Welcome to the ALL NEW SomethingToThinkAbout

Dear Friends and Readers of SomethingToThinkAbout,

Welcome to SomethingToThinkAbout's new home.
We have outgrown the old one, we reached the borderline of its capacity. Therefore we decided to perform a major upgrade of our system, which also resulted in moving to another host; so, please bookmark this new location of SomethingToThinkAbout.

Of course, the old one still will continue existing until the end of this year to give you a chance to browse our extended archive of postings (Don't worry, also the archive of the old one will be transfered step by step.). Other than that it just will work as a re-direct anymore; new postings will appear from now in this one.

What's new at the NEW SomethingToThinkAbout:
  1. Languages have been split into extra pages. You just read the English Edition, looking to the left, vertical navigation bar, please find as the first one the menu (German Edition and Events, Seminars, etc.). We also plan to establish a Hispanic Edition (Of course we'll keep you posted of when, where, etc.).
  2. Simpler handling ... you need not to be a computer nerd anymore to find all its features; additional you will see a link in the menu section soon explaining all features and where to find them.
  3. We will be able to introduce more regional services; so please, if you know about any new or interesting service in your area worthy to be posted in our blog, please keep us posted or create a contact for us. As usual you may email anything interesting for SomethingToThinkAbout to blogs@tiiws.com.
  4. All of you, who have already pushed our donations button, please accept our gratitude. Be assured, each and every Euro or Dollar have been major help and release for us. Please do not forget, the service we provide for you is 100% volunteered only; none of the team earns any cent with these activities. Once you have a Dollar or Euro left over, please do not forget about us; this new and extended blog also is looking for extended activities from our side. Soon you will also find a donations button at our new SomethingToThinkAbout. Thank you in advance for your generousity.
  5. Each pages has its extra RSS Feed and email update subscription. So you may subscribe to exactly what is interesting for you and need not to feel bothered anymore of any (for you) not interesting stuff.
  6. Last but not least - We recently became Cristovao Brilho's exclusive update and announcement service. If you are also one of Cristovao Brilho's fans, please watch closely Events, Seminars, etc. as well as this page for frequent updates and announcements.
For all of you, who have subscribed for email updates at the old SomethingToThinkAbout please, unsubscribe and re-subscribe for any section of our new SomethingToThinkAbout. Subscription links (RSS-Feed or email) are located in the left vertical navigation bar.

We hope you will enjoy the new SomethingToThinkAbout too, and we may welcome you frequently here.

The Management.


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