Big, big THANKS to all of you!

Dear Friends and Readers,

After having successfully survived last event-intense week (remember the period of being influenced by this huge UV-beam?) I'd like to address something personal in this blog ...

A big, big THANK YOU to all you busy donators!

Many of you appreciated our blog's face lift and contributed to share constantly arising costs to keep this blog attractive for you. You have realized that value of content has changed over time as well as quantity of posts; all of this, of course, costs time and money. So, once again, THANK YOU!

Also to everyone, who contributed content ... THANK YOU TOO. Many metaphysical services and organisations contacted us as well as many others on the lightworking path and path of seeking truth and/or reality.

One more thing to be mentioned in this personal posting: Some of you informed us of a little flaw of our donation terminal, which occurs intermittently only ... When you enter the amount of the donation you like to do like $/€ "...,00" you might receive an error message. Please enter the amount to be donated as follows: $/€ "..." and skip the comma (or dot) as well as the two zeroes after. Our donation terminal accepts $/€ "1" and adds ",00" by itself when you continue filling in fields to be filled.
If you haven't donated yet and like to contribute, please find the link to our terminal at the footer of each posted article.

We wish all of you a successful and blessed week.

Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher

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