Fire the Grid - Be Defined / Part 4 - The Preparation

Fire the GridMany people have asked me what they can do in the meantime. I have received a message in response to my question of what can people do before we fire the grid. It is the most asked question I have received.

First the light beings said that Bradfield has provided a connection prayer in his lyrics "Be Still Thy Soul" from the Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey album. They said to inform people to listen as if the angelic voice was being directed specifically to them. Listen with the soul and allow the human to understand that this is a connection prayer. It gives their permission for the other realm to connect in agreeing to the connection. They said to open the heart and collect the spiralling filaments of gold, "liquid light" that live in the aura around human beings, This collecting will strengthen the filament that extends out of the solar plexus (this is the cord that unites humanity to the collective consciousness or the cord that connects you to God. Normally I have seen it in most humans as a thread like filament however I have seen it larger in many humans).They said to listen and feel the music and allow the soul to connect and remember. Then they can do mini frequency elevations. This is how the light beings put it:

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