The Coming Cataclysms

This piece is provocative reading for all of you. I hope it will motivate those of you who are unsure to reconsider, because we are going to require a lot of organized help in the coming times.

Recently, Monjoronson (the Magisterial Son) has suggested rather strongly in his works with the Urantia TM (Teaching Mission) groups, that we are facing a decimation of population and cataclysms. The purpose of this piece is to acquaint you in a generalized way with the coming adversities. You must know the “what is,” that is coming, in order to develop ideas and strategies.

Monjoronson has suggested that the Earth’s population will be reduced by 1/3 to 2/3 over the coming years. He is saying there are coming cataclysms. Both these statements are true. Now I have had some write to me, wondering what then, if all this presumed tragedy is coming, what would then be the purpose of AbundantHope? Why the Messianic Mission program, why the getting off money to cure poverty, why the Changing the Face of Religion, if all seems to be lost, in the planning and in what looks like is coming? I will leave you to answer that question after you have finished reading this piece.

The Earth has faced many a cataclysm before. Many of you are aware of Lemuria and Atlantis sinking into the sea, the final sinking from acts of war. The planet has experienced pole reversals many times. The cataclysm of warfare brought to it by others, and nuclear warfare of its own citizens promoted that last cleansing that occurred as the planet went into the previous cycle of the photon belt.

It has been struck by awesomely huge asteroids and comets. It has been through the photon belt many times. This comes every 11,000 years and lasts about 2000 years. During the time in the photon belt a planet is cleansed, if the civilization has not advanced sufficiently. Many civilizations have been lost before. Some individuals and a few societies have made ascension, but never the entire planet.

That this ascension has never before occurred for Earth has been to the folly of man, who refuses to become HUman. Higher Universal man. Many of you know that Earth has been a prison planet. Many dark side folks, both Descending and Ascending were sent here from other spheres and planes, which do not tolerate the noxious, careless behavior of those that would bring down what many have built up.

These include those captured in the galactic warring of Orvonton (The Milky Way Galaxy) and the fallen from the Lucifer rebellion of 200,000 years ago. Earth (Urantia) was recently restored to the universal circuits, no longer an isolated planet of the Lucifer Rebellion. This was allowed after Lucifer and his cohorts faced adjudication. Lucifer was uncreated, so that he is no longer a problem. The galactic wars have ended, thanks to the intervention of the Galactic Federation, and the final judgment over a long period of our history is at hand, in fact started a number of years ago.

Look around at the planet, where so many are in need. Look at the horrid “politics” that have created much of this. Look at the lack of education. Look at the lack of the ability of people to see the slavery that is right in front of them, in places like the United States and similar supposedly affluent countries. We have massive over population, which is out of control because of the lack of cosmic knowledge on the planet. There is not the spiritual development for the peoples to prevent, or solve these problems. The planet itself is in danger of survival. The planet comes first. The destruction of billions of years of evolution of the most promising seed planet in Nebadon will not be allowed. The biosphere must be cleansed before it is too late.

This is a horrendously dark and violent planet, even in these days in which the light (knowledge used positively with love to create and uplift) is beginning to burst forth. This is the light which will cause in time the desired and mandated ascension into 5th dimension, the beginning state of Christ Consciousness, the entering into the era of Light and Life.

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Candace, Sep 25, 2006
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