The source of life is Love. Love brings fullness of life.

Life becomes real when one comes to know Love.

If man does not understand Love, he cannot understand life. If he does not understand life, he cannot understand time, in which life flows as a continuous process. And if he does not understand time, he will lose the musical rhythm of life and fall into a series of inharmonious conditions, which will cause him much unhappiness.

The greatest thing besides Love is life. Life is the fruit of Love. However, Love and life are not one and the same. In life there are two processes in constant action: one is the process of construction, and the other is the process of destruction.

In Love, these two processes do not exist. Love is something pure and unified. In life, however, there is differentiation.

Life without love has no meaning. Such a life is a chain of suffering, of successive failings and risings. Life cannot manifest itself without Love.
There is no life without Love.

The first path of life is Love. In order to show that you are alive, you must love.

Source/Submitted by: Beinsa Douno

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