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Aranuth Speaks Ravenshoe Feb 2015

Posted by Georg Fritscher

All across the planet at present there is a whole plethora of happenings and incidents of an aggressive and violent nature that almost beggars belief; certainly giving us cause to pause and wonder if the entire planet and its population is destined to go to hell in a hand basket.

Many people are involving themselves in seemingly crazy and outrageous acts while our supposed leaders are attempting to gain iron fist control over nations, states, individuals, and families.

The weather patterns here in Australia have been entirely unexpected with fires, floods, and hailstorms bringing hail the size of golf balls that have caused tremendous damage. We are also experiencing an unprecedented rise in heat with temperatures well above average. The latest joke doing the rounds is that poultry farmers are complaining that it is so hot their hens are laying hard-boiled eggs. Ha, ha. I have been assured, and the guides continually state, that all is in Divine Order and the earth events and “tragedies” are of a positive cleansing nature.


Good Evening everyone.  I am One, One.  Oneness. Allness. I am honoured to be in your presence; indeed it is an honour to be called upon to address you and have you receive me in such a manner. On coming in, the most beautiful thing I first noticed, was the combined colours of the energies of the souls present, fortified and expanded by those souls not within your realm and therefore not clearly visible to you.  The item for discourse that I have chosen is one of immense importance at this time.  What I wish to talk to you about is your earth changes.  I wish to familiarise you, give you a brief, on what is happening right now: what is becoming manifest on your planet; and how best you may address those issues, and probably, possibly, soften, soften the impact of such changes.  Now you will not be able to block them or hold them off.  You should be in allowance, allowing the changes to take place, as they are the part of the Divine Grand Plan and are in Divine Order.  However, you may, and I would encourage you to, send your love, your light, your energy, and your focus of positivity to those changes.  You are all aware that change is a constant.  It has been an accelerated constant in your life for possibly the last decade of your time.  Your planet has suffered greatly at the hands of human souls incarnate; your planet has suffered greatly.  This cannot continue, cannot be allowed to continue; and by the grace of the Creator, the Logos have been instructed to now implement change; to bring change in now.  To accelerate the implementation of that change.

Originally your planet was the most beautiful, beautiful place for you to exist on: for you to have your experiences, your lessons, your growth, your advancement, in a happy manner.  It was meant for you to incarnate on this planet and enjoy it, enjoy your individual and group planned experiences.  Now part of those experiences included your power to create.  Your remembrance of your power to create, to alter, and to change.  As the human race evolved on this planet there were, and are, souls who care nothing for your environment, your animals, for your planet, and everything upon it.  They care nothing for that other than what they can take out for themselves.  What they take out, what they extract, and the damage that they do, is now becoming manifest in more ways than one.  Your planet is not doomed, never was, never will be; however, it is subject to change.  We have watched from afar without interference giving you humans free rein to do as you wish with your life, your pathway on this planet.  Because the planet has not advanced, arisen, become at all uplifted, we feel it necessary to step in and implement the Creator’s Grand Plan for the  cleansing and regeneration of this planet.

Before we can apply a regenerative process, we must first, like all good gardeners, clear the way of everything that does not assist the planet, is not part of its beauty, and interferes considerably with the energy, not only on the planet, but around the planet.  There are many souls incarnate at present who are relatively new to a human incarnation who have volunteered, they have put their hand up, to be part of the cleansing of this planet.  What is not known, not well-known, is the fact that when a mass of souls pass over and return to their homes in the realms, it has something of an explosive effect on the negative energy, the veil of negative energy that hangs like a pall over of portions of your planet.  During the cleansing process there are cataclysmic happenings which are aided and abetted by the mass migration of souls from this planet back home to the realms.  It is an explosive process: one flash of the Divine White Light emanating, transforming, transmuting, that pall of negative energy.  And in a manner of speaking, it leaves behind a cleansed area of that planet. That cleansed area is then suitable for regeneration providing that there is no negative energies remaining to negate that cleansing.  We in the realms will not, and do not, allow the return of any negative energy, or aspect of that energy, to an area that has been cleansed and awaiting regeneration.  Fear not, for those souls who have passed over en-masse they have not only completed what they came to do, but they have completed it in fine style.  It is an honour to be so served by them.

Some of the cleansing that will take place will be a nature driven event.  Nature as in floods, quakes, volcanic eruptions, and various other methods which mother earth employs to shake off, to shrug off, the negativity that assails her.  Various parts of your planet will undergo in tandem, in cadence, possibly in concert, numerous types of cleansing.  You as a whole, mankind as a whole, are safe.  No one, no soul, is going home due to unplanned or unforseen circumstances.  You will not pass over at any time other than what you make provision for in your life pathway.  So now, along with the natural tragedies as you may describe them, there will be man-made events which will cause much fear all through the population of this planet. You have nothing to fear; absolutely no need to fear.  All is in divine order.  Whatever befalls you is not unplanned and is not a random act  Everything is in Divine Order.
Now you souls incarnate, and the souls discarnate, as well as the Brotherhood from the realms, are best served not by attempting to prevent this cleansing, but by assisting the cleansing.  Assisting the cleansing is not a negative act; it is an act of positivity   I have just told you that the cleansing will take place.  The best way for you to ensure that the cleansing has the desired effect is to not delve into fear, but to accept the Creator’s Divine Grand Plan and assist its implementation by focusing potent divine light and love on the planet.  If you wish to target a specific area, a specific geographical area of your planet to receive your accelerated love and light … so be it.  However, a more beneficial way to assist the planet is simply to focus all of your love, your light, every positive energy that you can create or muster, every single vibration of positivity, can be directed to the entirety of your planet.  In that manner, you do not have an unbalanced spotting effect of positive energy being overlaid with the cleansing of negative energy.  Rather than treat your planet in partition, it is much more beneficial to focus on the planet as a whole living being … which it is.  Everything: I will say that again; everything is composed of energy.  Everything is composed of light energy. So it only makes sense that you should focus your light to assist with the cleansing of the energy of your entire planet.  Your planet earth is a living thing with a beating heart the same as you have.  Everything is impregnated with a life consciousness.  Everything is impregnated with a living-light consciousness.  So to maximize the cleansing, healing, regenerating effect of what is happening to your planet now and into the future, it can be helped greatly by combining your living-light energy by focusing your living-light energy consciousness to your planet; become part of the living-light consciousness of the planet which you are a part of.  You cannot separate an individual, group, or nation from the living light consciousness of the planet. If you never had that cohesive  bond your life pathway, and that of the planet, would seem to be coming into severe conflict.  Because of the number of souls who have shrouded their living-light consciousness energy, and instead have preferred the darkness, that absence of light, this is what has caused so much angst, aggression, wars, separation, simply because the power of those souls lacking in light multiplied by the number of souls, like-minded souls on the planet has altered, has altered the planned course of advancement and evolution of the planet and everything upon it.

The time is now upon us; the time is upon us now.  Souls incarnate; souls not yet incarnate; souls at home in the realms, and souls on other planets. Because the earth planet is not a planet in isolation there is a corresponding effect of the energy between planets.  The universe is in synchronisation with the entire Allness, Oneness, and involves many planets.  If one planet becomes erratic in its energy emanation and turns that energy, in  effect, insane, then the entire universe will register that because Creation never created each of these planets in isolation. Creation never brought that into existence in isolation, or to operate, to function, in isolation one from another.  Think upon this, the energy; the Creator energy that rains down upon your planet also rains down upon every other planet seen and unseen.  It’s not just the planets that you are aware of.  There are a considerable number of planets that occupy numerous vibratory realms not visible to your eyes. They’re not in your forward consciousness.  You know nothing about them.  You do not know that they exist and so you can be excused for not being aware of the effect of the erratic energy on this earth and  on planets seen and unseen.  You cannot be expected to be aware of the effect, the ripple effect, of an erratic energy radiating out into the ocean of Oneness, of Allness. My children, every single thing you do has an effect: that effect, however minor or major impacts on the energy of the Allness.  It is the Creator’s wish that the Oneness and the Allness shall be held in peace, synchronicity, and harmony, so that all may experience ecstasy and bliss as you were meant to on this planet of yours. And so, I would ask you now, having being made aware of the implications and effects of your energy, of your activities, we in the realms ask you once more to carry peace, carry love, carry light, carry acceptance, carry understanding, carry compassion in your heart energy and radiate that to the entirety, not only of this earth planet, but of the Allness and the Oneness   Now that is a big ask.  Possibly a big task; however, you are capable of radiating, emanating, and sending that energy firstly to your planet as a whole, not in spots … as a whole. Visualize your planet coated, coated with every fine quality that you have, that you can muster up, that you can imagine; every high and fine quality, the highest and finest of vibration, the highest and finest ideals; radiate that to your planet and assist with the cleansing and regeneration of the planet to return it to a state of absolute beauty and magnificence.  It is your planet and it is up to you to decide what you are going to do to assist, to help.  Once more, your planet is not in dire circumstances.  It is not in danger of splitting, exploding, or becoming devoid of life.  Your planet is undergoing a massive cleansing and we in the realms ask you to volunteer to be part of the volunteer force to radiate that beautiful, positive, uplifting energy to save your own planet.

I thank you for inviting me here on this evening.  I am honoured to have you listen to my words.  I am honoured to be part of your pathway.  God Bless.  Thank You.  I am One of the Oneness and the Allness.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks: Cairns Spiritual Centre January 2015

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Hello everyone,

My guides advise that - as alluded to in previous messages - our beautiful planet Gaia not only continues to undergo correctional alignment, and cleansing activities, and as part of those much-needed rectifications, cleansing, and rebalancing, the trade and finance, as well as military, relations between the governments of both major and minor nations will come under increasing pressure. Many countries are already in dire financial difficulties - bankrupt or deeply in debt – and are badly in need of this restructuring, rebalancing, and much-needed redistribution of wealth and resources. So, our world is in the glare of the headlights of total and major restructuring to install peace and harmony on our planet. All is in Divine Order.


Ahh, ha, ha, haaa. (Aranuth laughs and claps his hands gleefully; he surely is in a good mood tonight) Good evening everyone.

I greet you here on this evening, my name is Aranuth.  As you can see I am assertive, happy, and “out there”, ha, ha, ha.  I am so pleased that you came along this evening.  Very, very, pleased, because it is often that I get the chance to talk to many people, but not that often that I get to talk to such a large group of people who have never been in my presence, and I have never been in theirs before. Ahhh: I thought this evening the subject might be, hmm, what you might say “all-encompassing” regarding your life on your planet on this day and in this age.  Where you are in this day and age; where you are on this planet of solid matter and physicality; where you are right now, is the dream; it’s the dream, the unreality.  Your home is in the realms: that is the reality.  This isn’t! (waving his arms to indicate everything around us) This is solid matter: it’s thought matter; matter clumped together by a slow vibration.  When we speed up the vibration, the clumps fly out; solidity disappears, and you become energy: energy; that’s what you are.  When you look at  your body, or your friend’s body, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?  Physicality!  Solidity!  Now I am going to ask you, I’m going to challenge you to look beyond the physical.  You know: you know; you are not this body, physical being, hmm, you are not this physicality.  This is your vehicle. (points to my body)  You need something to get you around from point A, to point B, and point C.  In the realms where you belong, in the reality’, where do you think the word realm comes from?  R E A L M, it is reality: reality;  the reality; it is your reality.

What are you?  You are energy, energy.  energy.  You are a spark of the Supreme Creator.  So you are birthed by the Creator.  The Creator created you.  Now if you are of the Creator and of the Creator’s energy, how can you be anything else other than a Creator?  So, hmm, I thought I would slip that one in on you. Ha, ha, ha. You are here in the physical body. The only reason you have a physical body is to express yourself.  You are here to experience, to learn, to grow.  What is the result, what is the benefit of all that?  Well let me tell you it’s called soul enrichment.  Soul enrichment.  You are the soul, this energy entity, energy being, that is much older, wiser, richer, and more experienced. You have grown, grown, and grown.  Now, while you are home in the realms you are very much aware of who and what you are and where you are at; which is wonderful because, when you decide you need to grow some more, that you need more experiences, that you need growth, you need more soul enrichment, you start planning another incarnation.  At this point in time I won’t confuse you with all of the realms that you can reincarnate on, and let me tell you, there are many, many, however, for the benefit of this evenings talk, we will deal with incarnations on this planet where you, you are the scriptwriter, you are the producer, you are the lead role, you have written your whole pathway for this incarnation. And in that script you have written in all of the experiences you would like, the lessons you would like, what you would like to learn, to take out of those experiences and lessons;  how would you use it to create soul enrichment.  So what do you do? You do just that.

Now, you just heard me say to you – you are a creator.  Well, where you are right here, right now, everything that has happened to you in your life you have created.  Not me, not God, not that fellow sitting up on the cloud with the long grey beard playing the harp.  You: you are the creator.  That’s what you are.  You created this life.  You created this body.  How could you come to this earth to learn to be a speedway driver if you never had a body.  Did you come to be a fisherman? So you must have a body.  So what are you going to do?  You design and create a body that’s best suited to the lessons and experiences on the pathway that fits into that script that you had written when you are in the realms, in the reality.  When you are in the realms, you spend time - we don’t have time but for the ease of your understanding we are going to use the word time -  so the time that you are in the reality, in the realms, and the level commensurate with your level of expansion and growth, you write the script.  You hunger: you hunger to and become eager to expand, to grow, to become.  So, you start to write the script.  Now when you were writing that script many, many, other highly evolved beings such as myself, and the members of my brotherhood - did I neglect to mention that we are the Brotherhood of the Crystal Light - we are a sub-autonomous group and we only answer to the Supreme Creator.  So, you come to us, members of the group, or others, and you present us with your script. These higher evolved beings have enormous wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  They read your script.  Sometimes it is too ambitious and we’ll rule out a couple of things as they are too difficult for you to achieve in this lifetime.  Sometimes they hand you the pen and say “write some challenges in there”.  If you are going to work, if you are going to incarnate, and have this wonderful time, you are not going there to party only, so write some challenges.  What are you going to do? What do you want to experience?  If you don’t experience and learn something you don’t grow.  If you don’t grow, what are you? Stunted!  Spirit will not allow anything to become stunted.  That’s it! So you write your pathway.  We review it; we are your editor.  We review your script and we advise, and then we assist; we assist you.

Everything is free will choice.  Nobody, nobody, but nobody, other than the Creator tells you what to do; and you are a Creator.  You choose; free will choice.  It’s your life.  Its your pathway.  Its’ your script.  We advise, we advise.  So, we start with who are your parents going to be?  What country do you want to live in?  What town? What about your Dad? What about his career?  All of this has to be woven in together to give you the background for your incarnation. It’s like a launching pad to your pathway.  This lifetime on your launching pad starts with your family, their circumstances, then you’re off and running.  Every thing that happens in this life, you chose, you planned, you wrote it, and often times you didn’t like it when we would suggest that you add or subtract a few things to make your pathway achievable.  So when you come into this life everything, everything, is what you chose.  Everything is what you created.  Where you are now, are you happy, or unhappy?  If you’re unhappy then change it! You are the Creator!  Free will choice.  Don’t talk to your friends and say “Oh my God, how am I going to get out of this”?  Just do it!

Now on your pathway, I must add, that with your free will choice, you are also a creator.  You have the latitude.  You have the ability and the latitude to alter and change your pathway to a considerable extent.  Your pathway will be signposted with major experiences, major happenings, major lessons.  The reason why I use the term major is that it is crucial that this happens to you and you confront this challenge and you overcome it.  You, yourself, not anybody else, You, yes, you overcome it.  Don’t forget, you wrote the script!  You wanted to be presented with challenges. Why? To continually prove to yourself that you are of the creator energy so you must be a creative being, which you are, so you create your pathway and you use your creative abilities to resolve issues, problems, and troubles.  Far too many people - please don’t take this as a criticism – far too many people come to a barrier on their pathway and instead of standing still, going within, and asking their self, their inner self, their energy self, ask themselves “how do I resolve this”?  “How do I resolve this obstacle on my pathway”?  They turn away, or to others for the answer. There it is.  The grand opportunity for you to use your creative powers to remove the obstacle or resolve that issue.  That’s why you have these signposts; opportunities to use your creative powers!  We will come back to signposts in a minute.

In between those signposts, which is like your street lights on a roadway, there are numerous small issues in your life and you can do what you like with them.  They again, are challenges of a minor nature.  Everyday you face little challenges, decisions, decisions, what to do.  Everyday you have these things in your life.  Far too often humans tend to put themselves on “mental control”. They put the “mental” in the driving seat to drive this pathway bus while they do nothing.  The mental solves nothing.  It solves small problems associated with life on this physical earth.  The real problems, the real issues, are solved by the going and being within.  And let me tell you, none of you here are less, or less than, another.  For those of you who think “I am tiny, insignificant, and inconsequential”. You are fooling yourself! How did you get here in this body? You got here because you are an experienced creator being.  You chose this body, you chose this pathway, you chose this time to be here to use your powers.  Inconsequential? No,  no way, No.  If you could unzip yourself, step out, let yourself out of your physical body, you would see this most beautiful, stunning, energy being.  You would see what I see.  What do I see?  Colour.  Vibration.  Sound. Beauty. All combined like a magnificent symphony: and if you could see your own colours and the beauty of it, a peacock pales into insignificance against you.  You are a very powerful, very beautiful, creator beings, however, when you come onto this earth, this mass of solidity, you come in with the veil of amnesia drawn across.  Now there is a real good reason for that.  A very good reason.  If you were born into this incarnation, on this pathway, with full remembrance, total recall of the powerful being that you are, then what did you come for?  There’s no challenge because you would beat the challenges one after another because you know who you are, what you are, and how powerful you are.  And you would use those powers constantly. So what would you learn? Nothing.  What would you experience? Nothing.

Before you come - six weeks of your time - before your mother conceives you, the veil of amnesia is ready.  At the time of conception the veil is fully in place so that when you come here you have very little recall of the powerful being that you truly are.  Game on! The game is can you remember who and what you are?  Can you remember the beautiful, powerful creator energy being that you are?  Can you remember how to use those powers you have so carefully hidden? Why? There’s the challenge.  What we do is we set up the prompts, your life partner, and the pathway that you are all walking now.  You are individual sovereign beings, sovereign energy entity beings walking your own individual pathway which contains all of your own individual lessons and experiences  So, why did you script that pathway?  Very simple.  Everything that happens at every tick of the clock, every little issue, every barrier that confronts you and challenges you: the energy of that issue is calling out to you “remember, remember, come on remember who you are, remember what you are, remember, remember”  The only way that you can overcome these obstacles, hurdles, and issues is to sit still and put the mental in the back seat.  Your mind, your mental, plays monkey games with you; monkey mind, monkey, monkey.  Put this in the back seat, clear your mind, go within to your heart centre, when we say heart centre I don’t mean your physical heart “thump, thump, thump”  I mean the spiritual heart that overlays your physical heart.  This is where your true being-ness is, right there, (points to heart centre) not here (pointing to his head) right here (pointing to heart chakra) because being a creative being is not a mental thing.  It’s an energy thing! And where is the energy in your body? Right there (pointing to heart chakra) right there; everything is right there.

It’s important, super important, for you to go within.  How do we go within.  Well, certainly not by watching movies.  You sit still, quiet, wait, wait, wait.  Your guides will come: your guides are a thought away; snaps fingers; like that, a thought away.  Sit still, clear the mind, no thought, wait, ask, ask yourself, ask your creator being self, ask the Supreme Creator, ask the ascended master community, ask your own guides, ask; there is no harm in asking.  We want you to do that! So when you come to this barrier on your pathway, clear the mind, sit still, ask, “may I have some assistance here”? “Can I be prompted, shown, which way to go”? “Will you give me the remembrance of my powers”. Wait, you will get an answer, guaranteed 100%.  It may not be the answer that you want: often times it isn’t; but remember, you asked for guidance and advice on the best way to overcome that issue.  You didn’t say, “show me the way to overcome the issue providing it is the way I want to do it”.  It’s not the way you reckon we should do it; it is the way your energy is telling us and you how to do it. It will come, not when you tell it to. Timing, when the time is right, the answer will come and not always be what you expect the answer to be.

Let me reassure you, the answer will be for your highest good!  For your highest good and the highest good of all, the All, the all of everything, because do not be forgetting that because you are in association with other humans incarnate your energy radiation mixes with their and vice versa.  You cannot even swat a fly without affecting someone nearby.  You are moving energy: we are all energy beings; we are all aware and susceptible  to energy movement, motion, and the energy seen in a similar manner to when a spider knows when  a bug hit its web because it vibrates.  If you are angry and upset you’ll set a vibration up in the web that other people, other beings, and I am talking about plants, trees, the ground, the animals, pick up that vibration and it’s a energy of negativity and anger; so be peaceful.  If you can’t do something kind don’t do anything at all.  Sit still, be quiet.  Go within, ask, just ask; you shall receive.  You shall.  So now coming back to signposts: How many times in your life have you gone, “Oh my God”, “why me, why this, why me”.  “Why this”. “Why does this have to happen to me”?  I don’t have to tell you what the answer is: you already know it!  You wrote the script.  “Why me”? Because this is the challenge that you wanted.  “Why this”? Because you thought this would be a magnificent opportunity for you to use your creative powers.  You wrote this into your script because you felt that it would really jolt you into remembering who you really are and if you are having difficulty with that you can call to the spirit world, to the realms, to the ascended master community and say please guide my hand and they will.  They won’t make the decision for you.  They won’t do the work for you.  It’s your life: it’s your pathway; you created it. It’s your challenge.  But they are always there to help you.  Always, always there.  There is never a time when you are alone, never.  Because, as I said before you think it (the thought) and they’re there.

So, that is where you are on your pathway, however, we do weave some fun into each life.  In the realms we ensure that when you write your pathway that you put some fun in there: it’s free will choice; we cannot make you do these things, we can only suggest what we think is the very best for you and your development.  Okay, now that we have given all of this background information which I can see, I can see, has been something of an “information overload” for several of you.  Okay, In this year of your year two, zero, one five, just like last year, and the year before that, you will always be singularly and collectively challenged. There are incidents on your pathway which will affect many living things, many beings, many souls incarnate.  Possibly one of the best ways of going about your future is, and if you can - lock this in - nothing happens by accident! Nothing happens at random!  Everything happens according to the Supreme Creator’s grand plan.  Humans have this aptitude to judge “oh, that was terrible, that was bad”. “Oh that’s good”. There is no such thing as good and bad; the only thing is your judgement.  And 90% of the time your judgement is wrong.  Simply because you do not know, you do not understand, and you cannot see the whole big picture.  If you could see the whole big picture you would understand instantly what life on earth is all about.  Now don’t forget, while you are going through this learning and growth period, so too are billions of other beings on this planet: so too are many animals on this planet.  Nations, states, they are all following their own collective pathway because we just don’t have an individual pathway, its a collective pathway as well.  So the country that you are in also has its own pathway just like you are working through your own pathway.  It’s like a highway overlaid on a highway  Now, as I have just said, judgement: get rid of it! Stop judging!  How do you know whether this is good or bad hmnn? Because there is no such thing: there is only the happening or the event.  Don’t!  Don’t put a judgement on it. Don’t judge.  Accept, Accept, Accept everything that comes into your life as part of the plan whether it is your plan or the Creators grand plan; or whether it is a combination of both.  Just Accept.  Accept. So, you do not judge, you accept.

How do we soften it?  How do we gain calm, harmonious, and peaceful understanding?  Well I just told you. Be calm, peaceful, harmonious; with that comes the understanding.  If you want peace, be peace; if you want calm, be calm.  If you want harmony, be harmonious.  So do not judge any situation: Sense it? Feel it? Certainly.  Open up, let your senses out to play.  Does it suit you? Does it not?  Does it concern you? Does it not?  It’s your choice and free will.  The totality of the All is free will choice.  So in your individual and collective world don’t judge, just accept.  Go into your harmony.  And the way to do that as I said before is, go within, take monkey mind and put him in the back seat, clear your mind, clear it, no thought.  Go within.  Say to yourself; “What is this that an I feeling”? “What am I sensing?  “What’s this wave of energy coming over me”? “What does this mean”?  “What is the meaning here? “What is the answer”?  “What is this”?  It’s when you are quiet, peaceful, harmonious, non-judgemental and accepting lies the truth.  There lies clarity of truth.

I do not wish any soul present or not present to think that they do not have this equipment. Of course you have!  You are born of the Creator.  You are a creator.  How could you not be?  All you have to do is sit still, be quiet, accept, don’t judge!  Emanate, radiate, Love and Light.  Everything comes to you there in the Love and the Light. You don’t have to chase anything.  Everything comes to you.  If you have a problem; if you have a difficult situation, just call.  Call to your guides.  It doesn’t matter what name your guide has or gives to you because in the realm, we don’t have names.  We give you a name so that you have something to hang your hat on.  It’s as though we have to give you something to address us by.  But you don’t need to.  Just call.  Just ask.  Ask for the energy.  Ask for the answer.  Ask the spirit guides.  They’ll come; they will come.

I think that shall be sufficient for this evening.  However, before I withdraw, I would like to ask of you to try, practice stillness, peacefulness, with empty mind; go within; let the universe provide your answer; and accept that answer!  I will come again. ha, ha, ha, ha.  I will come again and harangue you; ah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Thank you for having me. In all sincerity, I love each and every one of you.  Thank you. Aranuth.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Christmas Message 2014

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Well good evening everyone.  Welcome. Greetings.  It is so wonderful to be here to with you to share with you your time of celebration. Celebration of the birth of the Master “Jesua” Jesus Christ.  It is a time of celebration. 

It is the time of each and everyone of you souls, to apply love, unconditional love, light, compassion, tolerance, understanding.  It is a time for each and every soul to look back, not in negativity, not in anger, not in apathy, but to look back over your previous time, your happenings, your experiences, your lessons, your interaction with other souls, and not only souls embodied in physical embodiment, but souls yes, souls in the animal kingdom as well.

How have you treated other souls incarnate over the past year of your time?  Have you been kind, have you been positive, have you extended a helping hand, genuinely wishing to help? Or has your past year been another one of “me, me, me”?

At this time on your calendar, most souls incarnate are prompted to review their actions, their thoughts, their words, their deeds. specifically in relation to how you have treated others and others have treated you.  Now, many of you would have experienced hurt, harm, pain, and betrayal.  Many of you will have experienced all of those not-so-really-negative happenings.  Negative you might have perceived them to be, but positive they are.  It does not matter how much you perceive your interaction with others to be because every action has a reaction and the reaction should be one of forgiveness.  One of tolerance.  It is time, all of the time, to display your ability to radiate unconditional love.  Yes, it is difficult.  It is most difficult sometimes, but that what’s you are here to learn.  Now, if all you souls incarnate could instantly forgive their trespasses, shall we say, if they could forgive them with genuine love and light, unconditional love: if you had the ability to do that instantly you would not be here.  The reason why you are all here incarnate is (A) to experience (B) to learn (C) to grow.  Grow as a soul, grow as an energy being, and of course at this time on your annual calendar souls incarnate are prompted to put aside a lot of those hurts, pains, and betrayals.  If only: if only the energy of this season could remain with you for all of your days so that for all of your days you would be filled with love and light.  Forgiveness: if you would only forgive those who trespass against you instantly.  You would be more tolerant.  You would be more accepting.  You would be more compassionate.  So much understanding which would be carried forth on a wave of unconditional love.  So therein lies a lesson.  The lesson is you should not need various happenings, events, and celebrations, on your calendar to remind you that you are here to learn forgiveness and to apply unconditional love.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that unconditional love applies in a manner that you possibly are not always aware of   Whilst you are radiating unconditional love to another you are radiating it to the all.  You cannot give to One without giving to the All because I have been here before and told you many times:  I have said to you “All is One”,  One is All”.  Forgive one, forgive all.  Radiate unconditional love to one; radiate unconditional love to all.  Even though you are not aware of that you are certainly aware that the pathway home, the lighted, enlightened, in-lightened pathway home is Love and Light which I have just spoken encompasses unconditional love, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance; all of those things.  So now, at this time, at this season, your Christmas Season, perhaps you might look to other things behind the façade of physicality.  How many of you give gifts grudgingly because you feel obligated to; because if you do not others may judge you.  When you offer a gift it should be from your heart.  From your heart self.  It should be because you genuinely wish to give to another.  Now at this season on your calendar, you give physical gifts.  That is fine.  A far, far, greater and enduring gift is the gift of unconditional love to one to all, All of the time.  Every waking moment of your time on this planet should be underlined, underpinned, by your desire to give love and light to the One and to the All.  I do not wish you to take this as a criticism.  I wish you to hear my words as constructive; as something that will be of immense help to you along your pathway.  And as I have spoken before, Love is all there is.  And all there is is Love.  That should be the energy behind not just this incarnation, but every incarnation that you have ever had, will have, are having.  All of those lives, concurrent, future, past, parallel: they are all happening now. The now moment of your festive season is an excellent opportunity, absolutely excellent time, to have a look within your heart.  Don’t judge yourself harshly.  You do not need to judge.  You only need to understand that along the pathway with your experiences and your lessons, which is a learning pathway,  sometimes you will make what you call mistakes. Not to worry: not of consequence; except that which you deem to be a mistake is actually a learning experience; and if it is a learning experience then it is a wonderful thing  for you, provided that you learn from it.  Provided you learn from it.

This season, your Christmas season, particularly this Christmas season, your Love, your unconditional Love, your unconditional Light, is needed.  It is needed urgently.  Your planet is in need of your Love and your Light.  You do not have to be comic book heroes.  All that is required of you is to assist the planet, and everyone life form upon it, is for you is to sit in Peace: in Peace!  Quiet, peaceful, contemplation.  Radiate, radiate, unconditional love and light to the One to the All.  You radiate to one, you radiate to all.  I am not here to be the wet blanket.  I am not here to put a damper on you.  Why I am here is to advise you in advance that your planet at present is undergoing an immensely difficult time.  Nations are against nations.  Human beings, souls incarnate, are caught up in violence, deprivation, and hardship. For the benefit: for the entire planet and every life form on it; all of that aggression and violence; all of that negativety, that dark energy, needs to be overcome.  The only way that it can be overcome is that more and more souls must radiate love and light to the All; to the One and to the All.  Do not be fooled that you have a leaders that can resolve these situations, these thorny issues, because despite their best intentions there are other incarnates who will attempt to overshadow them, and control them, and prevent them from bringing light to the planet.  It does not matter how many souls of the darker energy are on this planet or how much energy they are radiating; there never will be a time when they will be able to overcome the individual soul’s Love and Light and Positivity.  There will never be a time: I will say that again;  there will never be a time that you will be dominated because you are free souls.  You have always been free.  You will always be free.  And I am giving you the key:  the key is unconditional Love and Light.  The key is to accept the situation as it is.  Radiate Love and Light to the One, to the All.  That is all you need to do.  Just continue to radiate that unconditional Love and Light.  That will empower you on your pathway.  That will raise you up in energy.  It will advance you very quickly along your pathway, and it does with so much silent power, silent powerful good to the planet, and everything upon it.  And so I say to you, yes, at this time of your festive season, radiate good will,  Love, compassion, tolerance, understanding, however, why not carry that on.  Why not make that an all year round event rather than an annual seasonal event.  The Masters, Ascended Masters, the Logos, the Guides, the reason why they are where they are is because they are filled with uncodntiional love and light.  They never got there without being totally Love and Light.  So there’s your goal; and your goal can be implemented on your pathway.  You can demonstrate unconditional love and light with every breath you take.  It is a wonderful, wonderful power that can never be dominated or overcome, and so I say to you today on this season of happiness and joy, I say to you, I wish you love, I wish you peace, I wish you happiness, I wish you joy. I wish you everything that you wish for yourself and my wish is for Peace on Earth.  I Aranuth thank you for having me and I shall return again in your new year.  Thank you dear souls, Enjoy your life.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks: One: Living Your Truth

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Good evening everyone: I am “One”, the “One”. I am here today to talk to you about your present and your perceived future.

What is important, what is important to souls incarnate at this point of their evolution and the evolution of the planet is truth; absolute truth coupled with quiet acceptance without judgement of the existing conditions in your life and in your international affairs.

You are all well aware that great happenings, great changes are taking place all across your planet. In all reality, and in your reality, many of the happenings across your planet are not in need of your concern.

Firstly we shall deal with the issue of truth. Truth is something that is struggling to exist on your planet, in your society, in your affairs. All down through the ages truth has been the first casualty. Today, this now moment, truth is still a casualty. Dear ones, I would suggest to you that it would be in your best interests to distance yourselves from the issues reported in your media. Distance yourself from those issues unless, and until, you can ascertain or verify the truth of that particular issue. All across your planet no nation or country is operating in isolation. Every nation and country has a relationship with every other nation and country and thereby will be affected to some degree by the happenings that are taking place in various other communities, states, and nations. Even those heavily involved in incidents, issues, do not know the real truth. Few, very few, of your world leaders whether they be political, religious, or other, a small minority of those leaders actually tell you the truth. Even though they know, and know well, within themselves what the truth really is. Very few, far too few, actually reveal that truth preferring instead to tell a story that better suits their controlling actions. That is why I say that it is folly for souls incarnate to blindly accept, or even partially accept, what is being reported, disseminated, amongst you because all the way through it contains layers of untruth. That is an untruth, overlaid with another untruth, overlaid with another untruth, and so on and so forth.

If you are not in control or totally aware of the truth of any issue or situation, it is far, far, better to step aside, leave it alone, carry on with your own life, and not be distorted, lied to, cheated, because there is a lot of that happening, still happening, on your planet. from where I am we can see a certain distance into what you call your future. We see the possibilities, we see the probabilities, and we see what is written, what is set in stone. What we see is vastly different to what you can see because you have been lied to so many times, and with so much energy. The energy that some souls put into untruths and perpetuating those untruths is incredible; it is incredible! Now if you look only to yourself; if you consider only for yourself as an individual; and of course by extension your family and loved ones, friends, and others, it is quite natural for you to become concerned about your future. And about the fact of whether or not you do have a future. Yes, in the far greater majority of instances you do have a future; in saying that I am referring to various other souls in other parts of your world whose lessons and experiences on their pathway include being in what you call a war zone and losing their life, so quite naturally, those souls who are losing their lives to military actions as well as tragic world  events; they came here to do that. In their inner being-ness they know that it is approaching time for them to depart. So, those people who have no future, I do not include here in my little talk this evening. I am talking to the far, far, greater majority of souls incarnate on this planet all across the world.

I am telling you, your future is secure.  You really do not have anything to fear simply because all is in Divine Order.  There are no surprises: there are no random happenings that are going to sneak up on you and take your life away.  Everything is accounted for.  Everything is included in the Divine Grand Plan.  And so it is folly for you to worry or become overly concerned about the fact that you may lose your life, or encounter other tragic events, which may or may not take its toll on you, your family, your loved ones, your friends.  So, the overriding issue is you are safe.  Knowing that you are safe, and that everything is in Divine Order, you may then get on with your life, which comprises the experiences and lessons on your chosen pathway, here in this very incarnation.  Now, knowing, knowing that you knew totally, the composition of your lesson and experience plan before you actually became incarnate, means that there are no surprises; that anything and everything that happens to you on this pathway was something that you devised and agreed to, or placed in your pathway to test your powers of creation, of how to create your life and everything in it, everything in it.

Now if you hark back, some of my brothers and sisters have came to you before through this medium to deliver a similar message.  The message that you can and do create your reality according to your application to that learning task to acquire that ability; to not only acquire but to expand and grow that ability; and that most of the issues that confront you in your life, you have placed them there.  You placed them there as a learning experience and as an opportunity for you to overcome it simply by using your powers of creation, simple.  So now when we are looking in the microcosm, we can look at the macrocosm, and see that they both appear to parallel each other.  What is happening is in the macro is happening in the micro.  It’s as though you took a picture of the macro, reduced it in size, and called it the micro.  It is one and the same.  It is all experiences and learning opportunities.  Opportunities to learn and grow.  So its not just international and world affairs, its not just those involved who really do face a golden opportunity to take what appears to be a negative and aggressive situation, and turn it into one of peaceful existence, co-existence, and peace and harmony.  It can happen.  It does happen.  However, may I suggest that it starts with you.  May I suggest that if you souls incarnate, as individuals, sit down and closely examine your pathway, the pathway that you have come by, the pathway that you now walk, the pathway that you propose to walk.  If you had a look at all of individual issues on that pathway, and if you accepted them for what they are, learning experiences for more than one; if you accept them as learning experiences then the next step is to overcome any adverserial issues, any perceived negativities or happenings, then use your powers of creation to take that issue or situation and turn it into of love, of peace of harmony.  Of course it can be done.  That is one of the major reasons that you are here incarnate at this moment on this day.  You weren’t just placed here to run around and play games with yourself or each other.  You are here to experience, and to learn, to grow, to advance, and to become.

The long way around is by focusing on world issues.  The long way around is by focusing on the macro.  The shortest way around is to focus, each and every one of you focus on what is happening in your life.  What is presenting to you.  Examine the presentation, then if need be, if it is not one of love and light, compassion, tolerance, care, then change it for the better.  Send love and light and positivity to that situation or issue; use your powers of creation and co-creation with the Supreme Creator to bring about a beautiful, loving, peaceful outcome.  That is what all souls incarnate are supposed to be working on.  If each individual soul incarnate focused on sending love and light to the world, being and exemplifying love and light, promoting peace - whether it be on a micro or macro scale - promote peace, understanding, tolerance.  Because if all the souls incarnate on this planet at this time were doing such a thing you would not have the problems that you are now faced with. All across the world where you have wars, terrorism, famine, numerous other things which we do not wish to give energy to by focusing upon.  We wish to focus upon positivity.  Positivity.  We need to focus on bathing the world situation it in love and light.

Now, going back a few steps to “truth”.  You know very well, you know very well that half of what you hear, read, and see is totally untrue.  You know very well that those in a position of power are pulling the wool over your eyes;  attempting to pull the wool over your eyes.  They are feeding you lines of total nonsense because they do not want you to know what they are really doing.  What they are actually up to.  So, truth, as I spoke before, is normally the first casualty in any exchange of information.  Any exchange of information between any two people, groups of people, countries, nations, or whatever, the truth will suffer immediately.  Everyone will misrepresent the contents of each issue.  They will distort it to suit themselves.  That does not mean that you have to follow along.  It also doesn’t mean for you to not to take an interest in world and national affairs.  It simply means that you trawl through all of this information looking for the pearls of truth and rejecting nonsense.  If you are unsure, leave it alone.  If you are unsure of what is truth and what is untruth, leave it alone, because you are not qualified to form an opinion on that.  You may go within, you may ask the being within you, to ring the bell of truth; if truth exists in that issue then you follow what your heart tells you.  Do not follow the monkey mind chatter. Do not blindly follow what others, other groups of people are telling you.   You really are a sovereign individual and do not need others to make up your mind for you.  That’s what you’re here for.  To learn.  Examine every issue and make your own decision.

Why I commenced this talk this evening with truth is because I wanted you to know first and foremost, straight up, that once you get the issue squared away within yourself then everything else will fall into place.  It will all fall into place.  And so along with truth I also told you, you are safe.  Nothing untoward is going to happen to you.  Everything in your life is a known quantity, a known factor, and it is known by you because you wrote the script.  You proposed your pathway - in consultations with masters and other higher beings - and all three agreed it was an achievable pathway;  the experiences and lessons placed upon that pathway would be encountered, surmounted, overcome.  You can do it.  So firstly: know absolutely, that you are safe.  Two: do not accept what you see, hear, or read as truth because it isn’t, there is always somebody there to distort it to suit themselves.  It is up to you to decide what is truth and what isn’t.  In the future, as is happening now, there will continue to be aggressive interaction between various countries.  Besetting those prominent countries are financial problems: most of your major countries are in financial difficulties; so they lie to you about that.  Most of those major countries, the major players, in this “earth play” are being beset by numerous social problems; and because they have financial problems, social problems, and numerous other problems - which are often viewed by those leaders as negatives - they then become negative in their outlook; and they attempt to hide the truth from you because they attempt to apply aggression and negativity to achieve what they want in the future.

And so we have wars: we have wars.  Looking at it overall, it’s practically all nonsense.  Your leaders are lying to you: they will continue to lie to you,.  They will continue to distort the truth.  They will continue to put fear into you because it is fear that they have in themselves.  They fear the future because it is what they created.  They fear their own creation!  Who created all of the problems that beset this planet?  Well it certainly wasn’t you people:  It was those who had power, who had greed.  They wanted to control so they lied, they cheated, they distorted, and now they have got themselves into such a bind and they fear that they are going to be unmasked, they are going to be found out.  They do not have the knowledge, the tools, the ability, to sort the situation out; to bring about a positive outcome; because they are based in, immersed in, and they distribute, negativity   Leave them be.  Leave them be.  Do not become involved with them or the issues that are literally tearing them to pieces.  Do not become involved in issues that are tearing them into pieces because very shortly they are going to be tearing populations to pieces.  It’s already happening in your Middle East area.  Those who have this great desire for power and control, who are obsessed by greed, they are the ones that are lying and cheating; and have begot your world, your planet, into the state that it is in now.  Don’t even think of them.  Don’t allow any of your energy to give power to those souls.  Leave them be.  You get on with your own pathway.  That is what you are here for.  You are here to learn from experience, to grow, to advance, to become, and not worry about the others.  Every individual regardless, every individual, every individual soul incarnate, is there for it’s own growth and advancement first and foremost; they are not here for the grown and advancement of everybody else and by denying themselves.

So I say to you be very, very, careful with truth.  Make truth a foundation stone in your life.  Make truth a rock-solid foundation stone in your life.  Use truth, apply truth, in all situations.  If the application of truth is going to cause hurt or harm to others then zip up! Zip your lip and say nothing.  Say nothing.  There are no penalties for saying nothing.  There are penalties for saying untruths.  So if we start with one (that is myself, One, ha, ha.) start with one individual soul, and that individual soul applies truth, walks their pathway honestly, approaches every experience as a learning opportunity, applies love and light and positivity towards a situation; then I must tell you that you will go past the winning post as the  winner.  A winner!  You are here for your own growth and expansion!  And so dear ones, I shall leave it at that.  I shall leave it with you. As I look around here on this afternoon I see those who are taking all of those words in, and I see those who are already considering the how, the why, and the way, to apply truth as best they can in their life. I congratulate you because that is what I came here for.  To prompt you to make truth the base, the rock solid base of your life.  Thank you and god bless you dear ones.  Thank you. I am One.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks: Quan Yin message

Posted by Georg Fritscher
Message channelled at Innisfail.

Good evening, good evening dear souls.  It is my honour to be here with you on this evening.  You may already be aware that I and many others have been with you for some time.  My name is Quan Yin; I am the mother Quan Yin. 

I was drawn this evening by the beauty of your light.  The beauty of your combined light.  I was not only drawn by your light, not only drawn by your group light,  i was drawn by your individual light which I have been expecting for some time.  I have known in advance of you being here.  I have known in advance of the reason why you have chosen to come.  I am honoured to be here to supply you not just with the answers that you require verbally, but to bring the energy, to bring the individual energy most suited most compatible with your requirements.

Are you aware of the intensity and the volume of the light that you emit unknowingly into the ethers where those who are suitably equipped to receive, to interpret, those energies and in my case respond.  Whether you know it or not your emanations, your calls for help, for assistance, that you radiate in various states is received by many of us from the higher realms and it is those of us who are so empowered who respond to your genuine heartfelt cries calls over in your present state of consciousness.  You are not fully aware of what you emit:  the power and intensity of that which you emit.  Your emissions, your radiations, do not go unnoticed and are clearly received by those of us who are attuned to your wave length.   Dear, dear souls.  Your every heartfelt thought, call, every single heartfelt cry is received in the manner that it was emitted, radiated, and we in the realms respond accordingly.  You are never alone.  There is never a time when you are ignored or abandoned   Every thought, every call, every heart cry for help and assistance, is immediately received, recorded, and responded to with Love, Compassion, and Understanding.  You are all beautiful sovereign individuals walking your chosen pathway.  Your pathway is not always pretty. It is  filled with wonderful happenings and events however, every single thing that confronts you on your pathway is there for your growth as a being; as an energy being; as a division, a portion of the Creator’s energy beingness.  You are never separate.  You are never ignored or forgotten.  Every single emotion experienced and emitted by yourself is received, recorded, and actioned appropriately.  When you feel that you are lost, abandoned, ignored, know that that is a fallacy; you are simply working through a difficult period of your earth life and are assisted, very ably assisted,  not only by your guides, but by many advanced great beings of light.

It makes my heart cry to see you cry: to experience your tears which are needlessly, needlessly, quite needlessly, affecting your life simply because all, all is in Divine Order.  Everything is in Divine Order.  There is nothing, no thing, in your life that can cause you worry, heartache, and grief unless your perception of that incident allows you to.  Dear ones, I am here to tell you now, every single thing in your life, everything that happens on your pathway, should be something that you can rejoice with because it is all experience, it is learning, it is all beautiful.  It is only perception: it is only your perception; your judgement; that various issues are good, bad, or indifferent; they are none of those three.  Every single thing that has happened to you, that is happening to you, is perfect.  It is perfect in its out working. It’s outworking is one of perfection.  It is only your judgement, your perception, that places a positive or negative aspect on it.  Every thing that happens to you and around you in this life is perfect.  Rejoice, rejoice.  The only reason that some lessons and experiences are perceived as being negative or positive, hurtful, or happy, is simply your judgement; your perception.

I would like to tell you, I would like to repeat, it does not serve you well to judge any situation: it does benefit you greatly if you look at every instance in your life, every happening, every single event, if you look at them as a happy, learning experience knowing, knowing that nothing can hurt you other than your allowance of such issue to be of a hurtful nature.  When you know total love, total understanding, live your life as a sovereign entity, and at all times assert your individuality, your sovereignty, there is nothing, nothing on your pathway that can hurt you.  It is only your perception of hurt and pain; however, that is all part of the human condition.  As you grow and advance many issues and happenings in your life on this planet of physical matter become less and less meaningful to you.  They become less and less worrisome because you simply understand that all is in Divine Order.  You come to understand that where things may hurtfully affect your physical embodiment there is absolutely nothing that can hurt you, the soul, the essence, the beingness.  The  sooner   that you place yourself  above and beyond such lower dimensional solid matter things  and focus upon, and become, the beautiful embodiment may be on a level of physicality and solid matter but you can still express your true beingness as a highly evolved, vibratory being in that manner. You will divorce yourself from the so-called trials and tribulations, and machinations of this planet and spend much more time in the realms where you belong.  You came here on a learning, educational, excursion: you came here as an extension of your awareness; to love, to grow, and while you are doing that you must always remember that you belong, your beingness is in a much higher realm.

Dear ones I am often with you.  I hear your calls.  I hear your cries.  I hear your pleas; and I respond compassionately, but also for your highest good.  I often come to you to remind you that you are not this physical body; that you should seek, and continue to seek, your true beingness; continue to seek your true beingness and its expression in a higher realm by exemplifying the very highest ideals that you possibly can.  There is no other way I can help you than  to remind you that you are much, much more  than this. (taps the physical body) and that I and many others, and my emissaries such as this one, (myself the medium) who has come to you, has come to you to give you help, assistance, and convey our love to you.

Thank you dear ones.  I Quan Yin will now take my leave … with your permission.  Thank you.

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Aranuth Speaks – Non Judgemental

Posted by Georg Fritscher

Today we have much useful information to impart to you;  Information that will assist you on your pathway mainly through the medium of understanding.

When you fully understand an issue, the issue then becomes much easier to deal with.  When you fully understand an issue the issue then, for you, releases all potency.

In recent times, in times past, we have come to you to forewarn you about coming planetary events.  We did not come to prophesise tragic incidents or any form of what you call tragedy simply because what you term tragedy or tragic events and happenings to us on other levels, in other realms, see it as  part of the ongoing unfoldment of your planet.

To nominate various instances and classify them as tragic is simply another form of judgement.  From where we are, we do not have judgement.  There is no reason to have judgement because we see everything that is happening is in Divine Order.  If things are in Divine Order there is nothing to judge and we would not reasonably term them as tragedy or tragic.  In recent sessions, visitations shall we say, when I and others from the Brotherhood have been here to speak with you we have forewarned you that there were events brewing at that point in time which would culminate in an upheaval of various proportions which would cause many of you to go deeply into fear and also cause you to slide back into your judgemental role;  judging a situation that you know very little about.  Judging a situation whereby you know very, very, little of the real truth and so it is far better to simply be the observer, the dispassionate observer.  Distance yourself from that event, that happening, that incident, and just observe what is happening to  you, to your planet, all around your planet, and instead of reverting to the old habit of going into judgement it is far more beneficial if you were to simply send light to that situation; to that area.  Send light and love which is one to all of the planet, to all of those situations that you know that are happening and similar situations that you do not know are happening.

There are many, many, things which are hidden from you.  Your media, your print media, your electronic media, all tell you the story that they have or others have concocted to be spread posing as news. It is misinformation: it is deliberate misinformation clothed in the respectable apparel of “news”.  There are many, many, souls incarnate and the organisations that they belong to who wish for various reasons to control not only other souls incarnate but control every possible thing.  Perhaps I should say control things, everything that they possibly can.  If these controllers actually recognised the power that they have and an effective way to use it they would then attempt to control everything that you could imagine.  They would wish to supplant the Creator.  They will never supplant the Creator because they will not be allowed to access those powers.  Those higher evolved beings who can access incredible creative powers worked to that level by exemplifying the various and very highest level of all … of all the higher ideals.  They exemplified firstly, unconditional love and light which also translates to and affects every other ideal such as compassion, tolerance, love, understanding, healing, protection … all of that is covered by the one umbrella of love and light.  If it is not of love and light, does not find suitable accommodation within the umbrella of love and light, then the end time clock is ticking for them.  You may have noticed that everything of the highest ideals, everything that is based in and structured with love and light survives.  It continues forever.  That which is of shall we say a heavier, more restricted, repressive, darker energy has a time line leading to self destruction.  Unfortunately, as part of the outworking of what is happening on your planet, before we come to the end of the time line of those darker, heavier, energies, there are a lot of people, the animals, the economy, the ecology, all of these things are affected adversely by that energy which is not of the light.  Any and every thing that is of the Creators highest and finest light will always survive, expand, and grow. That which is not of the Creators highest light …. the end time line like a clock is ticking.  There will be an end to that.

Now having said that to you, looking around here today, I see several of you souls incarnate are already shall we say “up to speed” on that: you already understand what I am talking about.  Several of you souls incarnate here today have just indicated to me that you know; you know absolutely; the difference between the Creator’s light and shall we say lesser, heavier, denser light; and you also know that every situation is similar to a flower;  it grows and expands, opens up to greet the light.  It does not do so to greet the dark.  Now I hear, I hear the vibration amongst you, you are now saying “I understand that for my own advancement, for my own completion of expression on this pathway here in this incarnation, it is best that I, this soul, this essence, be totally of the love and the light because that’s where growth and expansion is”.  Provided that everything, every single thing you do, is in love and light then you are automatically aiming for the highest possible outcome.   It is a pity that numerous souls incarnate have not awoken to this simple truth.  For eons of time souls have repeatedly incarnated here and repeatedly forgot that the pathway is lit by the Creator’s light and love.  However, that is all part and parcel of your experience, of your expression, of your lessons on this pathway.  And so, you are here to experience every aspect of creation, of life in this realm, on this planet.  You are not meant to forget who and what you really are.  The powers, the creative powers that you have, and most importantly the Creator’s light and love is your beacon.  It is your homing device.  If you wish to come home safely and successfully you need to be looking at that beacon.  That beacon is the one that calls to you.  “Safe passage, this way, this way”.  So regardless of what you do, what you experience, the lessons that you learn; regardless of what you do it is most important that you keep in your mind the Creator’s light and love which is your beacon.

Now many, many souls incarnate actually choose shall we say, the choice is theirs, in many situations they choose to judge other souls incarnate harshly and unfairly.  You cannot know what every soul has chosen for their experience on their pathway.  So again, do not judge simply because you do not know  There are souls incarnate who are undergoing extremely difficult; extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous experiences and lessons on their pathway … that is what they have chosen. It is important for them to remember that the Creator’s light is their beacon regardless of how deep they are in the mire of negativity , depression, repression etc; and no matter how deep they get into it, the quagmire of the darker light, they still hold within them the light, the beacon; the beacon is always there.  They will transit their experiences in a much safer manner providing that they keep that light burning: provided that they keep that at the forefront when they are undergoing these lessons and experiences.  The light will draw them out of that safely and securely.  Safely and Securely.

Now it was some time ago when I came through this medium and informed you all that we of the Brotherhood were going to cease delivering warnings of approaching difficult situations, life’s storms as you would say, because many people were going into fear and negativity.  The information was not having the desired affect.  We had hoped that you would use it to understand , however, in the human condition  many of you chose fear; and because of that fear you became judgemental; and when you put the fear and judgement together that situation took on a life of its own and expanded and expanded until it became something it was not.  We will always be coming to you to give you fore knowledge of what is brewing on your level; what storms are approaching and guidance on how to approach the situation and how to survive.  The Brotherhood would like to tell you at this point in time.  You are SAFE! your planet is safe.  Your entire realm is safe.  Regardless of the negativity the misinformation: regardless of all of that, your planet is going to survive.  It will be okay.  Everything will be fine.  There are areas on the planet which are undergoing at present major and massive upheavals. It is best once again, it is best not to judge.  Do no accept your daily news at face value.  If you are not directly involved and have advance and in-depth knowledge of the situation, which you don’t, sit back, send love; send love and light to that situation.  Let the light and the love take care of it.  You as an individual, as a sovereign soul incarnate, cannot greatly affect the outcome of any such situation however, you can send unconditional love and light and it will have the desired effect because while that situation is out-working, and may I tell you if you look behind your news, a lot of these situations as you might say, are out-workings, have been out-workings for some time, and will take some time out-working.  It has to go through the out-working process to reach a level that brings peace and happiness to all and as such that situation requires as much light as much unconditional light and love as can possibly be focused on it.  The more light and love, the quicker and the more lasting is the situation and the effect on it, the resolution of it.  So again, in your quiet times, in your spaces, in your quiet spaces, send Love and Light to the situation and then let it be.

I do recall speaking of spaces once before.  I recall speaking to you about the spaces in your mind which many souls choose to fill with fantasies to entertain themselves. That is a human condition, however it is far more productive if in those spaces, those little quiet times where you are not involved in any specific activity, when you have that space use it to send unconditional love and light to all of the planet.  All of the planet.  That is the most productive thing that you can do and rather than fill your spaces reading the social and gossip pages of magazines or entertaining yourself via your mind with all types of  fanciful scenarios, it is far better to use those spaces creatively.  Send love and light uncodntional love and light to all of the planet and everything on it and within in.  Send unconditional love and light without judgement and see the rewards that you will reap.  You will reap rewards for that.  The fact that you are doing the work of the Creator does not mean that it will go unnoticed and unrewarded.  It will be noticed it is being noticed.  It will be rewarded because it is being rewarded.  I think that shall be sufficient for this days lecture.  I thank you all for being here on this day.  I thank you all for having achieved, having reached a level of advancement whereby you are prompted to strive for more truth, knowledge/understanding.  I congratulate you on having attained that standard.  I congratulate you for having already made the decision that you are going to push on, press ahead, look for advancement, look for more knowledge, look for more understanding, look for more guidance.  You are all going in the right direction.  You are all going in the right direction.  I encourage you to continue to do so.  And so once again I would like to say good afternoon.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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Rising above the Dross and Limitation of solid matter

Posted by Georg Fritscher


It seems like every day that we see, hear, or read where “natural” Australia is under threat from miners, loggers, high pollution industries, and heaven knows what other threats.  Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are very high compared to all other industrial countries.  These gases come from human actions such as burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. The threat to our Great Barrier Reef grows daily as plans to dredge harbours and dramatically increase the number of coal carrying ships through reef waters increases.  A maritime ecological disaster in the making?  The world has only one Great Barrier Reef.

Good Intentions

What does the development of genetically modified bananas have to do with the world’s richest man, founder of Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates? Everything.
As noted by CNet News, James Dale, the director for the Center for Tropical Crops and Bio-commodities at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, says he’s devoted a number of years to the creation of a better banana.  What is currently wrong with the kind that grow naturally?  Dale say he’s been working on creating a pro-vitamin A-enriched banana since 2005.  “Good science can make a massive difference here by enriching staple crops such as Ugandan bananas with pro-vitamin A and providing poor and subsistence-farming populations with nutritionally rewarding food, “he said in a statement.


Turmeric is an ancient spice traditionally used in India that gives curry its yellow color.  It not only is tasty but contains highly effective compounds with medicinal properties.  The most beneficial compound in turmeric is Curcumin, which is also its most active ingredient, offering strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.  A research project conducted by GreenMedInfo found that turmeric is capable of replacing a variety of conventional medications designed to treat various conditions including plaque build-up in arteries, inflammation and oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes, inflammatory eye disease, depression, arthritis and many more.  It’s been proven to be a common replacement for aspirin or ibuprofen, offering pain-fighting and anti-inflammatory abilities in a more natural way.

Tasmania’s Forests Saved

The World Heritage Committee emphatically rejected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s submission to have Tasmania’s ancient forests stripped of their protection status and opened to logging!  It took the 21 delegate World Heritage Committee less than 7 minutes to unanimously reject the Abbott Government proposal, stating that: “The justification presented to the reduction are, to say the least, feeble. Accepting this  today would be setting an unacceptable precedent … we cannot also disregard the positions voiced in this issue by the Australian Senate, by nature conservation associations and I would dare say, most of all, by Indigenous communities.” Abbott’s submission to the World Heritage Committee was contradicted by the Department of Environment. Other right-wing forces tried every deceitful trick in the book.  A fake environment group misleadingly called Australian Environment Foundation which was founded by the Institute for Public Affairs even entered the international negotiations with the intention of confusing the World heritage Committee by pretending to represent the environment movement.


Good evening children. Welcome.  You are very welcome.  I am El Morya; I have the honour of addressing you this evening.  My message, my message to you on this day is to advise you to go on, on, on; do not stop, do not rest on your laurels because in all reality there are no laurels to rest upon.  You journey has only just begun.  You have made wonderful progress in this incarnation.  You have made progress in previous incarnations, but none, none as important as this incarnation that you are experiencing right now.

Before you incarnated you agreed to come at this time to participate in an accelerated, an accelerated, spiritual, shall we say, spiritual advancement program.  You were all well aware, well aware, that dropping into this vibration, into this incarnation, was similar to jumping onto a fast moving train in comparison to the speed, the rate of development, that you had encountered in previous incarnations.  Before you incarnated this time you were very, very carefully examined to discover whether or not, to ascertain whether or not, you would be capable of jumping onto this accelerated vibration in this incarnation because we were not going to place you in a position of harm.  Those who were not ready or not capable of jumping into a speed of vibration, we had to, shall we say, advise them to stay behind.  So now you are here; you are in this vibration; it is changing moment by moment.  You are changing moment by moment as planned, as you were already aware of, before incarnation.  We discussed this in depth many times before you incarnated.  We spent considerable time with you to ensure that you fully understand, fully understood, precisely what you were going to encounter if you wished to continue your development here in this vibration.

Up until this point in time you have done quite well really.  Some have done remarkably well.  Not all are advancing at the same rate but all are advancing at a rate, at a cadence, that is safe, safe for you.  Now as I said, you cannot rest upon your laurels. Having become incarnate, having arrived here to participate in this ever changing, ever accelerating, but ascending energy does not mean that you can take a coffee break so to speak.  You have to continue on, on, on.   No rest, no stop, it’s continuous.  From where you are now it is time for you to step up.  The reason you why you will need to step up is simply because the energy that surrounds and permeates your planet is going to step up.  As this energy increases, as it becomes more potent, more powerful, you will need to stay in tune with it.  You will be required to slowly but surely let go of the old third, fourth, old dimensional energies because you cannot stay back there and go ahead at the same time.  You have chosen to go ahead so now you will be required to let go and release many things.  Many things because this reality will be losing any importance to you.  It will not be relevant to you on your pathway of development.  So the things, the things of this reality, will become irrelevant bit by bit.  Become irrelevant in an incremental manner.  It is okay for you to steady up, look back, see the pathway that you have come, but you must not remain stationary.  You must continue to move ahead, move ahead, move ahead.  As you are moving ahead it will be most beneficial to you if you just let go, let go of everything that has gone previous to this now moment.  Let go of all hurts, pains, experiences, lessons, even family and friendships.  You have to let go of all of these things.  Those things that can travel with you, you can take with you.  If they are of a lower or slower vibration and are not suited to the pace of your advancement and development well then you will have to let go of them.  That is what you chose.  You chose to do that.  You have chosen to be on a path of ascendency through the vibratory levels in increments and you all knew before you became incarnate that you would have to release many things.  It is a matter of removing hooks and anchors, ropes and chains.  You have done most of that.  There is still some to be done.  You will continue on and you will release all that.  And now you are into the level where you will be required to let go of many, many, a great number of things associated with the physical dimension because where you have chosen to go, where you are headed, you have no need of physical things, things of solid matter.  So as you advance it will be to your benefit to piece by piece, bit by bit, release everything that is not required if it does not assist you on your pathway.  These things that are not required you may release, release them joyfully.

Now we realise that for you having been incarnate on a physical dimension with so many things of solid matter that has been your pathway through considerable number of incarnations it is difficult for you to let go.  There is a degree of reluctance on your part to let go of many of these things.  And the first place that you let go of them is in your mind.  Let go of them in your mind.  Do not place importance upon them.   Do not continually dwell upon them.  Do not entertain thoughts of them.  It is matter of changing your perception.  Changing your attitude.  Many things are now no longer of use to you.  The sooner you come to realise yourself that they are of no further use, that they were of use once but no longer do they serve you,  anything that no longer serves you, you may well release.  Happily release them.  Children you are what we call approaching a ceiling.  It is an invisible ceiling but its a very real ceiling.  You have to break though; you have to go through that ceiling.  You can’t go through the ceiling if you are taking all these goods and chattels with you.  You have to come to the realisation that you are an energy being.  You are a being of energy.  Your physical body is one of physical solid matter which no longer will serve you when you go to higher realms.  Everything associated with your physical incarnation, all the physical things will no longer be of any use to you.  Now I don’t say you are going to achieve this in the short term but this is where  you are headed.  So the sooner you begin to release old memories, old memories of hurts, pain, joy, you can release it all, you can release all of those old memories. that no longer serves you.  You can release all of family and friends.  You can release them with love and let them walk their own pathway as they so choose to do the same as you chose to walk your pathway.  It is not as though you are leaving them behind.  You are choosing to walk your pathway and  allowing them to honour their own pathway.  So into the near future you are going to shall we say, you are going to be required to focus not only more keenly but more regularly; much more regularly.

One of the ways to assist your upliftment is to fill in the gaps in your mind with spiritual advancement, with spiritual advancement principles.  When the mind has spaces and gaps often times it will go to fantasising things; it will go to reviving old memories; it will go to creating a future; it will play games with you; and that has been the lot of the human embodiment for a  great number of times, eons of times. Let go when you have space, gaps in your mind.  Fill it with thoughts of development, advancement, searching for knowledge and information;  communing with your guides and great beings of love and light.  Don’t just sit still and let your mind play fanciful games!  If you have that time and that space fill it with thoughts and desires of advancement, of upliftment, of attaining, of gaining and attaining  advanced knowledge and information.  Use that time to communicate with the guides and the masters; talk  to them.  They will come.  Ask for them.  They will come.  So you ask for them to come to you to assist you.  Tell them what it is that you desire and they will assist.  What is it that you would like to bring in.  You would like to bring in peace, harmony, knowledge, information, exuding love; exuding a peaceful vibration.  Tell them what it is that you wish to do.  It is your life; it is your pathway.  Create it.  Create your own reality.  Let go of all that no longer serves you and aim high.
What is it that you want?  You may ask for anything and provided it is for your highest good, that it is beneficial to you on your pathway, it will become manifest.
Now what will become manifest and quite speedily so is when you ask for advancement.  Ask for any thing you wish that is going to advance you as a spiritual being.  Ask them to assist you to regain your powers.  Ask and it will be given you.  There are so many things that you can do to speed up your development.  Things that will carry you forward at a manageable speed and manageable rate.  Do not look back unless it is for a brief period to calculate how far you have come.  It is far more beneficial if every soul incarnate held to their highest ideals; held onto the highest spiritual ideals.  Ask, ask the higher beings, the great beings of love and light for advanced knowledge.  Ask them.  Summon them.  Ask them to assist you to achieve your ideals.  What is your ideal? Your ideal, if it’s not already so, should be firstly to come to the realisation absolute that you are an energy being.

As an energy being you are only here in this body on this planet of solid matter to learn and to experience.  It is to find your way home.  Now you chose to come here for the learning experience.  You chose to come here for the lesson.  Behind it all you chose to come here to re-discover your true self.  Re-discover your true beingness.  Re-discover that you are a powerful being; a powerful entity; a powerfully energy being; and when you discover your reality, your heritage, your source, your essence, when you discover that you are an energy being and a very powerful one then you move on to using those powers to create a better life for you on this planet; but not only that to promote a better understanding; to call in greater knowledge; advanced knowledge, advanced understanding, so that you will become a fully realised being; a fully realised powerful energy being while embodied on this planet of solid matter.  When you have achieved that then no longer will you be required or even wish to return to any level of solid matter because there will be no reason to; you will have learnt how to come from physical matter back to energy and then when you have achieved that you shall start all over again.  But the only thing is that you will not be in a physical realm.  You will go to other higher vibrating realms where you will learn more; you will accumulate more knowledge and understanding; you will gather to you greater powers; understanding of how those powers work; and then you will create other worlds and you will create a vibrational space or a world that you wish to experience in.  You will create your own space and you will fill it with everything you desire. And you may go into that world and have everything that you desire until such time that you feel you wish to progress and move on to a much higher, higher again, vibrating realm.

Now let me tell you this … there is no end to the realms.  There is no end because everything is in a continual expansion.  It’s in a state of continual expansion.  And you will create other levels as you become more proficient.  As you become proficient at creating your desires you will create other realms, other worlds.  You will create that space for yourself.  So out there, out there in the field of all, shall we say, the field of all, there are many, many spaces that you will create many; many more because you will create a space that you will enter into and learn.  You may have many, many, different reasons or desires.  You can create whatever it is you wish, to step into, to enjoy; step out of it and then dissolve it.  It will no longer be there because you will create another one.  But that’s a long way ahead of you yet. Its’ a long long way but everyone has to start somewhere and you have already started eons ago, eons ago you started on that pathway, on that journey, and now where are you on the journey?  You are here! You are on a planet of physical matter. It is everything surrounding you that you see with your physical eye; it appears solid, appears a planet of solidity, however, you have all reached a stage now where you can see past solidity and you are starting to see what it is behind that façade.  You are starting to see that this planet of solid matter is illusory; it’s an illusion; it was created for you; it was created as your playground, your learning ground; everything is here for your learning, your play, your development, your advancement, and it will continue to do so.

You now are outgrowing this playground, it’s time to move on.  It’s time for you to let go of this physical, this physical life, this physical existence, this one of solid matter because what you create is as solid as the matter that surrounds you.  No matter where you are, what level you are on, you created it and then takes on solidity; the form of solidity as you know it here on this realm.  It is one matter that you can create and dissolve at will.  So where we are no? You are now required to move ahead quickly.  It is for your benefit for you to spend much more time in quiet contemplation; in meditation.  It is time now to fill in those gaps, those spaces, and instead of letting your mind entertain you, you need to go within.  You need to go within your true self.  You need to call to higher beings.  You need to ask for assistance, for help, for advancement.  And if you ask, it will come.  It will be given you. It will be given you.  Now looking into the near future, the very near future. All of you here if you have not already commenced you will soon commence seeing other things that are replacing what you have always viewed as your solid matter.  So around you, you have all of these things of solid matter but you will look through the veil.  You will look through the veil and see that it is an illusion and you will look through this matter, look through this vibrational veil, and see there is more beyond.  Seeing is step one.  Going through into that other dimension is step two.  Step two is where you are up to now.  If you spend sufficient time in quiet contemplation, meditation, communicating with your higher self, with the Creator, with the masters, ask them to assist you to gain the power, the ability, to see past this illusory realm, to see into the next level, the next vibration.  Ask them to help you to transmute and transform your physical body so that you may move into the next realm and be part of that realm. This realm will become a memory, and it will become a distant memory, and then it will cease to exist for you.  It will be as though you were never, ever, been here because it’s all changed.  The illusion, the dream, is over.  You are in another reality.  So that’s where you are right now.  Do not worry about others around you.  Do not worry about what is happening to your planet.  Everything is in Divine Order.  Remember this is an illusionary realm; what is happening to your planet and all around you will no longer be of any relevance to you.  It will no longer be of any relevance because you will no longer be in it.  You won’t be in it!

Already many of you are spending a lot of time in other realms.  Your dream state, your sleep; your meditative state.  You are spending time in other realms.  As you advance you will spend more and more time in other realms and less and less time in this one until as I said you reach the point where this realm no longer exists.  You will be in an entirely different realm to this one.  You will function as a spiritual essence, as an energy being, in another realm with no memory of this one because you have let go of the illusion.  You let go of what no longer serves you.

Into the very, very, near future you will find yourself affected by the changing energies.  Do not look at the change in the energy as being negative or of having a painful effect on you.  It is all designed to lift you up and move you forward.  Your embodiment will learn to deal with the changes in the energy.  You can help the embodiment by telling it that the change in the energy is beneficial for it because you still have use of this embodiment yet.  You are not just going to step out of it right now … you have a little way to go yet.  But as the energies are changing do not be concerned.  Do not be concerned with the changes of the energies or the way they affect you and the planet around you.  Do not be concerned.  Move ahead.  Keep you eye on development.  Keep your mind focused on development.  Walk the pathway of advancement and development.  Remember, you are going away from third dimensional matter.  You’re heading back to who and what you really are.  So, I would ask of you … keep your eye on the ball.  Know absolutely that you are progressing.  Do not allow the things of the third dimension to anchor you, to hold you back, to hold you down.  These perceived changes are exactly that … perceived.  You can walk straight through.  All those blockages, all of the barriers across your pathway are perceived.  Just walk through it.  Walk ahead.  Walk on ahead.  No barriers; the blockades, the rocks on your pathways, walk through them.  Walk through it.  Do not perceive them as a barrier or blockage.  Just walk through it.  You can do that.  And there are many things that appear to hinder your progress, to block you, to stop you; walk though it! You are above that; you’re past that.  Keep going.  Don’t allow negative thoughts of this solid matter dimension to anchor you and hold you back.  Carry in your mind all the time that you are a being powerful, a powerful energy being.  You are a light being.  You’re only here inhabiting an embodiment on this dimension as a learning experience.  It is time to move on.  So, keep in mind, fill the spaces in the mind with thoughts of advancement.  Every spare moment in your mind call to the masters, the guides, the higher self.  Tell them you are ready to move; ask them to assist you to keep you moving; to keep you advancing, and it will happen.  It will happen.

I thank for being here on this day.  This is not the end.  This is not the end.  I will return many times yet to help you, to guide you.  This is only the beginning.  I will be returning to talk to you many, many times.  I will be the one that reaches out to guide you.  The moment you think that you are going to fall I will be the one that will reach out and lift you up and point you in the right direction.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for listening.  More importantly, thank you for absorbing and putting into practice what I have just spoken about.  Thank you children.  Enjoy your beautiful day. Good Evening

Source/Submitted by: Malcom Bell

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