness and Separation

The One and the Many: How to Deal with Feelings of Loneliness and Separation in this time of Transition." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

This message was given as a private channel for a client, who asked why she felt so separate, despite all the spiritual work that she had done. The channel is reproduced with her permission.

"We do think that your question is a good one. We know that many people struggle with the same feelings of separation and alienation, and so we will try to answer your question in general terms and on the more personal level.

Let us begin by saying that the awareness of separation and individuality is not in itself a bad thing!

This may sound strange to you, since much of what is taught today is about the apparent need to remember that all is One.

This is true.

But we will say, further, that the essence of All Creation is an awareness of separation and individuality that leads or returns one to the WHOLE or the ONE.

In other words, a mature or master being is not one that disappears into the ONE, for that is in effect the process of death. In life, in the process of individuation, the Master Soul, or Master of Light as we like to call them, would hold an awareness of both - the individual and the One.

And so, a sense of separation and aloneness is in truth part of the full meaning of the experience of life. We feel that only when humans begin to understand this and accept this and become happy with this, that they will cease to resist it and it will become far easier to deal with.

Of course, at this point in human history, the sense of aloneness and alienation is intense, for people have indeed forgotten how to create communities and flow the Light of Source amongst themselves that will assist them to feel that,despite their separation, they are still part of a Community that is an Organic Whole. This is what you are now learning in this cycle, that even though you are alone, you can become part of a greater whole that will allow you to feel that sense of oneness and completion because you know that you are indeed part of something that is far greater than you yourself.

And so, as people learn how to function once again in communities, what we have called "Communities of Light", then that sense of alienation and loneliness will become less and people will learn to balance the loneliness with the group energy that is the nature of Source."

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Source/Submitted by:
A message from Archangel Michael, channeled by Celia Fenn.
© 2006-7 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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