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Aranuth Speaks about Higher Beingness: May 2015

Posted by Georg Fritscher

The last couple of weeks have been pretty much the same as ever with numerous people reporting all sorts of strange and unusual things happening to them.


Chief amongst them were electrical, technical, and mechanical appliances and vehicles which ceased working or simply went bust. Running a close second came aches, pains, unexplainable illnesses, and of course sleeplessness, lethargy, disorientation and feeling like a stranger in an alien world. Let’s face it; this all part of the “changes” and will not go away until the change has been fully implemented.

The world over, people have been rising up, protesting, and taking up petitions against GMO crops, chemicals in and on our foodstuffs, animal cruelty, working class poor being subjected to 3Rd world (and worse) living and working conditions, and the infiltration by large corporations corrupting governments and sporting organisations. Very shortly – it is happening right now – we will see an increase in tragic man-made and natural events and happenings all designed to tear down the old 3D paradigm and allow the world and it’s inhabitants to transition into a much higher and more peaceful level of existence. All is in Divine Order!


Good Evening everyone.  It is I, Aranuth, who returns to address you on this evening.  Are you ready for a little excursion?  I thought today what we may do is rise, lift, expand, out of your current physical dimension and go into a vibratory level that is formless.  Absolutely formless.  It is simply space.  Now I am not talking about vibratory levels that are clearly delineated. There is in fact no delineation. Energy vibration is a continuous flow every changing, every rising in pitch, octave, and tune.  All too often souls incarnate attempt to solve various issues, problems, thorny things that confront them on their pathway, on this physical level.  The problem as you see it may be apparent, and affect you on this physical level, this level of solid matter, however, most of you well know that problems on this level are not resolved on this level.  They are resolved on a much higher level.  Even though you may assume that your mental body is advising you on how best to resolve issues, problems, and remove barriers on your pathway, that is erroneous.  It is resolved by what you have called a “higher power”.  It is resolved by a higher power.  The higher power is in fact, in most instances, a higher vibrating level of energy.  That is where the resolution comes from.

When we are confronted, accosted, by anything on a physical level, we should immediately move away from the level of solid matter and project, project our energy beingness, not just to our higher self, but to  to a higher level which has the clarity and the power to resolve the issues or show you with great clarity what is your best path;  what is your best course;  what is the best option for you to take.  What I would like to suggest to you on this day is to constantly, constantly, remember that you are an energy being in a physical body on this level.  The only thing that belongs to this level is your embodiment, your beingness does not belong here.  It may inhabit the body, but it does not belong here.  Your beingness belongs on level much much higher than this one.  So, if you are a being of a much higher vibratory level, does it not stand to reason that you should resolve every issue from the level commensurate with your beingness?  Simply put; everything is to be resolved from the level where your beingness resides, and your beingness does not reside on this physical level; it inhabits the physical body but does not reside here.  Evidence of that is when you are in an altered state, sleep state, meditative state, or any  of those altered states, you are not in your body.  It is not your body that is doing it.  Your beingness moves out of the restrictive embodiment and rises to a level commensurate with your advancement and understanding: and that is where you learn you meet up with your guides and other highly evolved masters, where you not only discuss your future, your future development, but you also learn how to resolve all issues  that affect you on your physical level.  You resolve them from a level where your beingness resides.

Now, it is rather simple but you may find it difficult sometimes.  The simplicity is firstly; know absolutely, know absolutely that you are not this body.  Know absolutely that you are a highly evolved being.  Know absolutely that you are only here in this embodiment, on this level of solid matter, to undergo experiences, learn lessons, which will add to, and expand, your soul growth.  Your very soul enrichment and upliftment.  So now on your day-to-day pathway it is most beneficial for you to spend as much time as you can “out of body” so to speak. Spend as much time as you can in the higher realm where you belong, where you belong!  So that everything, every single thing that comes across your pathway, or affects you in any way on this dimension, this level of solid matter, you can examine, work through, and resolve from that higher level.  Because from that higher level the situation is so much clearer.  On your physical level, often, often times, you have an issue that needs to be worked through.  If you attempt to do it on your lower level you will find that the waters will get muddier and muddier until such time as you cannot see clearly precisely what the crux of the matter is.  However, if you practice, and continually move into a higher state of beingness, there is no muddy waters; everything is clear.  So from a higher perspective you can clearly see the entire detail of the matter: why it was brought into your life as a lesson, as an experience, as just something for you to play with, as something for you to use your powers of creation and manifestation.

Continue to read at "Aranuth Speaks" >>>

Author: Malcolm Bell
Source: Aranuth Speaks
Published: June 24, 2015


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Aranuth Speaks: “One”, Lady Octavia, Ravenshoe April 2015

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Wow! As predicted, the cosmic energies, and their effect on the entire planet, are ramping up in no uncertain terms; and will continue to do so for the next two to three weeks, so we will just have to accept “what is” and go with the flow.

Some souls will feel as though they have been cast into a gigantic washing machine: others will feel numb, dumb, slow and spaced out, with an inability to calculate, remember, or even think clearly.

Physical symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, upset stomach, sleepiness or lacking sleep, and sensations of living in an unbalanced time/space warp.  Inability to think clearly, remember the names of places and everyday items, as well as the names of friends and  acquaintances, can be embarrassing. Sensitives like myself, who are in ongoing contact, and working with, highly evolved guides, are not excluded from this vibratory tree-shake either; no special treatment!

Again, as previously predicted by Aranuth , tragedies of varying extent, calamities, natural and man-made disasters, have occurred all around the planet with commercial airliners crashing, over-crowded refugee ships sinking, volcanoes erupting, adverse weather patterns suddenly manifesting, and earthquakes of varying intensities – over 4300 souls passed over in Nepal – are an almost daily occurrence as Mother Earth reacts to the inflow of changing energies and cleanses and re-aligns herself in readiness for transition into a higher dimension. We are all in this together – no one is exempt!

Over several preceding days prior to, and during the channelling of the following message, I was in the depths of, and suffering from the effects of, a massive energy shift; change, change, change! The guides allowed and assisted me to channel the following message while I was operating on a much-reduced “power level”. The content of the message, a description of the incremental energy uplift in “octaves”, and overseen by “Lady Octavia” was surprising to say the least. I have often stated that “nothing surprises me anymore” and then I am surprised once more by events that unfold.

The Message:

Well good evening dear ones. It is I, One, who comes to address you.  I would like to say welcome to you all.  It is always pleasing to have you here to hear our words, which we surmise will be of benefit to you and at the very least provide a level of understanding.  The energy that surrounds and permeates your planet has numerous aspects to it.  One aspect which is in operation and taking dominance, precedence, at this point in time, is sound.  It is the sound vibration.  You are well aware that the energy of love, of oneness, comprises numerous aspects of which colour and sound have a proportionately large effect on the energy that is altering, and may I say reshaping, your planet, not physically, but reshaping energetically your planet and every thing upon it.

I would like to introduce to you on this evening a compatriot whom I am sure that you, you did not even know existed.  Shortly.  Now, the energy of your planet, that which is approaching the planet in intensity, is actually a custom-made, err… you could refer to it as, a custom-made vibration, increment of vibration, which if applied to a musical scale you would deem it an octave. Octave.  You understand the an octave is a variation, a variant, of sound which is a sound vibration. And now, I would like to make you aware of my compatriot, Lady Octavia!  Hmm .. Lady Octavia. Lady Octavia is a highly advanced being who has mastered the art of altering vibrations; altering what she calls the “vibrato” of the energy.  Now shall we have a look at that.  The vibration of the energy is an alteration in the pitch in the octave, which fine tunes that vibration, and Lady Octavia is the one who is very, very, carefully refining and directing that pitch.  That octave.  That sound. That vibration.  You will understand that energy in its purest form can and does have an effect on the human embodiment that is not always compatible with their vibratory being-ness; and therefore being far too powerful for the human embodiment can have a detrimental effect   Now this is not just a detrimental or altering effect on the humanoid, it also affects all of life on the planet; and you do understand that everything, and I say that again, everything, is energy.  Everything is energy!  It is molecular particles held together by the pitch the octave of sound, and so when the Creator has chosen to increase the intensity the pitch, the vibration, it is Lady Octavia who comes to the fore and directs what form that energy will take so that when you receive it you will, as a community, and as a world population, receive it in the most beneficial manner.

Continue to read at "Aranuth Speaks" >>>

Author: Malcolm Bell
Source: Aranuth Speaks
Published: May 12, 2015 in SomethingToThinkAbout, originally published Apr. 28, 2015


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The Blame-Game - Humanity's Oldest Game

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Isn't it comfortable not to be responsible for consequences triggered by yourself?
Isn't it comfortable to make someone else responsible for consequences you created yourself?


The "Blame-Game" is planet earth's oldest game and everyone likes to join. No need to accept responsibility for negative consequences of decisions, reactions and responses created by yourself. You simply make someone else responsible and your vest is clean again.

Is it really that easy? Is it really that simple? Or is there a catch involved?

Have you read this sarcastic sub headline above? Did you thoroughly read it? You should have discovered the answer yourself already. --- Of course is there a catch involved.

Since we all are nothing else than energy - materialized energy - everything we do, every action, every reaction and every response are also energy. Therefore, when we "through out" false accusations, just in order to protect ourselves, it will turn around and hit ourselves again. That's the perfect way to double up the consequences we have to carry on already.

Don't forget: We all are responsible for anything we do or don't do. We also share responsibility of what is going on in our world.

Allow me to address a few examples in order to better express what I mean.

+ Everyone bitches about our governments.
  1. Are not we the ones who elect the ruling parties? People vote for any party according to their promises. None of the elected parties ever stuck to their promises. Why do people just complain, but do not become active to correct our government's misbehaviour?
+ Everyone bitches about constantly rising taxes.
  1. But people do not do anything against. They just complain, but not publicly. It would be an easy task to reduce taxes. E.g. just lowering these outrageous high wages of politicians would have an impact.
+ What about rising costs of food, gasoline, etc.
  1. People constantly mean they cannot do anything against. Why not? There's nothing else than activity needed. Do not forget --- We all are One!
Recently there was a wonderful example of what people can achieve when they understand that we all are One and that One can fight what is not correct. Just think about the ongoing war about the internet. FightForTheFuture is still active and still continues to fight for people's right to have a neutral and uncensored internet. The more will join this fight the earlier we will have "our" internet preserved as it should be. And we will continue to have freedom of speech.

This is what I meant with "We all are responsible for anything we do or don't do."

We ourselves created all this misery on planet earth by being passive. By just watching it to become worse and not standing up against. E.g. by NOT going public with our concerns against any governmental decision.

Now, since we reached the borderline of having 99% of our world's population to live in or near poverty, it becomes time to learn on how to become self-responsible again. It is important NOT to accept what is dictated or suggested without consent. It is important that WE start again to decide what we want and what we are willing to accept.

How can we change our personal behaviour and become self-responsible again?

Have you read "Do You Have Problems in Making Decisions?"

Use your intuition, your subconscious. It always gives you the correct answer or suggestion. Even if you may have to carry on negative consequences on your decision. You do not know the reason why your subconscious told you to follow that path.

MOST important on your very own decision done is to accept that YOU have been the one who decided. And YOU are the one who was responsible on how you decided.

By the way, did you know there are NO "negative" consequences? It just is a human expression followed up by our comfort zone. If we made a decision that dropped us from being a millionaire all the way into poverty there was a Universal reason for it. You possibly have not been on the right path of your destiny, but your subconscious redirected you. You simply had to experience something you would have missed otherwise. And even if you hit "rock bottom" there's always a way out again.

Author: Georg Fritscher
Published: April 23, 2015


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Changing the World Means We Have to Change Ourselves First

Posted by Georg Fritscher

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

To change the world, change yourself.A wise saying of Rumi applying to all of us. We all would like to change this planet, but we forget about ourselves.

  1. + We continuously look towards what happens around us and discover nuisances on a daily basis.
  2. + We complain about, but we don't do anything against.
  3. + We bitch and shout, but once we get encouraged to become active we reply that one person only will not succeed.
  4. + We become more and more egocentric and isolate ourselves although we realize that many people around us are as disappointed and frustrated as we are.

Isn't it time to begin to change this planet by changing ourselves?

  1. + Are you aware of your neighbour's problems?
  2. + Do you offer to help your neighbour if he/she needs assistance?
  3. + Do you simply listen to your neighbours when they would need it?
  4. + Do you think for your personal wealth first before you donate some bucks to an unemployed or impoverished person?
I do not want to continue to list nuisances here. I think each and everyone of us knows in his/her inner self about our weaknesses.

If we all start to change our habits, if we all start to reduce our need for all this new stuff to be consumed, if we all start to reduce i.e. using our car and begin again to use our legs or bicycles for short distance instead, etc. everyone of us automatically would start to change this world.

By changing our consumer and comfort habits we automatically show the economic dictators of this planet that we can live independent from their dictatorship and that we are people who can think and know what we need.

By becoming more critical towards everything governments, banks, the economic lobbies etc. try to implement and responding accordingly these "big bosses" will start to understand that they cannot and must not milk us like cows.

Are you scared to stand up and post your personal opinion publicly?

This is exactly what all these dictator lobbies and their authorities want. They spread fear, greed and jealousy since these three attributes are the masses biggest issues.

Learn on how to be fearless, learn on how not to be greedy,  learn on how not to be jealous. It's easy, it just needs some self confidence and understanding that we all are One. Once you will have reached this condition you automatically will start to meet people who think the same way like you do. You radiate this condition. And ... the more people understand that we all are One the more power will grow against dictator ship of lobbies and authorities.

You cannot imagine?

Want a perfect example on what the masses can achieve when they decide to stick to each other and show their power to the authorities and lobbyists?

Especially U.S. readers will be aware of the "war" created by the internet lobby in order to become richer and richer. FightForTheFuture is a non-profit organization fighting to expand the internet's power for good. And they are on the best way to reach their goal because millions of people stood and continue to stand up and support them publicly. If you have not followed their activity you can read more at PCIS Magazine.

Another perfect example is TheRules, an organization working worldwide against poverty and inequality.

Take your time to read about these two positive examples. There are many of those out there in the meantime. You will get proof that being One will bring us all to our desired goal ...  

... we will be able to change the world to a better place.

Author/Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher
Date: April 13, 2015


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Do You Have Problems in Making Decisions?

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Many people hate to make decisions. Many people have real problems trying to make the right decision.

Not being able to make a decision is a common issue these days. But why?

It is a matter of our education system and it is a matter of our society.

From the first moment we start to become educated our common sense is being disabled slowly but surely from our way of thinking. We learn on how to use our Ego instead. This is what our society wants.

When there something approaches we have to decide on we are educated to look for alternatives, mainly to be discovered in our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is to be found in the range of our Ego. We look for easier and even more easier alternatives on how to solve an issue we want to be released of.

As a result of these searches for alternatives we decide to go the easiest and most comfortable way ... the way our Ego suggested. But this way usually drives us into even more complex issues. The situation we are in becomes worse and even continues to worsen, but we do not understand why. We have focused that much on finding the ideal way to solve our issue, but it became to a "shot in the oven".

What about using your subconscious to find and make the right decision?

How to? ... you ask. Can't you remember this "Gut Feeling"? You had it often already. Especially in your childhood and puberty. I talk about this feeling like having flies in your stomach. It actually appears every time you have to make a decision. It always is the first idea you get on how to solve an issue.

Sadly most of the times we wipe away this "first" idea and start to look for easier alternatives. That's the moment our Ego starts to engage and pushes our subconscious into the background. Of course, we go the easiest way, suggested by our Ego, and even do not consider this "first" idea anymore. What is the result? Our problem has not been solved. No, we even created a new one just because of not being willing to be self responsible.

Self responsibility is the source of all good things happening in our life.

What is self responsibility?

It is exactly the opposite of what we have been taught. We learned always to look for and find solutions from outside. Ask other persons on how they would decide, check the internet, etc. In simple words we look for another source to be blamed if the wrong decision was taken.

Self responsibility is exactly the other way than described above.

Being self responsible means we have to take responsibility on how and what we decide. We, in this case, are also responsible for the consequences arisen from our decision. Did we use our Ego to decide we have to blame ourselves for having done so. Did we decide to go the way of the "very first idea" on how to solve a specific issue we can celebrate the positive outcome and release of this issue.

Is it easy to learn on how to perform life in self responsibility?

No, not that I am aware of. You mainly start to consider going this way once you had many backlashes in your life and always the "others out there" have been the guilty ones. This is the moment when you should start to remember that you actually did easier as long you relied on yourself. This is the moment when you will start to try relying on yourself again. But this also will be the moment when you will start to create doubts on yourself since you will discover many relapses back into the old "blame game" as well as make decisions generated by your own Ego.

- You will have to learn again to be confident in yourself.
- You will have to learn to listen to your "very first idea", even if it is not the easiest solution you got in mind.
- You will have to learn there's only one person to be blamed if your decision did not work the way you wanted.
- You will have to learn to deal with the results of your very own and personal decisions.

Once you stumbled through all these stages of finding your common sense - your subconscious - again, you will start wondering how life will change. Life will change to the better slowly but surely and you will start to enjoy a wonderful, easy, simple and fulfilled life.

Try it out - it is worth to be done!

Author/Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher
Date: April 6, 2015


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Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe 27th March 2015

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Hello again beloved souls everywhere. The battles between governments and the people, plus “Big Business” and the people, world-wide have been featuring heavily in the media, and in our lives. Governments are renown for interfering in, and continually attempting to control, peoples lives; and like a fox outside the henhouse they continually look for alternate ways to break in and achieve their goal.

Here in Australia there are several clashes occurring between Big Business and the people with the anti-fracking and anti-coal mine expansion lobby – with the accompanying harbour dredging near the Great Barrier Reef  –  gearing up for a prolonged fight. Pollution from the run-off from farming and industrial activities have been found forty nautical miles out from the coast on isolated sections of the Great Barrier Reef. To accompany those issues, the Australian Federal Government is under pressure from the UN who are considering whether they should declare the Great Barrier Reef as “endangered” which will make the present Australian Government look delinquent and more like “natural wonder wreckers” than “natural wonder preservers” in the eyes of the international community.

Some good news is that daily I find more and more people awakening to the spiritual reality of their lives. So very many souls incarnate are suddenly waking up and realising that there is more to life than what the five physical senses can detect. Many more souls are pondering what lies beyond physical death. Of course this is prompted by the ever-changing, and ever-increasing in intensity, cosmic energies flowing over our planet. So, if you feel that your life is being turned upside down know that it is evolution, advancement, and soul growth. All is in Divine Order.

The Message:

Good evening everyone.  It is I “One” who returns to deliver the discourse today.  I thought it appropriate that I “One” should come to talk to you about the oneness of everything. You will have noticed that the energy surrounding your planet at present is very thin.  Thin would be your word to describe it  when compared with the heaviness and thickness of the old out-dated energy.  You can say goodbye now and forever to the old energy;  the old dross heaviness.  It will not return.  From this point onwards your energy will be what you consider to be thin, fine, and continuously high pitched.  All of this is for your development, your evolution, and the evolution of your planet, and everything upon it.

I chose “Oneness” today to be the subject of this discourse simply because with the advent of the new energy that is surrounding, permeating, filling your planet and everything upon it, you as souls incarnate will benefit, will benefit greatly, by recognising the oneness of all.  The oneness of the allness.  Oneness, Allness are interchangeable.  The new energy, as you prefer to call it, is changing everything.  Every single atom of your planet, your plant life, your sea life, everything!  Everything is being changed into a much higher and  finer vibration.  For those of you who actually hear energy, you will hear this new energy as an extremely high pitched sound.  No longer will this earth be allowed to wallow in dross, in heaviness, in negativity.  All that is not of the light will be dramatically altered and changed; some quite dramatically, some incrementally.  Souls incarnate will benefit greatly by taking advantage of this new higher, finer, vibration by immersing themselves totally in the oneness, the inseperable-ness of the all, and for you the “visible allness” is your planet.  A portion of the “allness of the oneness” is your planet.  That’s where you are expressing at this moment; at this now moment.  This is where you chose to express at this  moment, and of course being here as an expression of love, of light, of the oneness, of the allness, you are beholden, you are beholden to the Creator to expand the oneness on your planet … all in inclusive

What you may not be aware of, and many souls incarnate certainly are not aware of, is the fact that every single thing on your planet is intricately, intricately, entwined with your beingness; your soul self expressing on this planet.  You will not be aware that the planet is very dependent upon you, your activities, and the energy that you radiate; and conversely, conversely, you are very, very, dependent on the energy being expressed by your planet.  I would like you to consider that. The planet is under your stewardship.  You are responsible for the ongoing health and expansion of every single thing on this planet.  The energy that you radiate affects every tiny miniscule atom, sub atom, and quark of every thing, everything, all inclusive on your planet.  The planet records your energy emanations: the planet records everything that you do to it, for it, for yourself, everything that expresses, everything that has the Creator’s spark impacts upon this planet.  It impacts upon on all souls incarnate because all souls incarnate and the planet itself are inseparable.  Harm yourself, harm the planet: harm another, harm the planet: harm the planet, harm yourself; and vice versa. Love another, love the planet: love yourself, love the planet.  The planet responds and reflects back to you what you radiate to it.  If you are going to radiate love, compassion, and care to the planet, that is precisely what the planet will reflect back to you.

Many times I and others have come here before you and spoken about the oneness of the all-ness.  Many times we have told you oneness is all-ness, all-ness is oneness.  You cannot escape the results of your actions, your thoughts, your words, your deeds.  You cannot escape from that.  What you give out is precisely what you will receive in return.  We in the realms note many individuals and many groups working industriously to preserve the health of the planet, thereby preserving the health of souls incarnate; not only for this earth walk but for future generations of souls who will come here to express, to experience, to learn, to grow.  That is what you are here for.  There are, and you are aware of, many places, many geographical areas, where the earth is being wounded, polluted, stained, and yes, there are areas of your earth that you could consider “killed off”.  There are areas of your planet which are dead; to all intents and purposes there are areas that are “dead”.  Bearing in mind that the Creator’s light can never be snuffed out, I can confidentally inform you that those areas that you consider environmentally, ecologically, dead do retain the light, the spark of the Creator, which will lie dormant within the earth, within the energy, within energy of that area, waiting until the time is of the ripeness for life, visible life, a measurable quantity of life, to present itself once more.  It should not get to that stage!  It should never approach the stage where an area is considered dead.  This planet, as I have just spoken, is very intricately woven into the energy of your being-ness.  Harm the planet and you will most certainly harm yourself.  We in the realms understand that you cannot be held responsible for what happens in areas outside of your influence.  There are areas where you reside, where you live, where you express, that do require your light, your love, your care, your stewardship.  You are responsible, individually and collectively. Now it all starts by acknowledging the oneness;  acknowledging the very life force of the oneness, because that life force sustains the oneness of which you are part of.  If you as individuals, and as a collective, wish to have a clean, healthy, vibrant, life well then you can start with ensuring that your planet has a clean, healthy, vibrant, environment.  You are inexorably and intricately linked to the planet.  The energy of your planet, as it fluctuates, so too does your energy. Why?  Oneness!  It is all oneness!  The energy that affects your planet is the same one, and the same energy, that affects you.  How can you be happy and healthy if your planet is not happy and healthy.  Surely, that makes a lot of sense to you.  Surely, you understand that; and surely, now knowing and being aware of that it prompts you to not just think about maybe, possibly, doing something, but prompts you to take positive action to maintain your life, and the life of others, and the life of the allness on your planet.  So we have oneness and all-ness totally inseparable; never has and never will be separated one from the other.  I would suggest to you that you commence looking at the planet where you reside, look at the earth under your feet, the life of the earth under your feet is the life of you, your family, your friends all intricately linked.  Not only that, to bring yourself into the oneness perhaps you could consider that every soul incarnate is part of the oneness and therefore is your brother and sister.  Does it not make sense for you to now look at those other souls around you, the other souls incarnate walking their chosen pathway, as your brother, as your sister, and deserving of your love similar to the love that you would express to a blood relative.  Again, it is all oneness.  You cannot escape. Damage a portion of the earth and you damage a portion of yourself.

Ohhh, the reason for my being here today is to remind those of you who already know this, and to advise those who are not aware of this currently; you are linked to every single thing in the oneness and the all-ness of everything.  Now before you can become a multi-dimensional, a multi-cosmic being, you have master your own planet.  Once the human race, the souls incarnate, once they master what they have come to this planet to achieve, once the entire planet and everything upon it is singing in harmony, then perhaps the Creator and the Logos may encourage you to extend your powers to other planets, other realms, other places of expression within your universe.  There is no sense or value in having you step outside the parameters of your being-ness on your earth until such time as you have healed the earth, and everything upon it back to the pristine condition it was in prior to the first souls expressing here in an embodiment.  You will note that I say in an embodiment”.  I did not say in human embodiment.  Simply because you have been here on this earth plane in other embodiments: some very similar to your present human embodiment, and in some rather primitive embodiments on this planet, however, that is all in Divine Order; simply because you are a part of the evolution of the race, the embodiment, that souls incarnate chose of their own free will.  Souls have been coming here for many eons of time experimenting with various embodiments in an attempt to uncover what embodiment is best suited to the experiences and lessons that they wish to undergo as part of their development, expansion, growth, and advancement.  You souls here embodied, are participating in a grand experiment.  Mostly, it has been good.  Sometimes, not so good.  But then again that is the way of experiments isn’t it?  If these different contrasts did not appear, well then you could not class this as an experiment.  However, I digress; let us return to oneness, to all-ness.  I would like to suggest to you that you now alter your outlook, alter your outlook on every aspect of your life, on your expressions on this planet.  Commence by looking at other souls incarnate, and other human embodiments, as part of the oneness, as part of yourself.  Look at the animals, the birds, the fishes, the reptiles, the mammals: look at them as a slightly different expression of the ones that you a part of.  Look at the very ground that you walk upon, the grass, the trees, the rocks; look upon that as another form of expression of the oneness.  You are all intricately linked one to another.

And so dear souls I feel that I have given you much … ha, ha, ha, ha … meat to chew upon; many things to ponder and consider; and I wish to inform you that while you are pondering my words you will be aware, you will be pleased to be aware, that you have so very many friends, guides, angelic beings, and numerous other forms of expression from other realms close to you, watching, helping, prompting, doing everything possible to assist you in this grand experiment. And so dear ones I will now take my leave and leave you to consider all that has been spoken of this day.  The Brotherhood send you love and light constantly, unendingly; you are always held in the hand, the protective hand of the Creator’s love and light.  So thank you dear ones.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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The Day Destiny Took Over Leadership of My Life

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Is it possible that destiny takes over leadership in your life?

I assume each of us made experience of sudden shifts in his/her life already.

- Some shifts happen due to mistakes we do ourselves. Most of them can be reversed once we discover it was a mistake.

- But there also happen other shifts that you first do not realize as such until your own life was turned upside down and you discover this shift cannot be reverted anymore.

The second kind of shift happened to my wife and me.

We have been globetrotters for decades and still enjoy this kind of nomadic life. You get in contact with many countries, people and cultures. But you also experience how many people on this planet actually need help desperately.

One of these days our boat brought us to Fort Lauderdale, a wonderful little city along the Florida east coast. We met an extreme spiritual lady, who performed metaphysical seminars. Having studied this science for many years already and also having experienced quite some metaphysical phenomenons we immediately joined not knowing at that time what we went into.

After the first half year of weekend seminars we started to recognize that "something" has changed our lives. Our world view was not the same anymore. We started to have more and more open eyes for jeopardized as well as impoverished people and the will to help them if possible. We also recognized that we made more and more experiences the metaphysical way, often experiences that could not be explained the rational way. These experiences turned us and our way of thinking more and more towards social engagement and business. Another experience we could not explain was that our business started to go down. Yes, it was recession time. But still, we have been in a recession proof business and we served a market niche that usually would not be affected by a recession due to customers' wealth. Destiny obviously closed our funnels of good income in order to move us closer to the tasks and profession we were supposed to perform.

My wife and I started to look out for another area to live in and for a new field of operation. Some time later we moved to Tenerife, Canary Islands, where we dicovered what it means when destiny takes over leadership in your life. Our intention was to establish a service specializing in handicapped and elderly tourists as well as residential foreigners who need help or assistance.

Tenerife has the image of being the ideal island for handicapped and elderly due to its unique extreme healthy and balanced climate.
But this island does not only have positive aspects. It was undermined of corruption, jealousy and intrigues.
We had no other choice than to get used to these circumstances and to create the best according to our plans.

We experienced wonderful wealth, but also extreme poverty. Since wealthy people have no problems to finance and purchase what ever they desire we decided to focus on tourists and foreign residents with limited budget. It took extreme long until our business really started to turn slowly but surely into the profitable direction, but obviously did we - that time - not yet follow our destiny's plan.

We sold this service after it had become profitable and spent an entire year to observe the direction we should go. Isabella, my wife, always meant we do not need any marketing for our social engagement in Tenerife. All her meditations about this topic resulted with the message our clients would approach themselves enquiring for help or assistance.

The last person who enquired for support at our former business could not cope with the new owners and approached us if we would assist her as long we still would be on the island. We agreed and went back to self employment with this new client only. It did not take long that our new client database gained volume. We became busier and busier.

Still, we could not get rid of the impression we have not met the main purpose of our endeavour in Tenerife yet.

Many clients became bold after a certain time of having been supported by us, demanding to receive more and more free services. Same happened to another woman on the island, who volunteered clients at doctors or hospital visits. Therefore we contacted her and discussed several opportunities on how to eliminate this constantly growing issue. As a result became our new service a community driven service within shortest time that worked perfect from first moment. No client demanded any additional free service anymore and every member of this new community was busier than ever before.

One of Isabella's meditations thereafter revealed we've met our destination in Tenerife. Our main task was to create collective healing on this island.

This post is an excerpt of a book to come telling the entire story of our unique journey on this planet. Many things happened during this endeavour up to now and we know destiny has quite a few more interesting tasks prepared for us already.

Author/Source/Submitted by: Georg Fritscher
Published: March 17, 2015


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Aranuth Speaks Cairns March 2015

Posted by Georg Fritscher

It’s so nice to feel back on balance once more after the “washing machine” effect of the recent bout of accelerated energies bombarding the planet. The best bit is now getting a nights restful sleep instead of the fidget, toss and turn, bleary-eyed episodes of recent times. According to some noted astrologers the next week or so will see us exit the difficult energy vibration and move into a more accommodating and sympathetic vibration. Ahhhh … we deserve it!

A few short years ago a prominent scientist predicted that within ten to twenty years this planet will face an alarming fresh water shortage leading to austere water rationing. This predicted water shortage will be so severe in some countries that nations will go to war over it to gain a regular supply for the needs of their population. Lately, I note that Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city of 20 million people, is facing drastic water rationing and NASA scientists are predicting that California’s water reservoirs will be severely depleted within a year.

Perhaps now is the time for governments world-wide to withdraw money out of unpopular military hardware development, acquisitions, and armed combat activities and use the money to start building more dams and reservoirs to safeguard the future of the populace. Here in North Queensland, Australia, we have an abundance of fresh water of which, shamefully, a large volume flows out to sea. Politicians seem to turn a deaf ear or mouth platitudes when the public make calls for more sensible water conservation.

The following message was channelled at the Cairns Spiritual Centre on Tuesday the 10th of March.


Good evening everyone: I am Aranuth.  The subject I thought we might address this evening is an interesting one because we are dealing with energies.  We are dealing with changing energies.  Many of you are already aware that the energy surrounding your planet, flooding your planet, is ever-changing. It is quite different from what it was some time previously, and it will continue to change.  It will continue to change and alter.  After all, is this not evolution?  If it was not altering and changing it would be stagnate.  You would become stunted on your pathway.  Your evolution would come to a full stop requiring intercession by the logos and the ascended masters to try to fire up the energy of your planet so to speak.  To charge it up and possibly super-charge it.  I thought we might address it in simple terms. Since the inception of this planet, and every other planet in the universe and the multi verses, the energy, the energy comes from the source.  Now I would like to make this very, very, clear to you.  There is only one source.  The source of the Creator energy.  The Creator energy speaks for itself.  The energy of creation.  So, the energy creates and continues to create.  It accelerates creations, it drives everything; every single thing.

We will just talk about your planet. Every single thing on your planet is driven, it is nurtured, by the energy of the Creator.  Now the Creator has decreed that no thing will stand still.  No thing will stagnate and become stunted.  You must continue to grow, to expand, to evolve, that is what you are here for and that is what this whole grand experiment is all about.  It’s all about that; it’s all about expansion.  Magnificent!!!                                                             Now there was a time upon your planet when the energies that were flowing to, and permeating your planet, and everything upon it, was not achieving its intended purpose because there were so many souls incarnate who were sluggish, very tardy, in their development.  This was not part of the Creator’s plan.  The Creator wishes for every soul incarnate to become enlightened, in-lightened, to grow to expand, and to become rich, to become enriched with these experiences leading to you becoming a much richer, more colourful soul.  And so at various intervals the Creator and the logos released bursts of the Creator’s energies aimed at your planet to act as a prompt.  A prompt.  To give you a full charge to get you up and moving.  To get you looking forward, forward to expansion; and most of all looking forward to, and recognising, that you are not simply a physical body; you are in fact a very, very highly developed soul energy; energy being.  Now not so many years ago, an experiment was held when the logos sent a burst, quite an accelerated burst, of energy to your planet as a test.  What they were testing for was to see if that energy would give you the spark that you needed to take giant strides ahead … or would you recognise it, register it as a barrier, and go back into your shells so to speak.  That three-year test showed that the majority of souls accepted the energy and went into a period of growth.  Some souls incarnate were not ready for that increase, that upliftment of energy and they chose to shut themselves off.  All is in Divine Order: and so for those souls who absorbed the energy and used it, like a surfer uses a wave, to carry them forward into greater understanding; greater enlightenment to do its job.

Now ever since then the energy has been increasing incrementally, step by step, bit by bit, the energy has been increasing in power and intensity.  Most souls incarnate accepted that.  Most went into another period of growth.  Now when you came into what you call the Change of the Ages, the 12th of the 12th energy, that was to signify that you have reached an apex, a peak where you plateaued.  So we had to allow a small period of time for those souls who reached that apex, got to the plateau, and gave them time to catch their breath so to speak.  We were most pleased in the realms to see so  many souls made it to the plateau.  Like a resting place.  Now the time has come for the energy to be increased once more.  The increase will be incremental; it will be unceasing; no more stops, no more plateaus.  Growth. Growth. Growth.  The Creator has decreed that those souls, such as yourselves gathered here this evening, will take advantage, advantage of that energy.  Not in a burst but in a continuous flow to help you continuously grow, to expand, and to evolve.  Now we in the realms are very, very much aware of your thoughts and your words regarding the changes that are happening to you, within you, within your social circle, within your state, and your nation.  Things are changing!  They are meant to change!  This is not just some random accident you know.  This a planet evolving in perfection.

Now in the evolution of this Grand Plan there are, what you may consider to be, side effects.  So these side effects may affect your physicality in such things as aches and pains, and the manifestation of illness.  It could be a change in your life style; your partner; your employment; your country.  Everything: everything, as I explained before, is in a state of change.  Everything must move on; there is no stopping; no delay; just a continuous flow of energy, continuous development and evolution.  If you look about you, you will notice, you will have noticed, that there are many, many changes happening to you, happening around you.  Everything appears different simply because it is.  Simply because it is!  It is change: it will continue to be different, and it will continue to change.  So, don’t be looking for a level or a plateau to catch your breath and say ahhh, here’s a little break for us.  It’s not going to happen!  Continual change, continual growth, continual upliftment.

Now I would like to explain this to you; the energy that you feel that is attracting to you, invading you, and affecting your physicality, is for the good. But it is not aimed at your physicality; it is aimed at your sub-atomic cellular structure.  Now, we will define that a little further. You have physicality, you have cellular structure, you have atomic structure, you have sub-atomic structure, you have quark. And you have below that again, what is never known, never will be known, or be able to be visible or recorded, the very light force of your being-ness.  The Creator energy we are talking about.  The Creator energy of your being-ness.  That is the driving force: that is your force; that is your power plant.  The rest of your body is worth is nothing without that power plant; that energy; the Creator energy at that level.  It can never be seen: it will probably never be known; and certainly not documented.  So, all change starts within you at that level.  The Creator energy level. Now the reason being for that is, that at the end of your pathway, in this incarnation and many others, the body, the embodiment that you inhabit, will just lay down; it is only temporary  Every time you come to this planet, or any other planet, to incarnate you will come into a body suited to that particular planet, that particular realm, that particular energy.  Your basic energy, the Creator Light will always be there.  So all of these bursts of energy that you feel are affecting your physical, emotional, mental and various states, will affect the source,  your source, the Creative being that you are; so the physical embodiment is only secondary consideration.  It is your development as a soul being that we are talking about here.  It’s your soul being-ness that the energy is meant for; not for you to you beautify your body, which may be dumped in another ten years or more.  The energy is there to expand and grow you as a soul being.

Now, let us not forget that you are not the only living, breathing, sentient thing on this planet.  You have  your animals, mammals, your reptiles, your birds, your fishes. Everything!  Everything! has a being-ness.  Everything has a Creator source being-ness … the same as you do!  Now, if you have a look at the changes that have been taking place, are taking place, within and surrounding you at present, then you will know that all of your animals, your birds, your fishes, all are undergoing the same change.  Why? Because they are all of the Creator energy the same as you.  If they were not based in the Creator energy they would not be here.  How good is that?  They are part of creation!  Part of the Creator’s energy.  And every animal, just like you, has that soul being-ness, soul-energy being-ness.  They have that spark of the Creator within them.  And so you will see animals now evolving fast, similar to the way you are.  You will find that some of your pets seem to be more aware, like you are.  All of creation is in a state of development and expansion.  As I explained, no stagnation;  everything is on the move;  everything is growing and expanding as per the Creator’s Grand Plan.

Now when we look around we see things on your level that appear to you to be out of control.  That is all taken into consideration.  The Creator has taken everything into consideration.  There will be, and always has been, a side effect because when the Creator energy  strikes an object, a soul being-ness, it changes it;  it changes everything around it.  So it will start with just  you noticing the animals changing behaviour. They will perceive their surroundings differently.  They will behave differently.  But of course they will! They are growing, they are expanding, they’re becoming.  So the human, the humanoid, is being filled with this Creator essence; this upgraded essence; they top you up all the time.  Your Creator essence, your Creator being-ness,  the Creator sends upgraded energy all the time to top you up.  Evolution!  Evolution dear ones, that’s what it is.  Evolution.  So you are evolving, evolving, evolving.  Why are you doing that?  Simply as a being-ness; as an energy being-ness, the Creator has decreed, and you agreed, that you will grow, expand, and become.

What are you becoming?  What you are becoming is the Creator’s Love and Light.  They are interchangeable.  Love and Light.  Nothing else matters.  You were birthed from the Creators Love and Light.  You were birthed in the Creators Love and Light.  And even though you may have been birthed over many incarnations, you would never have existed unless you were birthed of the Creators Light.  The Creators Love that is what you are.  You are soul essence, soul being-ness, of the Creators love and light.  And so what is your destination. Your destination is for you to be in embodiment in third dimensional embodiment and express yourself as a love and light being.  When you achieve that you have no need of this body anymore.  You have no need of reincarnating here or anywhere else.  It is like a perfect circle isn’t it.  It’s like a perfect circle.  You are birthed of the Creators energy, the Creators love, the Creators light, and when you are birthed it is as if the Creator said “find your way home”.  And so you are!  You are finding your way home.  Your ultimate destination; and your ultimate destination is to simply become the Creators Love and Light.                                                                Now here is a curly one for you: If you become the Creators Love and Light, what do you ultimately become?  Ha, ha, ha, you become the Creator. You go back into the love and the light which is the Creator’s love and light! That is what you are ha,ha,ha.  Your ultimate destination is to become pure love and light; and as such you will not only match with the Creators love and light you; will become that!  And then what happens? Well, the Creator I am sure, will have something, something very grand, for you to attempt in your next expedition of finding yourself.  However, for the time being, where you are now, and the most important thing to remember is, you are love and light.  You are soul-essence being-ness composed of the Creators Love and Light.  You are never, ever, cut off from the Creator.  It just does not happen.  Regardless of what it looks like to your third dimensional mind, you can never be cut off from the Creators Love and Light because that is what you are.  If that is what you are how can you be cut off from it?  You can’t dissect yourself you know, ha, ha, ha.  And so, as I said, I would like you all to ponder that; to consider that; to think about where you are going in this incarnation.  What is it for you to do here?  What is it that you wish to achieve?  What lessons are you doing?  What experiences you are having?  All that, all of those things, will come back to one thing.  Love and Light.  Love and Light.

In your present incarnation you chose to be here.  You chose your experiences; you chose your lessons; everything that has ever happened to you, is happening to you, or may happen to you, is what you chose for your pathway.  You chose that experience and lesson because you felt that on your love and light level it offered a grand opportunity for your growth.  It’s a challenge isn’t it? How do I become the Creator’s Love and Light?  How do I do this?  Through growth.  How do I grow? I need to be faced with challenges that are an opportunity for growth.  I will overcome all those challenges and in overcoming those challenges I will have gone back to being a Creator.  I was faced with the challenge and I created my outcome.  It’s a bit tricky. A bit tricky.  But to keep it on this level of development, it is a simple, simple, to say that everything is happening to you has been planned.  It’s all taken into account. Nothing happens at random.  And even those things that you think are hard and shocking … hard and shocking is a judgement.  ha,ha,ha. It is a judgement! Ha, ha, ha, ha …  let go of judgement dear ones. It’s near impossible sometimes isn’t it?  It’s nearly impossible being human, being embodied as a human. It is difficult not to judge because we have our own ingrained standards and when things do not live up to those standards we tend to wonder why.  We tend to put a judgement on them when it is far better to throw our hands in the air and say “okay, let the Creators Grand Plan unfold”.  Now that sounds pretty difficult doesn’t it?  When you look across the planet and you look at the things that are happening it is very difficult for souls embodied to not be emotionally upset, to be hurt, to be judgemental.  Very difficult for them to say “this is the Creator’s Grand Plan unfolding in perfection.  It is unfolding in perfection and we should not judge.

Hmm. Dear ones you are all watched over.  You are cared for.  There is not one single soul that is not part of the Creator’s energy; and being part of the Creators energy; the Creator;  the source; the love and light is very, very, much  part of every aspect of every soul regardless what level, what realm, it is expressing upon.  The Creator, the source of love and light is aware of everything.  Everything.  Everything is unfolding in the Creator’s perfection.  The Grand Plan of perfection.  And even though we in the realm are helping assisting, altering, and, advising,  what are we really doing?  Simple.  We are ensuring that the Creator’s Grand Plan continues to unfold in perfection.  It’s an unsusal concept I realise.  But that is what is happening.  The Grand Plan is unfolding.

We in the realms bless everyone of you.  We in the realms bless every soul. We in the realms bless every single individual particle of the Creator’s energy of love and light on this planet.  Everything  built with the Creator’s Love and Light energy we honour, we assist, and we bless; we bless!  And with this I would like to say “God bless you too.  The Creator blesses each and everyone of you.  So here I am, Aranuth, ha, ha, ha, ha… nothing so terribly humourous tonight; however, it has been wonderful to be here with you and to discuss these things with you, and help you with the understanding of your pathway.  So Good Evening.  Good Evening.  Enjoy your life.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks at Ravenshoe. (Feb 27th 2015)

Posted by Georg Fritscher

How did everyone fare during the recent cosmic energy burst? I have heard of some very interesting things being experienced by more than a few people. Things such as headaches, stomach upsets, inability to focus or think, sleeplessness, insecurity, and an apathetic “who cares” attitude to life in general. Speaking for myself, I experienced several sleepless nights leading to physical and mental lethargy; I was unable to remember peoples names and the names of places and commonly used things; and to top that off an inability to focus my mind on the task at hand. Oh well, the initial effects of the energy is past us now with only the residue to work through: however, having said that, there still remains a block of people who now feel “lost”, unsure of themselves, and trying to come to terms with their changed outlook on life.

On the day this latest channelled message was received I was very tired and struggled to get clear space in my head; however, the guides helped me through. On arrival home from the channelling session I slept for two hours, and then later in the evening, fell into bed again and slept for eleven hours. Oh boy did I ever need that restful sleep!

Below is the message received which presented something of a “wake-up” call to all souls incarnate.

The Message:

Well good evening everyone.  Once again it is I, “One”, who returns to address you.  An important issue that I thought I might raise with you this day is “fear”.  So much fear exists on your level;  on your planet.  So much very much fear.  Almost totally unwarranted.  I see souls everywhere going deep into fear over things, items, and issues that they need not have any fear of, or for.  Wherever you have fear you have a lack of love.  A lack of acceptance.  A lack of positivity, and a lack of understanding of how your vibratory level works.  Many, many times I, and others similar, have come among you to tell you that all is in Divine Order.  Nothing happens at random!  Nothing comes out of left field to attack you that has not been planned for or arrangements not been made for.

There are some issues which cause fear in souls which are a very much a challenge – a challenge to your knowingness.  They assist, or are assisted by, your old outdated systems and way of thinking and being.  You have no need of fear.  If you accept that everything is in Divine Order: if you accept that you are watched over and cared for at all times; if you accept and trust that everything is in Divine Order, and is working out in your favour, then you would realise that there is no need to go into fear.  All around your planet there are negative, or what you perceive as negative, happenings. We see the earth “tragedies”, which are in fact opportunities for souls to experience, to learn lessons from, and to grow, to expand, to become.  Now these tragedies are in response to mother earth, Gaia, shaking off those negativities; the negative actions that are wounding her.  That is planned for.  When mother earth shudders and shakes you should all be taking note that it is your combined negative thoughts that led to that situation.  If every soul incarnate was radiating love, not just to one another, but to everything, to the All, there would be no need, no requirement whatsoever, for the earth to cleanse herself through what you call natural tragedies.  There would be no need of wars or aggression: there would be no deprivation, disease, or pestilence.  None of that would exist.

Now when this planet was first populated it was pure and pristine.  When the first souls were accepted here they too were pure and pristine.  Souls came here as their playground; their workshop.  They came here to live, to learn, to expand, and to grow as a soul.  They came here to experiment with their powers of attraction and manifestation.  This one huge experiment conducted over eons of time was where souls lost track of what they were here for.  They were diverted from their pathway. And as a result of their thoughts, their words, their actions, you now have a planet of war, aggression, hatred, deprivation, and control.  All of those negative things were caused by the thoughts, words, and deeds of souls incarnate.  So you could consider that your planet is in something of a mess at present; and who are best suited and most capable of cleaning up the mess?  Souls incarnate!  You can change your whole planet in a very short period of time by sending love: not just sending it; exhibiting it, exemplifying it.  Being it!  Be of the highest love, the highest light, and the highest power.  Carry and exemplify the highest ideals and you can change the direction your planet is heading in an amazingly short period of time.  If every soul incarnate remembered that they were born of love: they were birthed of the Creator love, they were meant to be that – “loved”.  However, many souls were corrupted for various reasons and have gotten your planet into the perceived mess that it is today.  It has been a progression for eons of time.

And now we have reached a point in time where the Council of Light have recognised that you need something of a rescue mounted.  You do have free will choice but we will not stand by and watch souls incarnate destroy this planet.  The Brotherhood of the Light, the Council of the Light, the Supreme Council – with the blessings of the Creator and the Logo’s – are actioning a plan right now to turn souls around, to bring them back to the light, to make them realise that they do have the power to control their future and the future of many other generations and many other races that will follow.  The time is now.  The action plan has to take place now.  So I come among you to ask you, “do you wish to continue to go down this track which carries you further and further into the depths of fear”? “Or do you want to look to the light and create a life on a planet of love, light, of beauty, of happiness”?  That is what the Council of Light is here to do.  To give you every assistance to overcome your fear.  What do you have to fear?  You fear your own creations!  That’s what you fear!  You do not fear us: you do not fear the Creator; you fear your own creations; the consequences of your own creations. You can undo that.  You can untie that knot, and you can go back to being a society, a race, a nation, a planet, of love and light.  And so I would suggest to you this day, to firtstly consider how you – each and every individual – can change your life and that of the planet by changing your thoughts, your actions, judgements, your attitudes.  You can change from negative to positive like the click of a switch if you let go of negative thoughts, negative speech; think only positively.  Bless everything on your pathway.  Bless everything. Every human. Every animal. Everything. Every rock, plant, bless it.  Fill it with love and light.  If you accept that all is in Divine Order, and if you accept that you are going to play a part in restoring this planet to love and light:  if you trust; trust that you are capable of doing that, then you are on the path of light; you are on the right path shall we say, taking into account that there is no right or wrong, but there are better pathways leading to better outcomes that you can follow.

And so, if you look deep into your heart, look around your beingness; look around your environment; look around your society and identify where negativity lies;  then shine the light of love, forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding there.  Shine that light into those dark places where negativity abounds and breeds; you can, and will, change the direction of this planet and everything upon it.  We feel for you souls incarnate when we see you hurting, in tears, in pain, in confusion, simply because of the negativity that you have allowed into your life because in some instances the light has almost been extinguished.  We feel for you.  But however, we know absolutely that this is of your own creation and can be changed by yourself.  You have the key. You have had the key all along.  Why do you call to us for help?  You have the key!  We in the realms certainly can, and do, radiate love and light to you but we may not interfere with your free-will choice on your pathway.  We do radiate light and love to you along with guidance; guidance.  We come to you, we talk to you, we whisper to you.  Many times all in vain because you prefer to dive back into the pool of fear and uncertainty rather than take the positive action we suggest.  Something of a vicious circle isn’t it?

It does not have to be that way.  It can be beautiful.  But you are the one that must create that beauty.  You have the power to create anything you wish.  If you only know that.  If you will only know and believe that.  You have the power to create heaven on earth.  You cannot do it individually but you can create heaven on earth as a group effort, because it requires the power of a group to be able to effect a change of that dimension.  It is possible!                 If you give up being controlled by others and attempting to control others: if you listen to your own guidance, act upon that guidance, and hold universal love as your mast head light, you will transit your pathway, your current pathway, in fine style.  However, as I first spoke before, “fear”, fear is holding you back.  There is no need for fear.  Wish and ask for positive responses to your thoughts, to your actions, and it will become manifest.  Not only does the universe provide for you, but you then allow us greater freedom to assist you because it is in calling to us for assistance, and demonstrating that you are true, that you truly want peace, harmony, love and light to rule; if that’s what you genuinely want, and you come to us with that request, we will attempt to see that your request is fulfilled in full measure.  There is no value in coming to us in fear, pleading, begging, for assistance and then going back into that same fear again.  Again, vicious circle!

Can you not know absolutely that you are cared for, you are watched over.  There is very little that you can think, say, and do, that we in the realms are not immediately aware of.  Nothing is going to happen to you unless you have created it.  You’ve created it as an experience and as a  lesson.  You created it and placed it across your pathway like a barrier, so we allow you free will choice.  We will not remove the blockage but we will assist you to remove the blockage if you so choose.  And so my mission here today is to remind you, in quite strongly worded terms perhaps, that if you are going through fear, negativity, doubt, and indecision, that leads you to be immobilised, unable to create, because that’s what you are, creator beings;  if you can release all of that; if you can only know absolutely that you are creator being, that you can create,  then you can alter the effects of your actions on your pathway.  If you as individual and groups do that there is an almighty power released from the realms that will overwhelmingly bring your wishes, your desires, into manifestation.  Bring it into your life.

So, I would say to you, think often of what are you doing in this life.  Are you accepting that everything is in Divine Order.  Are you accepting that nothing untoward is going to affect your life?  And those things that you view as negative happenings are most likely experiences and lessons and opportunities.  If you can bless everyone and everything:  If you can look upon all that is happening in a positive manner;  view it as an out working because some of the things that have been created are there and they are out working.  You created it.  You can see the result.  But you can bless it.  You can disempower past negative thoughts and actions.  You can disempower them by proclaiming now that you accept, accept responsibility for past action.  You will now bless those past actions: you will apply universal love and light to them and release them.  Once you disempower them, they lose impact.  And then you must stay positive in every thought, word, and deed from this moment on so that you don’t create or mis-create. Everything around you is the result of your creation.  In the beginning there was this beautiful planet, pure, pristine.  Everything that changed this planet was the result of the negativities and the fears of the souls that have come here to visit, to learn, to grow, and to expand.  You can go back to the original pristine planet but you have to work towards it.  You have to work towards it.  Continually bless everything you have.  Bless the food that you eat.  Bless the water that you drink.  Bless the animals that give you food.  Bless the crops, bless the fruit, bless the planet for giving you all of these things because your life on earth is worth nothing if the planet does not sustain you.  I’ll say that again.  Your life on earth is worth nothing without the planet sustaining you.  You are not at the stage yet where you can live and exist from creative power and prana alone however you can use the power to create a change on the planet.  Bless the planet.  Bless everything.  Radiate kindness, compassion, tolerance, love, light; radiate it back to everyone and everything and you are doing your bit.  You are doing your bit to bringing forward a better life for yourself.

Before I finish I will say again, you have nothing to fear.  Stop fearing things.  Accept what is.  Change everything that is not of the highest light and you will change your entire existence, and every other thing, and every other being, on your planet.  I think that will be sufficient for this visit.  We in the realms will be watching and noting progress.  We wish you well.  We will empower you as much as we are allowed to.  And I will return again another time.  And when I do, we shall evaluate your progress or lack there of.  Stay in the love, stay in the light, and all will be well because all is really in Divine Order.  Blessings dear ones.  Blessings.  Good Evening.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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