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The Gathering of Lights 2014

Posted by Georg Fritscher
The Gathering of Lights 2014

Hosted by J J Dewey, Author of The Immortal,
The Lost Key of the Buddha and much more.

Learn your Past Lives, How to change yourself through handwriting, the spelling of your name and much more.

The time of this year's gathering is approaching. If you plan on coming please let us know as soon as possible.

We have reserved June 20-22 (Fri-Sun) for the gathering date again this year; similar to the time we did last year at the same location.

The 2014 gathering will start Friday June 20 at 6 PM and the meeting room will open around 5 PM. If you arrive on the 20th instead of the 19th you can save a day's room rent.  The gathering will officially end around 5 PM Sunday the 24th. Usually some of the group goes out for food and drink afterwards.


The Theme of the Gathering will be ... Change Yourself, Change the World.

JJ will cover topics such as:

• Why we change.
• Do my actions really make a difference?
• How can we change ourselves?
• Change yourself by changing your handwriting.
• Why change is essential to eternal life.
• Why is change so difficult?
• Why life, death and reincarnation are core principles of change.
• Why your attempts to create change are more potent than you realize.
• Does God change?
• Should I try and change others?
• Is there such a thing as luck and what does that have to do with change.
• What is the link between being an initiate and change?
• What would happen if there were no change?
• SharĂ³n Wyeth, the author of two books on names and their meaning, will give a presentation on names, their meaning and how they can influence our character and destiny.

We'll also do various types of group work, healing, meditations & past life regressions. We’ll use a somewhat different and more effective technique in the healing session.

The location will be the Best Western Vista Inn. We received very favourable comments on this location the past couple years. There are plenty of restaurants nearby and it is right next to a Kopper Kitchen and across the street from Dennys.

The charge for attending will be: Singles will cost $68 and couples $125. We take PayPal, VISA, MC and Discover, checks and cash.

The website for the motel is:

Here is contact information:

Best Western Vista Inn at the Airport 2645 Airport Way, Boise, Idaho 83705-5001 Phone: 208/336-8100 | Fax: 208/342-3060

Their rates are around $88 per night. There are a number of other motels near the airport and you may get a cheaper rate by using Hotwire or Priceline.  Sometimes they have some great discounts.

We'll look forward to seeing old friends again. If you are coming email us at or call Artie at 1-800-390-5687. You can also sign up at Meetup.

Source/Submitted by: J J Dewey

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Aranuth Speaks: Interim Newsletter

Posted by Georg Fritscher
Here in North Qld, Australia, cyclone Ita surely caused more than a modicum of concern to the people of Far North Qld who have suffered from category 5 cyclones in the recent past.  Ita came in as a category five and crossed the coast a category four cyclone with destructive winds of 280 Kilometres an hour accompanied by torrential rain.  The cyclone lost intensity as it passed over land and was reduced to a category 2 storm distributing torrential rain to large areas of the far north causing flooding to many towns and rural centres. As usual it was totally unpredictable altering course at random and keeping forecasters on their toes competing with each other for predictive accuracy.

Queenslanders are usually pretty much prepared for and used to the annual monsoonal and cyclonic weather events however when a cyclone is imminent they still become anxious and skittish … with good reason!  It has taken years and truck-loads of money for some areas to recover from Category 5 cyclones Larry and Yasi and no one wants a repeat of that.

While we are experiencing nature’s awesome power perhaps now is an opportunity to experience consciousness and reality from a higher-self/ soul perspective.  Perhaps we could designate a day or two while the cyclonic weather holds us captive to live without technology.  Wake up when we feel refreshed, rest and sleep when we feel tired, eat what we like whenever we feel hungry whether it is meal time or not, and participate in activities such as meditation, contemplation, and introspection that do not require an adherence to a time-defined element.


The Manifestation Process Workshop that I had planned to conduct at “Enuma Elish New Earth Sanctuary” Ravenshoe on the 15th of April had to be postponed because of the wet and windy conditions associated with the cyclone however it has been rescheduled for a later date.  These workshops are proving popular with numerous participants enjoying the day and happily competing with each other to manifest bigger and better things in their life.  Hopefully workshop participants will keep me informed of their progress.

The missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has given rise to dozens of theories regarding its disappearance most of them implausible or fantastic to say the least but still intriguing.  The passenger list and contents of the cargo hold attracts much speculation.  Malaysian Airlines are maintaining a wall of silence and steadfastly refusing to place the lists in the public arena thereby accelerating suspicion of a cover-up or attempt to conceal the truth. The search area is centred in a wide expanse of ocean some 1,450 miles north-east of Perth with multi-nation search operations based in the city of Perth Western Australia.

The “Blood Moon” of April 15th with accompanying Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming alignment of the Cardinal Grand Cross and its effect upon the planet is creating considerable interest and fanciful predictions of sudden and dramatic changes to our consciousness.  My guides advise that there will be changes in consciousness but such changes will be implemented gradually and not be one of “sudden impact”.  Consciousness raising (are commentators calling it an ascension upliftment?) is a given and is part of my guides predicted alterations and modifications as part of the ongoing energy change process however, it will not be a physical upliftment into a different dimension as some incorrectly expect, or an epiphany of suddenly finding oneself in a totally different higher vibrating dimension.  It is more a case of “steady as she goes” through the continual, ever-expanding energy change.

The “Change of Ages” climaxing on 21/12/12 rang in and heralded such changes and this Grand Cross Alignment is a part of the ongoing process of change.  The lead-up to the Change of the Ages (21-12-12) gave birth to an unprecedented number of “doom and gloom, end of the world” scenarios all of which proved to be totally incorrect.  Such planetary and altered energy events provide fertile ground for imaginations to run wild and fanciful theories to abound.  It would serve us far better if souls incarnate all across the planet ceased projecting fanciful thought/mind scenarios and got out of the way and let the universe complete its task of implementing the Creator’s Grand Plan.  The guides advise us to not judge the situation: do not become emotionally involved; simply observe and send copious amounts of unconditional love and light.

Be still, quiet, peaceful, and allow the Creator’s Grand Plan to unfold.  One is All; All is One; All is well!!

It is quite obvious that the guides prompted me to awaken at all hours recently to write the methodology and protocols for the “Manifestation Workshop” so as to assist as many people as possible to use the energy change process to participate in co-creating a better life for themselves.  The manifestation process is a rather simple one but can be deceiving in that it requires total belief, commitment, and adherence to the protocols for co-creating and manifesting the things that you want in life. I am looking at economical ways to make this process available to followers world-wide.


In the recent past Aranuth and his Brotherhood have warned us of an ongoing number of approaching world events such as earthquakes, fires, floods, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions that were/are drawing near and that we would be advised to send love and light to these situations.  As a running mate to such earth changes there will be more outbreaks of hostilities between warring parties and nations which the Angelic realms were trying to keep a lid on, as well as a greater number of protest groups world wide agitating for freedom from Government, Military, Religious, and organised financial and multi-national business controls.

“We the people” will win, however it will take focus, vigilance, and determination to defeat the controllers.  We are seeing daily the result of these protest groups successfully achieving their goals of freedom and personal integrity and sovereignty.

Right now as I write there are hostilities, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones happening before our very eyes compliments of our TV screens and News Bulletins.  Governments are attempting to restrict and control the population with lies, deceit, and forcible acquisition of lands, water, and mineral  deposit rights to the detriment of the people.  Right now is the time to send out continuous prayer requests for assistance from the Creator and the Guidance Realm; not prayer as in reciting or chanting over-and-over again rather vacuous and out-dated words and phrases but as in radiating heartfelt appeals to the Creator, Ascended Masters, and the Angelic and Guidance Realm for assistance to manifest the free world that we so greatly desire.

Prayer requests should not be sent out with a negative attachment such as “death, destruction, and a pox upon greedy Governments and controllers” but rather “Peace, Love, Light, Happiness, Abundance, and Freedom to the entire planet”. If enough people focus upon and radiate those ideals then “we the people” will certainly manifest heaven on earth.

The next channelled message is due on Friday May 2nd and will be direct e-mailed to subscribers and posted on my website as time allows.

Rainbows and Rose,

Peace and Happiness,


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe March 2014

Posted by Georg Fritscher
Guest communicator El Morya speaks about the urgent need for souls everywhere to radiate Love and Light to every corner of the globe as an antidote to the seemingly endless aggression, division, repression, controls, and several other negative aspects of our present life.

  It is interesting to note that several recent channelled messages have spoken about the need for Love, Light, Forgiveness, and Healing Energy all across our planet.  It seems obvious that now and into the near future the planet and its inhabitants are going to really need to apply themselves to the emanation of unconditional Love and Light.

During my recent attendance as guest speaker at the Cairns Spiritual Centre my guide El Morya came through and spoke briefly about the need for Light and Love to be radiated as often as possible, singly and in groups, to the entire planet.  The people at the Cairns Spiritual Centre are a beautiful group of souls who not only made me very welcome but radiated a lovely group energy.

Upraised energy effects:  Many of us are quite obviously becoming somewhat detached from this third dimensional level of expression and rising in vibration into one of higher and finer frequency.  The first noticeable thing to recede is the memory of events, happenings, places, names etc on this level of solid matter.  Quite a number of people, myself included, often have difficulty recalling or remembering events, places, times, appointments, names of commonly used items and foodstuffs and a whole plethora of things normally consigned to, and easily retrieved from, our memory banks.  Alzheimers it ain’t.

The Malaysian Airlines flight 387 disappearance and resultant on-going search gave rise to a great number of theories regarding its in-flight disappearance.  Some of these theories were plausible, some ridiculous, some belong to realm of science fiction magazines, and some bear careful consideration.  The whole truth when it is revealed will probably lean more towards the almost unbelievable.

All over the world the people are rising up and demanding an end to the chemical interference in our water and food chain.  GMO’s, pesticides, fluoride, and many other potentially harmful chemicals are being blamed, and some rightly so, for many ailments, diseases, and birth defects. One assertive and outspoken Australian woman challenged her local council regarding adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water by saying “how dare you forcibly medicate myself and my children by adding fluoride to out drinking water”! She’s got a valid point there!

Mayans have won a huge battle to ban GMO Soy Crops.  After two years of litigation, and arguing that the planting of GM soybeans was in direct opposition to traditional beekeeping practices, and that it was in violation of their right to a healthy environment, the Mayans won their case.  It sets a new legal precedent and looks like it is now time for change; people before profit.

The “Manifestation Process” workshop that I conducted in Innisfail on Sunday 30th was a wonderful day with those in attendance expressing enjoyment and positive stimulus.  The meditation following the workshop presentation was deep and meaningful with several people having never-before-experienced spiritual encounters. Magic energy!  The Health, Healing, and Harmony premises was a perfect fit to hold a spiritual workshop with its wonderful ambience.

Another Manifestation Process workshop will be held in Ravenshoe on the 13th of April, with another one being planned for Cairns early in May.


Good evening dear souls, welcome: welcome again.  I welcome you to a continuation of our previous message … and messages even previous to that.  The message, the continuation of the message that I bring concerns a very, very important aspect of your life here on planet earth.  You have all heard me speak many times, quite a number of times, about the power; the absolute power of Love and Light.  You have heard me speak of the dire need, urgent need, for Love and Light; for accelerated Love and Light in even greater quantities, greater volumes of Love and Light to be radiated all across and into your planet.  There is a great need for this planet, your temporary home, to be held in a cocoon of pure Light, the Creator’s Light, the most powerful energy force in the world.  The most powerful energy force ever encountered by souls both incarnate and discarnate.  The power of Light, the power of Love.

You, each and every one of you, are a division or a subdivision and descendent of the Creator.  You are composed of the Creator’s Light and Love so, you are Love and Light.  Your basis, your structure, your base energy essence, is Light and Love.  That is what you are doing here incarnate at this time on this planet.  You are here to re-discover that you are Love and Light.  You are here to not only discover but to use, to practice, your ability to use this Light and this Love for the betterment of yourself, the advancement of yourself;  the betterment of your community; your nation; and of course the entire planet.  When you became incarnate the Creator agreed to give you free will choice so that you may experiment at will if you so feel inclined with your ability to use the Light, to use the Love, to use that power to manifest, to create, anything your heart desires.  Unfortunately, with each new wave of souls coming in the evolution of those souls, many of them who came in with a large degree of amnesia, actually magnified that level of amnesia to such an extent that they have somewhat forgotten or have totally forgotten what their mission here on this planet was designed for.

It was designed for you to discover, re-discover, that you are a great being of Love and Light.  That you can use that enormous unequalled power of Love and Light to manifest, to create, whatever it is that you desire with your main desire being to infuse your entire planet with Love and Light before you as an individual unit or perhaps a group decided it was time to come home to the realms triumphant; time for you to come home knowing full well that you have achieved your mission.  You have achieved your target; you have achieved what you set out to do.  And that was to incarnate on a third dimensional level of reality and express your powers to such an extent that you could actually transform any and every part of that third dimensional solid matter reality.  This dimension was supposed to be like clay in your hands.  You came here with a level of amnesia.  Your mission was to recall, rediscover your powers and apply those powers to re-mould, reshape, manifest and create, an entire new planet.  A New Earth. 

You have heard the expression “the New Earth”? That is what you are supposed to be doing.  Creating a New Earth.  And in creating a New Earth that also encompasses this reality which after you apply your powers singularly or as a group you will transform it into a New Earth simply because you will not allow any lower vibrations to become manifest in your new creations.  Now, it is not exactly the stuff of science fiction magazines, however, it does have what you could consider to be a scientific application because any time that you use energy it is done in a scientific manner.  You may be doing it from your higher self, from your essence, your inner being-ness, from who and what you are; you may be doing it from there.  However, this is a scientific process that takes place to achieve what you wish to do.  Do you understand?  You have a desire to create a better world for yourself so you recall, rediscover, your unlimited powers and you use those powers to mould, shape, and create, a New Earth.  What you are doing is applying scientific principles to that creation / manifestation scenario.  You can manifest and create any thing you wish provided that you apply yourself to the task; provided that you have total knowingness and believe that you posses the unlimited power to do that; to achieve that task; and so you do it.  The actual “doing” of it is in line with a scientific principle.  So, it’s not all of what you wish to draw from the ethers to create it; it is the science of it that accomplishes that.  It is the science of it that creates or alters atoms that clump together and create a reality.  I think I have said that simply enough.

You are aware comprised of atoms;  you are all composed in your physical body of atoms.  If the atoms spin high enough and fast enough you become invisible.  If the atoms spin slowly they clump, they bind, and you have (clap, clap)are you listening? … solidity!  That is a scientific process.  So is manifestation and creation.  You as a great, powerful, beings of Light know that you possess the secret of how to apply scientific principles to manifest and create whatever it is that you wish.  Knowing that, we in the realms consider that perhaps the greater majority of souls incarnate may be remiss in the application of their powers to alter, change, and improve your planet.  Too many souls incarnate apply their creative powers to other pursuits such as making money, building businesses, building huge empires, so that they may build a huge ego which will take them even further away from the beingness that they are.  They are being seduced! They are being seduced from the task that they incarnated to achieve.  Money, wealth, fame, notoriety, interaction with attractive members of the opposite sex, adulation, all of these things seduce a soul incarnate to draw them away from their task of delivering and expanding the Light on Earth.  Every soul has free will choice.  If you choose to go down that road then that is all very fine because that is your choice.  It is not your mission!  It is not your task!  It is your choice!  So we ask you to consider choosing again.  We ask you to consider making other choices;  making other choices that align with your task; your mission here which is to create a planet of Love and Light and so expand yourself, grow yourself as a being of Love and Light.

You can choose and choose and choose or not choose at all.  All is in allowance.  There is no judgement.  We in the realms certainly do not judge you because we are held in the Creator’s Light -  not in a place of negativity or judgement.  We are held in the purity of the Creators Light, and in the purity of the Creator’s Light we find such ideals as compassion; tolerance; understanding; Love. All of these ideals are part of the Creator’s Love and the Creator’s Light.  This is where we reside; this is where we would wish for you to come back to and perhaps reside with us – providing that you have performed your task; you have completed your mission here to install and instill the absolute power, beauty, intensity, brilliance of the Creator’s Light.

Now then if we were to look at your colour situation all across your planet we see friction, aggression, violence, intolerance, it’s quite a list; quite a list.  I do not say that with a positive or negative spin, I say that as a “fact”.  So all across the planet, everywhere you have wars, terrorism, divisions, soul against soul, family against family, there is a shocking and sad lack of the Creator’s Light and Love.  Your current wars, aggression, all of these things are a manifestation of the total lack of the Creator’s Light and the Creator’s Love and the souls incarnate who will not radiate the Creator’s Love and Light, they will not express it.  They are not prepared to fulfil their duty of focusing the power of the Creator’s Love and Light on those situations and in those situations there are many, many unhappy and confused souls caught up in an aggression or confrontation or a war for which they do not desire and have no taste for; in fact they find it very distasteful.  Many of them find that they themselves as an individual or small group do not have sufficient power to turn the tables, to take the situation from one of negativity and spin it 180 degrees and spin it into a positive direction.  And so we in the realms knowing that every soul on this planet has free will choice and constraining ourselves, restraining ourselves, from usurping your free will choice, we stand by and watch and radiate Love and Light to not only every soul incarnate, every living thing, but also to the entire planet and all that composes it.  That is the limit of our charter.

It is up to you souls incarnate to take up the banner now; it is up to you souls incarnate to hold up the standard, to become the standard bearer, to march confidently forward knowing, absolutely that you have the knowledge and you have the power to manifest anything that your heart desires and you know that you will apply the scientific protocols to bring that about, to make that happen. That is once you have the absolute knowingness and belief that you have the power to change or alter any object or situation.

We are not in the fear business; we speak factually.  Having said that you are well aware of the incidents that are happening all over your planet.  You are aware daily of atrocities, of crimes, wars, adverse weather events, earth tragedies, human tragedies, floods, fires … it’s all happening.  The huge economies of your planet are balanced  on a knife edge: let me tell you there are large economies that can fall very quickly if the wind changes course; if the political wind changes course.  And of course on your planet you have your controllers; you have some very, very powerful controllers who have taken control of your entire monetary system, your governments, your religions, your industries, almost every aspect of your life is interfered with and controlled by some of these controlling souls who greedily grasp power and wealth to themselves.  They are not invincible.  Souls such as that have very little Light quotient.  They do not have much Light power because they do not want to go down that avenue.  You are the ones that have the real power.  You are great beings of Love and Light and within your soul being-ness you have enormous power.  And behind that power you may call upon a force such as the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light to which I belong, which wields such great power of Love and Light. Not to take charge of your planet but to ensure that your free will choice is carried out, is met, is triumphant.

Dear souls, we ask you; do you want to be controlled, down -trodden, depressed, repressed? Or do you want to be in control. Do you want to have the power to define your own destiny?  You have it!  Use it!  At this moment in your time their exists a window of opportunity for souls incarnate all across this planet to sincerely radiate Love and Light to take charge of their own destiny, to take charge of their evolution and development of their own planet; to take this planet and turn it into one of beauty; to transform this old planet into a New Earth.  Gaia, mother Gaia would dearly love that.  Mother Gaia is crying out to be returned to her pure, pristine, original condition and it is in your power to see that that happens … if you so desire.  So if you wish to be part of the movement that takes this planet and transforms it into a place of beauty, a place of Love, a place of Light;  shall we go as far as to say, shall we say heaven, your idea of heaven on earth? It can be that if you wholeheartedly desire it and facilitate that outworking.  Even one individual single soul has within them great power.  You have that power.  You are not shackled or bound;  no one. There is no power that can take your power.  No one can take the power of Love and Light away from you or any other.  It does not and will not happen simply because those who desire, those who crave power, wealth, and control over not just a few but entire nations, they are barking up the wrong tree.  They are definitely an unsuitable candidate to be a repository of the Creator’s Love and the Creator’s Light.  So they may as well give the game away right now.

Not only that, but their days as controllers are numbered.  The Creator knows the number.  The days of those controllers, the greediness, the avarice, the extreme avarice-ness , all of this will fade away; it cannot stand in the way of the truth of Love of Light; and so I wish to tell you that I am honoured; I am honoured to be chosen to come to this medium;  for him to speak my words, the words of my Brotherhood, the words of some of the higher masters, the Logos; I am honoured to be the simple messenger.  I am honoured to be in your presence.

You are all beautiful beings of Love and Light.  When you come home I will be there at the table with the Brotherhood to welcome you.  So I would like to ask you to do your best.  Remember who and what you are.  Remember what your task is here.  Remember the mission that you accepted and carry it out.  We love you all; we support you all.  You never walk alone!

Thank you and Good Evening.  I am El Morya.  Thank you.  Good Evening.

How would you like to watch the video of this channeling session? Watch it right here.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks: The Precious Children. Feb 2014

Posted by Georg Fritscher
An unnamed angelic communicator with smooth and gentle energy arrived without fanfare or prior notice to deliver a message urging us to pay attention to what the children are saying and modelling. The communicator stated that the new children, many of whom are already here incarnate, are assisting with the installation of the new paradigm.  It would be wise for parents, carers, teachers, and educators to pay close attention to what the new children are here to teach them. Many old, outdated, and no longer applicable methods and systems are still being taught with the requirement and expectation that the children will conform or be judged to be in need of therapy or medication.


So very much is fomenting and taking place all across our planet as a result of the much-needed energy change that is required to ensure the decay and removal of the old dynamic of control and subjugation of the masses. Protest groups are springing up all over the planet gaining in power and revealing injustices  and demanding an end to the old paradigm; demanding freedom for all. Unfortunately many souls are being violently oppressed, imprisoned, wounded, and even killed by the “other” forces who attempt to maintain a vise-like grip of total control of humanity. Be that as it may: every soul incarnate is here doing precisely what they incarnated to do.

Various health conscious groups from many states and nations all around the world are continuing the battle to stop the spread of GM seeds, crops, animal feeds,  and especially foods for human consumption, and to have them permanently listed as a “a danger to health”. So very many people are demanding to be given back the right to decide for themselves what type of foods and beverages should be available in their supermarkets and food stores; how such foods should be grown and processed without the heavy hand of suspect alliances between governments and big business usurping the right for people to decide what and how to feed their families.  Organically grown and produced foods are quickly gaining ascendancy on the list of most popularly purchased foods and beverages.

Organised attacks on the natural health and healing industry using false and distorted figures and data intended to cause fear and uncertainty by Big Pharma, doctors, hospitals, and government health departments continue daily. Proven natural and herbal remedies that have saved many lives and healed many people over many centuries are again under attack being labelled “unsafe”, “not scientifically proven” by these groups … if there was no big profits in it then we could safely assume that the natural health and healing industry would be left to continue on its way. Again governments and big business are colluding in an attempt to usurp our right to choose our own health and healing pathway.

Believe it or not the locals in Mt Isa far western Queensland are wary of taking a dip in Lake Moondarra after a large snake was photographed eating a freshwater crocodile which was bigger then it. The snake accommodated the croc by expanding its jaws and filling its stomach to the max. One helluva feed! Burp!

Over the next month I will be presenting intensive one day workshops for the people of Far North Qld on the Process and Principles of Manifestation. The first workshop will be in Innisfail on Sunday March 30th, followed by another in Ravenshoe on Sunday April 13th. Additional workshops may be arranged according to popular demand. Further information regarding workshop times and venues  is available by contacting me at  or


Well good evening dear souls.  I have come to talk to you about your most precious resource.  Your children.  The children of the world.  Souls both old and new becoming incarnate, are already incarnate, and are on their pathway on advancement, expansion, growth, and understanding .  At present the children of your world require much more support than what they are currently receiving.  The current crop of children incarnate on your planet right now contain many advanced souls.  Many advanced old souls who are here right now and not just to further their own education and advancement but to assist, to show the way, to other children and adults alike.  If only the adults would take the time to stop and listen.  All too often we in the realms observe adults turning a deaf ear to what their children are saying, what their children are asking, and what the children are modelling, because you see many of the children of today are very old souls; very learned and experienced souls who are well advanced and much more advanced than most of the adults surrounding them.  These children are talking and modelling an entirely different way of thinking, expressing, and being.  Many adults ignore; ignore these children.  They do not give them one solitary minute to express themselves and do not allow themselves one solitary minute to consider what the child is saying or modelling. 

The adults of this planet really need to take a step, a positive step, into the future instead of being stuck in the old belief system, the old way of doing things, the old methods, and ingrained beliefs  The adults need to look past that, step past that, open themselves to take in new ways, new ideas, new ideals, new methods … and many of your recently born children are here to show you the way if only you would listen.  Some of these gifted children have a lot to offer this planet; they have quite a lot to offer life on this planet; not just in human form but also in animal form because many of these children have a propensity and an ability to communicate with animals.  They understand the animals life; their breeding seasons, their evolutionary systems.  They understand as much about the animal as the animal realises about itself. And these children who are aligned with the animals are showing the world that each and every one of the life forms on your planet deserves to be held in a level of honour because every animal has something to offer this planet. 

The human who for many years has considered animals to be an inferior life form with a life that can be snuffed out at will simply because they are considered to not count.  Be not important.  So exterminate them.  We do not exterminate any of God’s creations.  The animals themselves in the main work closely with the environment and work and live closely with nature, the nature spirits, the nature devas, and humans without endangering any other species or the planet itself. 

It is the human animal that does the most damage to this planet.  Often times it is because of ignorance; ignorance of how this planet works and evolves.  Often times it is because they do not care, and at other times they will destroy the planet for short term gain.  All humans on this planet are here to learn to live with the planet: to live with mother earth; to live with the seasons; to live with the animals; to live with the ecological and weather events.  They are here to learn to live in harmony with the planet and not try to upset the harmonious balance of the planet.  Not to exterminate the animals and other life forms which they consider to be vermin.  Adults, adult humans incarnate, are here sharing your planet with a myriad of other life forms seeing and unseen.  Very few human incarnates have the ability to look through the veil and see their brother and sister life form: other life forms; the nature spirit and devic kingdom.  There is so much that remains unseen by humans.  It is now time that human awoke to the fact that they are here as a temporary resident not as owner of the planet.  The planet and its resources are here to be shared by all … now and into the future.  Not to be grasped, sold, or exterminated by the present planetary occupants.  And it is because of this that many great souls, many advanced souls, are here now on your planet; are coming to your planet to show the way.  To tell you their story.  To model how to be a good responsible planetary citizen. 

Some of the children are already here working diligently to bring about this change  Some of the children are being impeded by your drugs, your vaccinations, your chemicals, and chemical additives.  All these things are making life on this earth so much more difficult for the advanced children to accomplish their task. The new child, the new breed of children, children of the light, children of a higher light quotient, children of greater soul enrichment, are here to show you the ridiculousness of your outmoded, outdated, confining, and controlling systems.  The children are not laughing at the adults; they are not laughing at these outdated systems.  They are here simply to show you the way; the new way of living, expressing, and being.  There are so many ancient outdated practices that can be released, can be released quite easily to allow new information, new knowledge, new systems, to flow in and be of far greater benefit to this planet and every life form upon it rather than the old, stunted, outdated mode. 

Into the very near future you will observe children freshly into their teens raising the consciousness of this planet.  Some of these young ones, young powerful ones, young highly advanced ones, are responsible for leading the way, showing the way; they are calling to you “listen to me”; “listen to what I have to say”;  ”I can show you the new and better pathway”. If the adults and those in positions of authority will only listen.  Listen and give fair consideration to what the younger ones are saying.  The younger children have a different cellular light structure to many of the other older human embodiments.  The new children have a new very different cellular and DNA structure.  They have no blueprint  They have no tribal blueprint or memory simply because that belongs to the old outmoded systems.  The new children do not rely upon any outside, outdated, outmoded systems to survive, to express, and to advance on this planet.  If only you would stop for a moment and watch these children; listen to what they are saying; and when you hear something that is of value to you, then implement it in your life by including the children in decision making  The decision makers of your governments  do not always have the best interest of the planet, the environment, or other life forms at heart.  The children understand totally that All is One and One is All.  The new children understand that on this planet and this vibrational level nothing can be separate; nothing can be separated.  There is no separation or isolation in Oneness.  No separation or isolation in Oneness.  So the new children when they arrive here on this planet they already understand and accept that.  Unfortunately, many of the adult population refuse to even consider it let alone accept it and adopt it. 

Into your future you are going to be witness to many great changes.  Changes that are seen and unseen.  Changes you will be aware of and changes you will be totally unaware of.  The new children know that they do not have to fit any pattern.  They know that they are sovereign individuals with the power to alter, change, create, whatever world they wish.  They are coming with the knowingness of creation and manifestation, and also knowing that this will be done in harmony with the Creator’s Grand Plan.  Nothing of substance, nothing of lasting substance, happens without the Creator’s input and permission.  There is so much the new children understand that many older souls incarnate will leave this planet, depart this earth, without ever understanding.  The children of now and of the future are already shaping your world.  They are already there shaping your future and they are doing a magnificant job.  They are so efficient that they are doing it in such a manner that apparently few other souls are aware of them, of their existence, and of what they are doing; what their task here on this planet is.  The new children are going to lead the way: the new children are going to lead you out of war, aggression, terrorism, and chaos  They are going to lead you through this dangerous ground.  They are going to lead you to a life of peace of harmony; of understanding of equality of all; and so my mission here this evening is to inform you of the existence of the new children and to ask you to pay attention to what they are saying; to look carefully at where the new breed of child of human is leading you.  They are chosen by  great beings of love and light at Creator level.  They are chosen, hand picked, advanced souls who agreed to come here to show you the way.  The very least that you can do is to give them the time and space to carry out their task. 

Your education system is in need of an overhaul.  Your education system is so archiac so burdened, so burdensome, and in many instances not applicable.  It needs to be changed.  It needs to be altered.  It is badly in need of a make-over, a refinement.  If the educators listen to the gifted ones; if the educators and those in authority listen to what the gifted child is saying; then the gifted child will lead them to a much more exciting, adventurous, knowledgeable, and equitably changed educational program.  That in itself is a very tall task: however, the new children, the advanced souls masquerading as the new children, will achieve the result that they were tasked with.  It will be no easy task but it is an achievable task.  And we in the realms can see that the task has already been achieved.  All that remains is for it to become manifest…  and so it will… and so be it. 

So dear souls, my mission here today is to give you this information and ask you kindly take the time to stop, listen, ponder, what the children are saying; which direction they wish to take your society in and make it a much more fairer and equitable system.  I thank you for listening to my address.  It is a pleasure and an honour to be here among your lights and to be accepted as a light being amongst your light beingness.   I humbly offer my thanks and my blessings.  Good evening to you children.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks: Unconditional Love: Innisfail February 2014

Posted by Georg Fritscher
Aranuth speaks about how the radiation of Unconditional Love and Light to every soul, every nation, every state, and every situation, when radiated in a positive and forgiving manner, can manifest a magical outcome. Aranuth talks about how the human race, not being able to see and understand the whole Big Picture, has a tendency to judge whether or not certain souls are worthy of unconditional love; whether or not to apply or with hold that love and light. The following message is a classic in the Love and Light genre.


Personal Comment.

Dramatic changes in weather patterns all over the world accompanied by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, and floods are the order of the day at present. There appears to be frantic and frenetic earth-change energy everywhere at this time. Well, Aranuth did advise us in advance of these changes. Simply put, we just have to deal with them as best we can. Here in Queensland Australia we have vast areas of land deep in the grip of drought: the annual monsoon season is upon us and farmers and graziers are praying for a deep monsoonal trough to bring much-needed lifesaving rain.

Strange but true.

It seems like every other day that we hear or read that a cure has been discovered for various illnesses with human trials being conducted prior to full production and release to medical practitioners and pharmacies. As a running mate to that is news of exciting new inventions costing less to produce, using less energy and resources, and now ready for production and sale to the public. Much less often we hear about the drug, cure, vaccine, or new invention actually making it to the market place and being available to the public.

Is there a big black hole or ogre somewhere that magnetically attracts these new and exciting discoveries and like a stage magician makes them disappear into thin air thereby depriving the public of their use?

Excellent news.

Tunisia has passed a truly historic constitution widely heralded as a progressive and monumental document. Here is some of what these brave elected representatives agreed upon in the face of strong pressure from the more controlling and extreme factions of their parties: Guaranteed equality between men and women; a constitutional mandate for environmental protection … only the third country to do so;  A declaration that health  care is a human right with preventative care and treatment for every citizen; A democracy with civil laws that respect freedom of religion; An established right to due process and protection from torture. I wonder if Australia or the rest of the world cares enough to implement a similar constitution?

The Big Con?

The World Health Organisation is the subject of a new investigation aimed at uncovering what really took place during the 2009 global influenza pandemic which led to tens of millions of people being vaccinated for so-called “swine flu”. A joint investigation by the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has already uncovered major conflicts of interests at the WHO whereby vaccine companies profited heavily from the pandemic and the mass hysteria that it generated. The investigation focused specifically on the emergency advisory committee that was assigned to to make official recommendations to the WHO and how to plan for the pandemic which was fraught with controversy from the start. Comprising the advisory panel were individuals highly connected to pharmaceutical companies many of whom had a vested financial interest in promoting anti-viral drugs and influenza vaccines which have been linked to causing narcolepsy and other disorders.

Big Pharma reportedly held a $4 billion stake in developing the swine flu vaccines that the WHO would later push on the public through propaganda and fear. And the reason that the WHO so readily accepted these drugs as viable responses to the pandemic is because it’s advisors, many of whom are still unknown because they were intentionally kept secret, worked on behalf the vaccine industry to see these drugs thrust into the limelight of the pandemic planning process.

Did you know.

The CEO of UNICEF  reportedly receives in the vicinity $1.2 million annual salary, a luxury vehicle for his personal use, an expense account of $150,000 per annum, and 100% health and dental care him and his family. Less than 14c in the dollar received by UNICEF actually goes to the cause.

The CEO and President of the American Red Cross reputedly earns $652,000 per annum, plus expenses, six weeks leave, medical and dental benefits for the family for life. Approximately 39c in the dollar raised by the Red Cross reaches the needy.

The Salvation Army’s Commissioner receives a salary of around $14,000 with 93c in every dollar raised being spent on the needy.

I know which charity I will continue supporting.


Yes, good evening everyone.  I am Aranuth. It is my pleasure, my pleasure to deliver this evenings address on behalf of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light;  the Brotherhood and Sisterhood if you would like to apply gender to them.  What we have come to speak with you about this evening is a very, very simple process that is quite misunderstood, quite misused, not understood .. not completely understood.  What we would like to talk to you about is the most powerful energy in this realm … or any other.  We are talking about Love.  We are talking about the correct definition and application of Love.  Now, love and light are unconditional; Unconditional Love then is inherent in what you term the Divine White Light; the Light of the Creator. The powerful Light of the Creator could or can be exchanged with the word Love because they are interchangeable.  So the power of the light, the power of your Creators Light drives everything. 

If the light were withdrawn even momentarily your entire planet would fall into chaos.  If the light was withdrawn permanently that chaos would extend to this planet which would no longer exist.. and nothing on it would exist.  That is the power of light.  That is the power of Love.  Know you this: light is the essence of the building blocks of your entirety; your entire human system; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  It is the power behind your DNA.  It is the power behind your cellular structure.  It is the power behind the smallest division of your cellular structure. Your earthly scientists call it “quark” yet they do not understand it.  Well the power of the light can be divided even more because in the realms even “quark” seems to us what 3D solidity is to you.  Without the light nothing exists!  Without the light you cannot create anything at all.  You must have the light. It is your sustenance, the sustenance and the nourishment of all that is. 

Now, I have already advised you that Love is interchangeable with light, and light is interchangeable with Love.  So, how do you, individually and collectively, how do you advance, grow, expand, improve your lot on this earthly planet? Improve the planet, the environment, every sentient, and insensate thing on your planet?  We have already advised you that it is driven by, and sustained by, light.  Driven by and sustained by Love.  Now, know it or not, you have the power to use light in every aspect of your life; at every tick of your clock you can use the power of light.  If we leave light to one side for a moment and we go to love: now, I have already defined what love is.  Now Love is applicable to the feelings that you have for other souls incarnate: the same sex, the opposite sex, your children, your family, your friends, you have this deep abiding love for them hhmmnn?  You have this deep abiding love for some of them  because you do not know yet how to use, how to apply, unconditional love.  Hahhaaaa ….. Because you are the one who gives love to those that you feel deserving and withhold, withhold love from those you do not feel are deserving.   Judgemental! hmm. We have to rid ourselves of that don’t we?  Being judgemental. 

We have judgemental thoughts, words, deeds, etc so how can we be in the realm, the vibration, of unconditional love?  Unconditional light? hmm.    The driving force in your life here is light and love, love and  light.  So now if we have a look at your perception of love: if we look at your perception of love and how you choose to apply it,  how you choose to apply it to family, friends, etc. etc.  How you choose to apply it to your pets, your animals.  You even choose to cover planets, flowers, herbs,  fruits, and vegetables with love… and so you should.  And so you should. 

I know this is an old sounding statement but you are the original love machine …Hahahahha.  You are the original love machine.  You are the original expresser of love and light, light and love.  So that’s what you are, a human love machine.  Now, let us talk about application.  Application of love hmm.  Application of love without judgement.  Application of unconditional love without judgement.  When you get into the love and light vibration at first, at first it seems quite difficult, very difficult.  It is only difficult because it is what most people would consider an aberration to normal physical expression on this planet when it is not an aberration at all. It is the driving the force.  It is the driving force of everything.  Nothing exists without love and light.  So we’ll let the Creator and the Logos and the Ascended Masters .. we’ll let them look after the light quotient for the time being.  Because the application, the drive, the aspect, the initiative, is all back to you as human beings.  You are the one the that will express it.  You are the ones that will drive it because if you don’t you won’t have it in your life except in small increments or as a reflection of light. 

Do you want love in your life?  You really should because it is driving your life.  Consider a life without love.  What sort of life, what sort of incarnation would that be?  A life without Love.  So with love, what do we do? Do we apply it judiciously? Do we quell the fire of love? Or do we quantify it? Or do we express it in every thought, word, deed?  We are love! So what is our true pathway.  What is our true expression? Love!  Love!  That’s what you are here to do, to learn that love and light is the power and the only power. Nothing matches it. Nothing matches it!  Nothing comes anywhere near it.  Any other energy form is puny compared to the power of love and light. So to bring it back to a human incarnate level yes, as we spoke, you have love for family, friends, pets, animals, the environment .. and so on.  But it is more than that.  It is much more than that.  If you look across your planet at other nations, at other states, other races, other religions, do you apply your love emanation to all of them equally without fear or favour? Or do you radiate love to those that you have judgementally thought deserving.  Ah .. how do you as a human incarnate know whether or not another person, another race, another state; how do you know whether or not they are deserving of love?  They all affected and governed by love and light the same as you are.  They have their own quotient of love and light.  They have their own blessing of love. And when you look at other souls, other states, other nations, other races, what do you see?  A mirror of yourself!  Because there are people over there, on the other side of your globe,  your planet, who think that you don’t deserve love either.  Is that fair? Is that fair?  Or are most souls presently embodied on this planet withholding love because they have judged one worthy, and another not. 

If every soul incarnate on this planet at this time chose to radiate love unconditionally; just radiate it; your planet, your light, and everything associated with this planet; with life on earth; would change in an instant, bang, (claps his hands) just like that!  That’s how it would change because the power of every soul incarnate… if they used that power and it was the power of love… it would be a love tsunami.  A world-wide altering love tsunami.  How do we solve the problems of the planet? Direct love to the situation.  How do you as souls incarnate deal with war, aggression, terrorism, criminality etc? Radiate love to that situation.  Because if enough souls radiate love to that nation, that state, that situation, that what ever; if every soul incarnate radiates love the whole situation changes in an instance! (snaps his fingers) just like that.

We in the realms know that it would be erroneous to expect the population of the planet to rise up and magically, suddenly, and radiate and emit an incredibly high love vibration.  That would be a little fanciful.  However, we in the realms can see that every soul incarnate on this planet at this time even as a seemingly insignificant, or what you would judge insignificant, individual can make a difference.  You can make a difference.  Now we are not just talking about making a difference by radiating love to “that mob over there” or “the mob down the road”.  What we are talking about is radiating love period, full stop. You don’t have to qualify it: you don’t have to be selective; you don’t have to be anything.  Just radiate Love.  Emit Love.  Every situation that you encounter minute by minute in your life radiate and apply Love firstly.. then wait.  Wait to see if your potion, your medicine of Love healed that situation or that person.  Love can alter it in an instant, bang! Yes.  However, all souls incarnate may not be at that level yet but they can radiate such power of love that the situation changes instantly. You can radiate love that will become manifest in that person, that group, that race, that state, that nation, that situation; it will become manifest and will assist with a peaceful, loving resolution of it. 

So you really don’t need to be judgemental.  We understand that on this planet of solid matter a certain amount of judgement is required.  Your ego requires a certain amount of judgement to get you from point A (birth) to Point B (terminate, death.) however, it’s the way you apply that judgement.  If you were judging something in a positive manner, that’s okay.  If you are applying judgement in a negative manner then you are not only not helping the situation you are preventing it; you are putting up barriers, road blocks, hurdles, which will stop it from ever becoming manifest.  Perceptions and attitude … perceptions and attitude.  So in your daily life in your dealings with your family, yes, you do have times of crankiness, but you still don’t stop loving your family; there are times where your friends do annoying things; what you perceive to be annoying; but you don’t stop loving them.  You may apply a level of judgement in how much love you are going to give them …. ahhahhaa…. but love is still there.  Now in each situation in your daily life, should you take a negative, a negative and doubting attitude of a person, a situation, or whatever, you are not going to achieve anything … and you could possibly exacerbate the situation.  You do not have to be in any form of judgement, positive or negative; simply allow, trust, and apply love.  Let love be the poultice.  Let love be the poultice that you place on that person, situation or whatever.  No qualifications; just radiate love and release it and wait to see what becomes manifest.  If enough souls on this planet commenced, maybe even once or twice in your day, radiating love, unconditional love, to whatever irks, annoys, or confronts you; if they apply that love poultice, once, twice, each day; if every soul did that there would be a remarkable change coming over your planet.  Let me tell you that remarkable change is already coming over your planet; remarkable change has been for decades coming over your planet.  Remarkable change will continue to flow over and flood your planet. 

Now the change: the change is based in love and light because it is the only true power.  Love and Light is the only true power.  So change as it comes into your life is driven by love and light.  And change comes into your life to assist you to change, to help you in your evolution; whether it be a physical or a spiritual evolution the energy of change is there to help you.  The energy of change can be accelerated by various degrees by you accepting change with love, looking at a situation and perceiving that situation and radiating love to it. Radiate love for a resolution. 

Now the resolution that you see if you apply judgement, you may not perceive the correct effect of change simply because when change comes to you and you judge it as good, bad, or anything else you don’t feel the full benefit of change and the full benefit of change thereby does not assist you as it should do.  Change is happening everywhere right now and it is change focused on an apex of love and light.  Things have to change. Things have to change!  Your planet has been stagnant for eons of time; it is time for the love and light to get in; to shine into those dark corners. Lighten it up with love and light and in comes change.  With the love, the light, comes a change in you.  You respond and reciprocate by radiating love and light.  It is not exactly rocket science: all you have to do is accept change knowing that it is for the better.  Change is here for not just you but the entire planet.  It’s there for their highest good.  If it was not for your highest good we wouldn’t allow it to happen.  The Creator, the Logos, the Ascended Masters, we would not allow that to happen.  We allow it to happen, we assist, we accelerate it because it is for you highest good. 

Now having said it’s for your highest good, let us have a look at the other side of the coin.  If you go into judgement, what is that judgement based on?  Because I can assure you, you as souls incarnate do not know what your highest good is.  You are totally unaware of what your highest good is.  Individually or collectively.  You cannot see the whole big picture from where you are.  You cannot see the whole big picture at all.  You cannot see or know what is for your highest good.  Others such as I and the Brotherhood of Light, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light come to you to advise you that we can see what is for your highest good; we attempt to advise you of what to do, what to choose, what pathway to walk to achieve your highest good.  So we ask you to trust. If you do not trust us; if you do not trust the Logos; if you do not trust the Ascended Masters surely you can trust the Creator?  Surely you can trust the Creator!  So surely you can trust that everything that is happening in your life on this planet is for your highest good … even though you are looking at it from a limited perspective.  Your limited perspective is only one tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle in the whole big picture.  So you have no way of knowing the whole big picture simply by looking at that single jigsaw piece.  So we ask you, we advise you, have trust, have faith.  Even when it does appear that things are not as well as they should be it is all working towards an outcome … and that outcome is for your highest good.  So if you wish to get smooth, fast travel to the point of your highest good, radiate unconditional love and light.  No negative judgement; totally unconditional; radiate the love and the light and be aware that you are also the recipient of the benefit of the love and light being radiated by others to you and to your planet.  hmmnn. 

Well dear souls I feel that we as a group have given you sufficient to ponder I do not doubt that when you return to your homes and go into your sleep state the information that we have given you will continue to play.  When you walk out of these premises it doesn’t stop at the front door, it stays here in your mind, (points to his head) here in your heart (points to his heart area) whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  While you are in your sleep state, your dream state, your meditative state, it is still playing and it’s all for your benefit.  It’s all for your benefit.  So we would ask you to consider what we imparted to you this evening if you so choose and we do hope you will choose put it into positive action and reap the benefits even though they may not be clearly visible to you.  There are great benefits to be had. 

I thank you for coming from your homes to listen to I Aranuth and the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Crystal Light.  I thank you; we are honoured to be in your presence because know it or not, you are all future ascended masters; you are on your way to mastership, future ascended masters and I address you as such.  I speak to you as such.  Thank you and good evening dear souls.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks: The Power of Love & Light. Jan 2014

Posted by Georg Fritscher

The January Ravenshoe channelling session was well attended and the message was a very important and potent one.  Aranuth bluntly stated that our future is firmly in our hands and it is up to every soul incarnate at this time to focus love, light, and positivity of purpose on the world situation to bring about peaceful and harmonious co-existence and assist with the installation of the new paradigm.  Read the full message below.

Aranuth’s predictions of social unrest and mass protests for the year of 2014 are already proving ominously correct.  The people of the world are rising up in protest in numerous countries, states, and nations demanding their basic human rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, truth in government, and unrestricted access to clean, unpolluted and uncontaminated water and food.

While the positive aspect of the people of the world desiring and agitating for a peaceful, happy, and healthy life free from manipulation, control and oppression is to be applauded the negative aspect of the accompanying physical violence, shootings, bombings, burnings, looting, and other destructive activities is distressing and disastrous to say the least.

Aranuth advises that our mission as physically embodied advanced beings of light is to show the way and rise above the dross and negativity of unrest and chaos and radiate the highest frequency of love and light to the entire world.


Ha,ha,ha,ha… oh well: Good evening everyone; good evening to you all.  I feel there is no need for me to introduce myself after all of this time.  You know me as your brother.  Today the message I bring to you is one of change.  This year is destined for large changes.  It will be up to each and every soul incarnate on this planet as to the scope, the length, the breadth, the depth, and the intensity of that change. 

I would like to tell you that this is, for you, a golden opportunity; a golden opportunity for your advancement.  Not just for advancement of your singular soul-self but advancement for the population of your entire planet… and as a follow-on, advancement for Mother Earth herself.  One cannot advance or recede without taking the other with it in concert; in lock step if you will.  This coming year of your time will not only be one of change it will present opportunity for change.  As I said it will present a golden, a golden opportunity for change.  Now why I say that is, this is your opportunity to participate, to be a participant, in change.  Be a participant in the evolution of mankind and your planet.  The days of sitting down twiddling your thumbs and waiting to see what will transpire is over and gone.  It is now time for every human soul, every human incarnate, to stand up, hold their hand up, and volunteer to be part of the change.  Volunteer to be the catalyst for promoting change.  Now change will happen regardless of whether you are awake or asleep.  Change will happen in its own time.  But if you wish that change to be one of continuous positivity for the benefit of humanity then it is time for you to take up the task.  Now its not back-breaking work you know: what we are suggesting to you is as these opportunities to participate and bring about change arise then is the time for you to sit quiet, contemplate what it is , contemplate what change you want, what change you desire in your world, in your life.  Not just sit quiet by yourself but wherever possible, form groups; groups small or large for the specific purpose of sending out the vibration of your desire; the changes you desire to make manifest in your life on your planet.  You do not realise the power that you have.  You do not realise, you do not fully realise, the power that you have at your disposal to bring about that change; to be that catalyst and be the driver of that change.  If you wish to sit still and do naught, that is okay; however, understand this, there are other forces who will be pushing for their own agenda to be the change. 

The agenda of other forces is not necessarily beneficial to souls incarnate.  In fact I would go as far as to say that it is detrimental.  These forces that wish to control you, control every single aspect of your life, will be there pushing their own agenda.  The number of souls incarnate greatly out-number “the others” and if all souls incarnate singularly or in groups decide to sit still and send out the vibration of what it is that they wish to change in their life, in the life of their nation, their country, their planet.  What is your dream for now and the future?  What is your dream for your children, for your grandchildren, for all of your descendants?  What is your dream of life on the planet that you wish to bequeath to them.  Is it not worth standing up for that dream?  Is it not worth sending out the energy of manifestation so that your dream may come to pass?  Your dream is very similar to the dream of practically every other soul incarnate so you do not have to word-for-word describe and publicise your dream because most souls incarnate have the same dream.  Which makes it so much easier for you to empower your desire for that dream to become manifest.  It is so easy because there are so many of you sending out the energy to drive that dream, to make that dream become part of your earthly reality.  If you could look into the future as I do you would resolve, you would make a resolution right now, to start promoting your dream. 

There is much unrest on your planet: so much conflict; so much aggression; and behind all of that are what I will term, “the others”.  I do not need to speak of the others agenda: you are already familiar with it.  To simplify things, you could if you wish, simplify it in your own mind as “the ongoing battle between the forces of light and dark”.  That is not a correct, not a very correct description, but, it is applicable; it is applicable.  So where you are now you actually hold your future in your hand.  You hold your future, your families future, your descendants future, the future of this planet, you hold it in your hand, individually and collectively.  We in the realms work diligently to bring about whatever it is that the popular mass wishes to become manifest on this planet.  We cannot usurp your free will choice.  We cannot alter or cause you to alter your choice.  What we can do is assist you by giving you as much power as we can for you to use in your quest to make this blue planet your dream, your dream planet.  Now it will happen.  It will not happen while groups continue to shatter and splinter and work individually for and against.  It has to be organised : it needs to be an organised finely-focused charge, intent, desire, to create the dream and thereby live the dream. 

This year, you will be tested: you will be tested!  There will be times when you will go into negative judgement which does not further your cause.  No negativity! No judgement!  Just put forth your desire, your dream, and support it whole-heartedly and we from the realms will support you whole-heartedly in your quest to manifest that dream. I am not giving away any secrets when I say that there are very powerful and influential souls incarnate in various places around the world who are working for peace.  They are working for peace and harmony.  Many of these powerful and influential souls are struggling against the tide.  They are struggling against the tide in their endeavour to be an important aspect of the peace process.  You can lessen their struggle by empowering them.  They are pushing, holding the tide back; you can give them strength by adding your strength to theirs to add your desire, you intention, your wish, your demand if you like, to bring about peace and harmony on the planet.  Yes you have Great Beings out there who are attending to that task.  You are the troops on the ground who will provide the impetus, the power, the energy, to support these beings who we might describe as your generals; your generals in this conflict.  Each of these beings who are trying hard to promote peace and harmony is your leader.  It would be of great benefit not only to you but to the entire planet if you support your leader.  Support the leader who wants peace and harmony: they want freedom, they want equality, they want all of those things that each soul is entitled to. 

There are “the others” who will if they can, steal your entitlement because of their greed.  We will not stand in judgement of them.  I have described them factually not stood in judgement of or denigrated them; it is just a transmission verbally of the facts.  Everything, you all know, you well know, everything is composed of light and love which is interchangeable as it is one.  So your task is to spread light and love equally without fear or favour across the planet, to all of the races, to all of the nations without discrimination; just send out the love and the light.  Ask the Creator to take your light energy and empower those those leaders who are attempting to bring about peace and harmony on your planet. 

So, I have shown you the big picture and now I will show you the little picture. Because you are a singular individual soul does not mean that you are without power.  You will always have your power.  We suggest that you stand in your power and look after your area, your community, your group. Promote peace, love, and light.  If you do this as a singular soul that is laudable: it if you can attract others to join you in a group for that specific purpose to contemplate, meditate, whatever you wish to name that process, if you are able to gather around you a group of like minded souls then the combination of your lights, the combination of the energy of your lights, will greatly escalate, greatly expand. You may be divorced from the decision making process of the world but you are not divorced from sending out the energy to promote the dream of the world you wish to have.  You are never excluded. Because you do not have a seat at the negotiation table does not mean that you are dis-empowered.  You still have your power; your group still has its power.  The combination of all groups focusing energy for the same result still has power.  So for this year ahead, as it unfolds, I would encourage you, I would encourage you to do your bit as you so wish.  No one is being pressured into this because that will have a negative effect: you have to do this of your own free will, your own volition; you have to be the one to volunteer to serve because that is what you are doing; you are serving all of mankind and your planet.  And the way in which you serve is to continually send out love and light to manifest the dream world that you wish to have…  so it is all there before you.

Being a level, a vibration, a world of free-will choice you may choose whether or not you wish to participate in the process of manifesting a dream world.  It is possible.  It is very, very possible; it is very, very achievable.  And please allow me to tell you that you really don’t know the power singularly and combined that the souls on this planet have at their disposal.  If you can all focus on the one dream it will happen and it will happen (snaps fingers) snap; it will happen. You can change the world.  You only have to have the desire to do so.  If you choose, you can continue on in the same rut that you have had for the last several thousand years but if you wish to really advance, this year, then this golden opportunity is your chance.  This is your big chance.  I would suggest you grasp it with both hands and apply your heart, your soul, your energy, your complete soul essence, the power of the essence that you are; apply it to the dream world, the peaceful world, the harmony world. 

There are…  there are several highly evolved beings working right now as I speak..  working on this issue. I am being called to assist them so I shall bid you good evening. We leave you with love. Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks Newsletter

Posted by Georg Fritscher

The year of 2014 will bring a number of changes to the planet, individual nations, and states; as well as opportunity for change in the average persons life. The old “past-it’s-use-by-date” paradigm must be cleared away to make way for the fresh, new, exciting energy which brings an enhanced way of living and being. It is of immense importance that we cultivate absolute positivity in every aspect of our daily lives through our thoughts, words, and deeds.

The  advice has always been that when confronted by a situation that prompts the population to rise up in protest about the inequality, unfairness, injustice, or downright violation of human rights the best way to resolve the situation is by being positively for something; not negatively against something. Sending love and light positively for a peaceful outcome is much more powerful than negative thoughts, words, or deeds against the situation.

The world:

Several large democratic, industrialised, and technologically advanced nations will experience a continuity of civil disobedience, confrontation with governments, institutions, and multi-national corporations as the people struggle to throw off the yoke of control, suppression of truth, and the manipulation of the masses.

The Middle East and Africa will continue to be a hot-bed of unrest and aggressive activity causing great concern to world leaders and prompting numerous calls for intervention before a catastrophe of immense humane proportions takes place. Send Love and Light to the world.

The world recently witnessed the passing of elder statesman and a great man, Nelson Mandela who advanced the cause of coloured people the world over. This world could do with a few more leaders in his mould.

Interesting to note:

Independent Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon, will be introducing legislation to protect Australians from unwarranted mass surveillance with the legislation being directly based upon recommendations just released by a US Presidential Committee. The report recommends that metadata should be held only by telecommunications providers and that the government must get a warrant before accessing any individuals metadata. “This is a key recommendation which must be implemented in Australia” Senator Xenophon stated.

Franken-fish: Genetically Engineered Salmon which are designed to grow twice as fast as normal Salmon, would be the first “transgenic” animal allowed into our food supply. According to the rhetoric of the Salmon’s creator this new fish is a technological solution for reducing fishing pressure on wild Salmon, creating jobs, and diminishing the carbon footprint of producing seafood. A review of scientific literature tells a far different story, one full of downsides for the consumer, the environment, and  fishing economies throughout the world.

The Japanese Government affiliated Fisheries Research Agency just announced on January 10th that it had caught Black Seabream fish contaminated with 12,000 becquerel per kilogram of radioactive Cesium – an amount 124 times higher than the safety standard. Two other Black Seabream caught were also found to substantially breach the safety standard. Some 40,000 tonnes of fish per year appear to be affected by the Fukushima radiation leak and are dangerously contaminated with high levels of radiation. The majority of these catches are destroyed.

Good news:

The Tasmanian government has imposed an indefinite moratorium on genetically modified crops in that state. “Large chunks of the community are concerned about their food and I expect in the future our GM free status will play a greater role in our ability to market ourselves” stated a government spokesman. Hopefully every other state in Australia will follow Tasmania’s lead and totally ban genetically engineered food.

Health news:

For those people who suffer adverse effects from long-term use of aspirin there is a safe alternative available.  Nature’s aspirin, Rutin, is a flavonoid that proves the old adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Rutin is found in many fruits and vegetables such as onions, citrus fruits, and apples especially the “Cripps Pink” variety also known as “Pink Lady”. It is also available in a safe supplement form approved by the TGA from most health food stores.

Approximately one-third of all pharmaceuticals are derived from plants’ active ingredients. Although companies cannot patent the whole plant in it’s whole form they can patent the plant’s individual ingredients. Although profitable for drug companies it has a downside because many times the active ingredient does not work as effectively as the whole plant. According to tests carried out in Germany, St. John’s Wort, the entire herb, kills the aids virus in a test tube while Hypericum the isolated active ingredient does not.

New information:

The guides arrived around 3 a.m. a few days ago and have advised me that “the oceans are angry”! Angry at the increasing pollution; treating the ocean floor as a rubbish tip for dumping obscene amounts of toxic and dangerous items onto the sea floor; angry at the numerous oil spills; the destruction of the marine environment; the ongoing attack on ocean dwellers such as whales, dolphins, walruses, seals, otters, and numerous other species. The level of pollution has accelerated dramatically over the last three decades as run-off from farms and coastal cities has increased. The largely concealed extent and effects of the radiation leak from the Fukushima plant is now adversely affecting all forms of marine life for thousands of miles in every direction. While the guides did not state it, I felt the distinct impression that this was a cautionary word of  advice from the guides that we may see sea-floor tectonic plate movement resulting in earthquake activity, tidal waves, tsunamis, flooding of low-lying islands, and possibly some islands being inundated and rendered uninhabitable. While this is not good news it is a timely reminder to the world that we have to live in harmony with the planet or risk dire consequences. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, and every other life-form to leave a legacy of a clean and healthy planetary environment.

The next full Aranuth channelled message is due at the end of this month; Jan2014.

Peace & Positivity,


Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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